Team Seven


Naruto x Harem (Sakura, Hinata, Karin, Ino, Tenten and Temari.)

Kakashi x?


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Story Start


Kakashi knew the next part would be to move Naruto into a more suitable environment. The area to which he lived wasn't suited for someone his age. Without a doubt the complex didn't look fit to live in. Rusted and broken pipes did not escaped his keen eyes as well as the cracked walls. There was moss and dried stains that littered the info structures.

On the inside Naruto's own apartment at least wasn't littered with holes that Kakashi had expected. It was rather small and the walls thin. It was definitely dirty in a way that only an adolescent without adult supervision could leave it. Kakashi was no stranger to dirty dishes or dirty clothes littered about.

Many a times he had to sneak into the rooms or home or drunken literates, nobles, or other such people who had no respect for themselves or their places. As Naruto went about hastily trying to clean up Kakashi did a quick assessment, the first being Naruto's fridge. Foods carton and packaged, without needing any preparation beyond being boiled or microwaved. Milk that was beyond the expiration date and without a doubt would cause sickness.

A shinobi's diet was one of the most important aspects of their life, third only to their mental health and training. He threw the milk away. He then went over to the crude workbench with obvious defective weaponry. A few scenarios crossed through Kakashi's mind. The most obvious being careless genin or chunin left their tools behind after training and Naruto scavenged them or Naruto was probably sold the defective tools at scalped prices.

"You'll be going to a new weapon's center and clothing area from now on." Kakashi didn't bother do a summation on Naruto's clothing. Normally shinobi didn't start buying customize gear until they were chunin, not only do to the fact that they didn't start participating in dangerous missions until then, but also the fact they wouldn't be able to start affording clothing until they started earning a paycheck within the range of B-rank missions. "This apartment is also unfit to live in. You'll be staying in my guest room until then." To Kakashi's surprise the boy didn't make an outburst or any protest that was accustomed to him. He seemed to be rather overwhelmed by the whole thing. With that in mind Kakashi wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

But Naruto still stood, paralyzed. "You really mean it?" he asked, slowly, as if he couldn't quite wrap his head around it. "I can get new clothes and weapons and I… I can live with you?"

"As your sensei it is my duty to make sure that you're fit for duty and under my command." Despite the neutral air he tried to put, Kakashi couldn't help but smile at Naruto's enthusiastic cheer.

As not only a seasoned shinobi achieving the rank of Jounin at a young age, but also being a frugal spender Kakashi was relatively well off. Right now the important thing was buying Naruto a pair of essentials and getting his allowance checked out. Orphaned children who were enrolled into the academy were a fitted to an allowance of sorts to pay for food and supplies until they graduated and could take missions to cover the cost and payback the costs they owed.

Right now he would focus on getting Naruto into a better routine before he moved on to his other two students. Sakura would be a rather easy case in comparison. She was a civilian and didn't have any severe issues or repressed emotional issues that would have to be dealt with. It would be a simple issue of crushing her fangirl issue and to make sure she started taking her training seriously.

Sasuke though was a different matter. The boy was closed off and anti-social. Without a doubt he would have to be watched closely and to make sure he wouldn't become an inevitable security risk. The first night with his new resident went off without too much incident, besides the blond's complaint about vegetables. Threatening the blond with the prospect of not learning any new jutsu settled that quickly, despite his complaints of blackmail.

That morning, after having a few 'talks' with some individuals that were short changing his students Kakashi arrived to training ground seven. Two hours later then he said he would. After waiting twenty minutes for his students to pick up on his presence and not as an excuse to finish the latest chapter of his book series he appeared right in front of his students in a puff of smoke.

"You're late!" Sakura and Naruto promptly yelled at him.

"Late?" He looked around, guileless. "No I'm not."

"Liar!" the two yelled again. Sasuke grunted his agreement.

Kakashi promptly tucked away his book. Kakashi completely ignored their looks of disapproval or in Sasuke's place indifference. Naruto, meanwhile, was fairly vibrating with pent up energy. While he insisted on wearing his track-suit pants and jacket, at least the rest of his clothes were new. Fresh, without any rips and tears.

" Its quite disappointing actually."

"Disappointing? What do you mean Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked, her annoyance quickly forgotten.

"I was here for the past twenty minutes and none of you picked up on my presence. In fact none of you bothered to even check for my presence. What if I was an enemy shinobi? If you're already basing your assumptions on shinobi, either other comrades on a set pattern your careers are already on course for a short end. I could have easily killed any of you, set a trap, or I could have easily been an imposter stealing information of combat data under your nose." As he finished this, he noted both Naruto and Sasuke were annoyed while Sakura being the only one visibly shamed. Of course seeing as she was flirting with Sasuke who flat out ignored her, it'd be hard for her not to be ashamed.

"You just wanted to spend time reading your book!" Naruto accused him. "You could have been training us the whole time?"

"And why should I waste my time on three lazy pupils who don't even have the motivation or drive to attempt to train without supervision?" he fired back. "In other words, you're shinobi now, adults in the eyes of the village. Its time you start taking on some more responsibility." Kakashi wasn't going to coddle his students like some teachers. If they wanted to prove themselves and grow stronger they were going to have to earn it. "Think of it as a test. It will be your responsibility to use whatever information you gain from now on to further yourselves." And with that, Kakashi would proceed to be late to every meeting until his students started to become adept to at least finding him.

Kakashi sat to the side after the team's third D-rank mission of the day. They were undergoing a set of menial chores that consisted of scrubbing walls, painting fences, and clearing out old rooms. The old building was going to be converted into a factory. Despite his students griping about it being nothing but chores, the d-rank mission had subtle training measures. They would be building dexterity and slowly training their muscles to prepare for greater training.

Between Naruto being covered in dirt, Sakura's whine in getting paint in her hair and Sasuke well, just being Sasuke it was yet a natural day for a genin team undergoing d-rank missions. "Good job team. Meet me back at the training ground at seven am for training." In other words, it was a good day for Kakashi.