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Chapter 1 Meeting and discovery

The Dark Lord was known for taking lovers. His lovers never were more than one-night stands. At least that was until he met one young man. He met Lrya at one of the meetings of Death Eaters he called. Lrya was the stepson of one of his followers. The man had brought him, he was to meet Lucius.

The boy's stepfather was tired of taking care of him; he was trying to find someone to take the boy. He really did not care; the boy was too much for him. He was small thin and feminine, he had dark black hair cut short, but the one thing that drew the Dark Lord was his eyes. They were bright blue with a mix of green; they reminded him of the sea.

He wanted the boy, so he told the stepfather to take the boy upstairs and leave him in the study. After the meeting, he went up to the study, opening the door he stood there and studied the boy. He was beautiful; he almost looked like a fallen angel, because no true angel could look like that. He was sin, pure and simple.

Lrya knew his stepfather had basically sold him, the only question he had was who. After looking around the office he knew that the Dark Lord was the one. So that left the question why. He knew that he was different from the others at school, yes he was gay, but that was not it, he was a carrier. No one knew, his father had told him before he died.

The Dark Lord told Lrya that his stepfather had told him that he was to stay here for the rest of summer. Lrya knew he was in trouble he wanted the dark Lord and that was a problem. It meant that he needed to figure out how to keep him interested. He knew from the gossip that the Dark Lord never took a lover for longer then one night.

"Ok, so I am going to stay with you for the rest of summer, where am I going to stay?" Lrya asked. "You will be staying in the guest suite" was the answer he got.

Both knew that it was not that simple.

The Dark Lord showed him to his room, after asking if he needed anything he left him to get settled. He was not going to sleep with him, or so he kept telling himself.

After sometime, his door was open, and in stepped Lrya, who was wearing nothing but a sheer dark green robe. He walked towards the bed, he knew that this was a risk, but he was going to start doing what he wants.

At the edge of the bed, he asked if he could join him. The answer was yes. He climbed up and straddled the Dark Lord. He knew what he was doing. He was staking his claim. He crawled forward until he was level with the Dark Lord's mouth. As he was going to kiss him, he whispered "I know that you are on top, but let me"

What followed was a long night that neither got any rest during.

The last thing Lrya remembered before falling asleep was the Dark Lord smiling.

The next day was filled with small talk between the two, both wanted to know that other. The Dark Lord was feeling somewhat out of himself. He wanted this lover to stay.

What followed was a month full of talks, dinners, long nights together, quiet visits to lawyers, and last but not least a visit to his second in command, Malfoy.

A week before he was due to return to Hogwarts, Lrya was looking into ways to stay, he knew that if he left the Dark Lord would lose interest. He found a clause that said if the young person in question was bonded to an older one, they could take their NEWTS at anytime at the Ministry. Now all he had to do was figure out how he was going to get the Dark Lord to bond with him. He knew he could, it was just a question of how.

He took the problem to the Dark Lord later that night. After showing him all that he had found, he put his case, and told him his secret. It was after he had found out that Lrya was a carrier that he agreed to be bonded. Really Lrya could not believe that it was that easy.

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