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Finding You In This Hell Hole

It all started with a dream. One damn dream had drove a young strawberry into madness. Because of this one unconscious encounter, he was now heading for a place he thought he would never return to. Even though he had been denied permission, he still had gone to Urahara and demanded he open a garganta. Yes, Ichigo Kurosaki was returning to the hell hole of a desert, Hueco Mundo. Why was he so determined to go there? Well, that is a long story.

It had started a few weeks ago. His days would be normal. Killing hollows, strengthening his powers, going to school. But at night, he would have the strangest dreams. They would start off as simple images. White sand, black sky, permanent crescent moon, dead trees. But then, they turned into all too real experiences. He would be walking through abandoned hall ways and empty fields of desert. He would always end up in the same place, surrounded by crumbled mountains and ruined buildings. Usually by the time he got there, the dream would end. But as of last night, something happened. Ichigo still remembered it perfectly.

He was wondering through the empty battle field, looking around trying to figure out where he was and why it was so familiar. Then his vision flashed blue and it hit him like a punch in the face. This had been the place where he fought him. Suddenly, he was running. Not towards an exit, but instead towards where he remembered his enemy laying. He didnt know why, but he felt the need to find this man. He felt like he was being called out for. Like someone was beckoning him. He would run and run, but it didnt seem like he was moving. Until finally he reached a body that was badly beaten. White sand was stained red and the body was unconscious. He took a step forward and blue eyes shot open making the strawberry jump. A gust of wind blew the sand across the body and before it disappeared, the man grinned widely, much like Captain Zaraki. Ichigo then woke up sweating and hopped out of bed. Getting dressed he had only one thing on his mind. He had to get to Hueco Mundo and find him. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

And so here he was, running through the black emptiness that was a garganta. Just like his dreams, he was soon surrounded by empty desert. Nothing had changed. Las Noches still stood tall, as if it had never been entered. Ichigo shook at the sight, but continued running. He ran through the empty hallways just like he had when he was here for Orihime only now there were no obstacles. He used flash step and soon, entered the same forsaken battlefield. It looked exactly like it did in his dreams. He remembered exactly where the body had been but when he got there, it was gone. Gritting his teeth, he looked around. Something wasn't right. He was too alone here.

"Hey, Grimmjow! Come out here!" He yelled loudly. His voice echoed, and no one responded. Ichigo felt nervous. Grimmjow wasn't dead. Theres no way he was. Why would he have had all those dreams? Ichigo grew frantic, though he didnt know why. It was just Grimmjow. But those dreams..he didn't want them anymore. Finding Grimmjow was the only way. He flash stepped everywhere, looking for anything, anyone, any sign of blue. He would search every building if he had to. His reiatsu was flaring, but he didnt care. He needed to find this damn espada. He looked everywhere, calling out his name, flaring his reiatsu, trying to sense any other spiritual pressure, but nothing was working. Las Noches was completely deserted.

Ichigo was about to give up. He wasn't sure how long he had been at it, but he was tired. He had searched Las Noches in its entirety, but no Grimmjow. He was now standing outside the walls of Las Noches, staring at the massive white walls. Giving up, he turned around only to stop dead in his tracks. About a yard away, standing straight ahead of him, looking right at him, was Grimmjow. Ichigo felt overwhelmed and exhausted and his vision began to fade. The last thing he saw was Grimmjow smirk that evil, wide smirk, just like in his dream. Then he saw nothing but black.

"So, you did come after all"

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