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Summary:Ed and Winry are married and expecting! How will they make it through the next nine months? And how will they react when they finally face the challenge of parenthood?


In a small house in Rush Valley Winry woke up wrapped securely in her husband of almost three months's arms. Edward was snoring lightly with his right arm under Winry's head and his left arm wrapped around her waist, his hand pushing her – or rather his – T-shirt up past her navel. Of course this was a normal occurrence. Winry found that she liked waking up like this. This morning though, Winry was feeling nauseous.

After prying Ed's arm off of her – effectively waking him up – Winry jumps out of bed and runs out of the room, not even bothering to stop and put pants on. She barely makes it to the toilet in time before she begins vomiting. It's not long after that she feels one of Ed's hands pulling her hair back away from her face and and the other rubs her back. She glances over at him and finds him kneeling next to her in his boxers.

"Are you okay, Winry?" asks Ed, obviously worried.

"I'm fine, Edward," whispers Winry, hoarsely. When it seems that her bout of nausea has passed, Winry gets up and washes her face and brushes her teeth.

"Well I'm going to call a doctor, just in case," says Ed, before walking out before Winry can argue. She knew that Ed wasn't going to take no for an answer on this. He didn't take illnesses lightly, not after watching his mother die of an illness.

She could hear Ed on the phone in the other room, and goes back to their bedroom to put on some pants before going to the kitchen. She actually felt hungry now that she had vomited. She gets to work mixing up a batch of pancakes, just as Al walks in carrying his kitten, Sunny, a young orange tabby he had found.

"Hey Al, pancakes okay?" asks Winry, as she pours the batter onto the hot skillet.

"Yes," says Al, happily, before taking Sunny over to his food bowl to be fed. Just then Ed walks in.

"The doctor will be over in a couple of hours," says Ed, before noticing Winry at the stove. "You shouldn't be making breakfast! You need to go back to bed!"

"I feel fine, Edward. I'm actually really hungry. Al, do you want Eggs with your pancakes?" asks Winry, as she walks to the fridge.

"Are you sick, Winry?" asks Al.

"She was puking," says Ed.

"But I don't have a fever, Ed. I'm perfectly fine now. Actually I have a huge craving for bacon. Do we have any?" asks Winry, as she digs around in the fridge.

"It's been a few days since we last went to the store, so I don't think so," says Ed.

"Well after breakfast let's go get some," says Winry, as she pulls out the eggs and butter. "Could you set the table?"

"How about you sit down, I'll set the table, and Al can finish cooking breakfast. I don't think you should be up and working when you're sick," says Ed.

"I'm not sick! I don't even have a fever!" says Winry. Ed walks over to Winry and places his hand on her forehead.

"Okay, so you don't have a fever, but ten minutes ago you were puking! Puking means that something is wrong!"

"Brother is right, Winry," says Al, who was flipping the pancakes. Winry sits down in a chair and sighs heavily.

"Fine, you win, but I want scrambled eggs with my pancakes," says Winry, as she watches Al cook.

"Of course," says Al, cheerfully, glad that he and Ed had won for once. After breakfast Winry takes a shower and gets dressed for the day, just in time for a knock to sound at the door. Ed and Al had left to buy some groceries so Winry was left to answer the door.

"Hello Dr. Cooper," says Winry, stepping aside to allow her inside.

"Edward called me saying that you were vomiting. I came as soon as I could," says Dr. Cooper.

"He likes to overreact," says Winry, leading Dr. Cooper to the living room.

"Would you like something to drink?" asks Winry, as Dr. Cooper takes a seat on the couch.

"No thank you, Winry. Why don't you come sit down and tell me about this morning," says Dr. Cooper, as she pulls a pen and paper from her bag to take notes.

"I woke up and felt nauseous. After I threw up I felt fine, but I was hungry, so I ate breakfast and then I took a shower," says Winry, as she sits down.

"How about in the past couple of weeks? Have you noticed any changes with your body or sleep?"

"Now that you mention it, I have. I've been going to the bathroom more, and my stomach has been hurting. I just assumed that I was about to start my period," says Winry, as Dr. Cooper gets out a stethoscope and checks Winry's lungs and heart.

"When was your last period?" asks Dr. Cooper.

"Come to think of it, I don't think I've had one since shortly after I married Ed, almost three months ago. I've been so busy I guess I didn't stop and think about it," admits Winry.

"Could you lie down on the couch please?" asks Dr. Cooper, as she stands up. Winry lays down and Dr. Cooper begins feeling around Winry's torso. "It feels like your uterus may be enlarged and harder."

"What does that mean?" asks Winry. She thought that she already knew, but she didn't want to get her hopes up.

"It means that you are pregnant. Judging by what you've told me, I would guess you were anywhere between six and ten weeks pregnant," Dr. Cooper says with a smile on her face. "I would like you to come to my office for further testing, this afternoon."

"Okay, what time?" asks Winry, forcing herself to keep her excitement in check. She was going to be a mom!

"How is 2:00?"

"That's great! I'll be there," says Winry, cheerfully.

"Okay. We'll be doing some blood tests and I'd like to perform an ultrasound to check," explains Dr. Cooper, as she writes in her notebook.

"That sounds great! I can't wait!" says Winry, as she follows Dr. Cooper to the door.

"Have a nice day, Winry," says Dr. Cooper, before leaving. Winry sighs heavily before laying down on the couch, and placing her hand on her stomach. She was pregnant? It would explain some of the things she had been going through the past couple of weeks, like the cravings and the cramps. Plus she'd been more tired than usual and cranky. She just figured that it was PMS.

Of course with the way she and Ed went at it since they had gotten married, she shouldn't be surprised. She sighs again as she rubs her still flat stomach. She was going to be a mom, and Ed was going to be a dad. She had a feeling that Ed would be a great ad. He took such good care of Al after all, and Al was such a sweetheart. Al would be thrilled to be an uncle.

Winry smiles. She was feeling good about becoming a mom. This was her last thought before she drifted off to sleep only to wake up to Ed gently shaking her shoulder. "Hm?"

"Hey, Al and I are back. Sorry we were gone a little longer than expected," says Ed. Winry smiles and kisses Ed softly, before remembering her appointment.

"What time is it?" she asks, worried that she would be late.

"It's 1:30," says Ed, watching as Winry gets up off of the couch and begins rushing around the room looking for her shoes and jacket.

"I have to leave!" screeches Winry, as she pulls her shoes on, hopping around the room on one foot.

"Leave? Where are you going?" asks Ed.

"Dr. Cooper wants to run some tests. I have to be there in half an hour!" says Winry as she pulls on her jacket and checks her hair in the mirror.

"Tests? What kind of tests?" asks Ed, worried. Tests weren't good.

"Umm...she mentioned a blood test," says Winry.

"Did she say what she was looking for?" asks Ed, following Winry around the house.

"Yes, but I'll have to tell you when I get back!" says Winry, stopping to kiss Ed before running out the door, leaving Ed standing in the doorway dumbfounded.

Just then, Al walks into the room carrying Sunny. "Where did Winry go?" asks Al.

"She had an appointment with the doctor and was running late," says Ed, still a little dumbfounded. "I guess she needs a blood test." Al could tell that Ed was worried about Winry.

"Did Winry seem worried about it?" asks Al.

"No, but she was in such a hurry to get out the door that I'm not sure how she was feeling," says Ed.

"Dr. Cooper is a great doctor. I'm sure that she'll take good care of Winry," says Al.

"I know, but I just married her, I can't lose her. I don't know what I would do if I lost anyone else," says Ed.

"Well as long as you don't try human transmutation I'm sure we can get through this," says Al, lightly.

Ed sits down on the couch with his face in his hands. "I don't know what to do. Should I follow her?" asks Ed.

"Winry is a big girl. If she wanted you to go with her she would have asked. When she gets home you can ask her about it," says Al.

"I guess..." says Ed, uncertainly.

"Come on, you have a to-do list that's a mile long. You may as well work on it to take your mind off of Winry," says Al, walking over to Ed and pulling him to his feet. Ed whines and tries to fight Al, but in the end he ends up doing the list of chores.

While Ed was in the kitchen, working on the leaky pipe under the sink, he hears the front door open. "I'm home!" calls Winry, before slipping off her shoes and jacket at the door. She makes her way to the kitchen for a drink and finds Ed pulling himself out from under the sink.

"How did it go?" asks Ed, as he stands up and walks over to Winry, who was pulling a glass from the cupboard.

"Can I turn the sink on now or are you still working on it?" asks Winry.

"I'm still working on it," says Ed, apologetically. Winry nods and goes to the fridge. "Are you going to answer my question?"

"In a minute, let me get a drink! It's hot outside!" gripes Winry as she pours herself a glass of juice and takes a long drink of it. "Where's Al? I want you both to hear what I have to say."

"He's outside, let me go get him," says Ed, before walking out the back door and calling for Al. Al comes in behind Ed carrying Sunny in one hand and the mail in the other.

"What's up?" asks Al, as he takes a seat at the table.

"I got my test results back from Dr. Cooper," says Winry, holding a folder in her hands.

"What's wrong? Are you going to be okay?" asks Ed, obviously very worried. Winry was half tempted to drag her good news out for as long as possible, but looking at the haunted look on Ed's face she knew that she couldn't do that to him.

"Well, it's sort of sudden, and I'm not sure how everyone is going to feel about this, it's not like it was planned..." starts Winry. Ed and Al were looking more and more anxious with every word that came out of Winry's mouth.

"Get on with it! Whatever it is, I'm sure we can handle it!" says Ed, impatiently. Winry giggles before continuing.

"Okay, well you see...I'm pregnant. Two months pregnant to be exact. So in seven months we're going to have a baby," says Winry. Ed and Al stare at her for a few moments before Ed's face breaks into a huge grin and he jumps up and hugs Winry, pulling her off of her feet and spinning around.

"We're going to have a baby!" cheers Ed, before kissing Winry.

"So you're okay with it?" asks Winry.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?" asks Ed, as he sets Winry on her feet. "Our family is going to get bigger!"

"But the house still needs a lot of work, and we don't have a nursery or anything, and now we only have seven months to get everything ready," says Winry.

"We'll be able to pull it off, Winry. Just because brother can't use his alchemy doesn't mean that I can't," says Al.

"But we're only going to use your alchemy as a last resort," says Ed. "I want to do as much as I can without it."

"I have to go call granny," says Winry, happily. Ed and Al were happy by the news, and that was all that mattered. Ed was right, their family was going to get bigger, and after it being her, granny, Ed, and Al for so long, a new addition would be perfect.

"Al and I are going to start trying to decide where to put a nursery," says Ed. The house that they lived in only had two bedrooms so they were going to have to add a new room to the house.

"Try to keep it close to our room so we can hear the baby," says Winry, as she walks towards the living room where the phone was.

"Okay," says Ed, as he and Al begin walking down the hall. Ed's grin hadn't left his face since he'd heard about the baby and Al was happy to see Ed so happy. It seemed that fate liked Ed a little bit after all.

End Chapter

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