This story is based through Role Play and thought it was fun to share here. I have been working with HumanoidGelato and we plan to collab a whole story! I play Damien and she plays Erik. The rest of the characters are played by us. :) Enjoy! This is taken place after Awakened.

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Damien has been weeping since Jack has been murdered about a month ago, in his room and haven't moved an inch from his bed. He was finally happy to have someone, but his boyfriend was no longer alive. Often, he would come into his room and cry endlessly. He avoided any participation with the girls. He covered up his sadness from the girls so they don't worry. Damien never liked it when people worried about too much. He spent most of his free time hiding in his room and thinking about how unfair that his lover had to die. How happy he was with Jack Twist after being with his boyfriend for almost a half of a year. He felt no use to live, he only cared about having Jack or someone to love him back. Right there, Damien didn't care anymore as he cried miserably as possible.

Erik arrived at the front door of the room he shared with Damien an hour or so after his last class. Ever since the funeral, he had taken to giving Damien a little time alone each day before he came in and interrupted. Honestly, an hour didn't seem like nearly enough time when his boyfriend had just died, but Erik did had to get back into his room sometimes. At least he had the courtesy to knock before before entering.

"Can I come in?" he called through the door. "I brought food."

Damien sniffled and didn't really know what else to do or say. He was simply lost for words and out of everything in his life. The funeral was all too much for him and he saw his new roommate, "..." He wasn't too sure what to say anymore.

After receiving no reply, Erik unlocked the door and gave it a slow push. From there he could see Damien curled up on his bed, still crying. It didn't look like he'd improved at all, not that Erik could blame him. If Zoey had died while they were still together...nevermind. He took a seat on the edge of Damien's bed and placed the burger he'd brought in front of him, unsure of what else to do.

"How are you feeling?" he asked lamely.

Damien glanced over at the roommate who had a hot looking for a superman. His shoulders dropped to respond. He felt life was too unfair. He has finally found someone and died within short time of their relationship. He loved Jack so much, he wanted to just give up, and forget everything. The silence made Erik uncomfortable. When his friends were upset, they knew that he was not the one to call. Of course he cared about his friends, he cared about people who weren't his friends, but in these situations he was often left without a clue. Erik was often to logical for them; rather then tell them what they wanted to hear, he would strike with cruel honesty. The kind of comforting Erik used wasn't the kind that Damien would be able to take. He tried to imagine what Jack would've said. What would he have done to comfort Damien? He would've smothered him in hugs and kisses until he couldn't cry anymore. Yeah...Erik wasn't Jack. Instead, he settled for a hand on the shoulder.

"You've got to eat sometime you know. It won't do you any good to sit here wasting away."

A little weight on the shoulder made him realize how...simple things were.

He wiped those tears away and nodded anyway, "Okay..." He stared at the food, but uncertain where to start at all. He was so used to mix up his food with his boyfriend and missed the things he was into. It wasn't going to be the same anymore.

"Come on," Erik urged then waved the wrapped hamburger underneath Damien's nose.

Damien picked up the half of a hamburger and took a bite out of it. He just ate...he didn't want anyone to worry about him too much. He just stayed alone most of the day and hoped to make things work out somehow. No...he didn't want Jack to be dead. He only wished for comfort from his dead boyfriend.

"Good," Erik said with a smile as he watched Damien eat. Maybe Erik couldn't bring Jack back or find a way to fix his broken heart, but he could at least do this; he knew how to take care of the necessities. He only wished he could do more. A month had already passed and Damien still looked more like a corpse than Jack ever had.

"Is there anything else I can do?" he asked quietly.

Damien sighed away and glanced up at his roommate, "Kill me if you could." He whispered. All he ever wanted was to die so he could be happy with his lover again, nothing else as he wanted, and he felt no use to be here.

Erik grimaced at Damien's response. "You don't really mean that," he reasoned. "You know how sad it would make Jack if you died too." Erik laid back on the bed with a sigh. There had to be something he could do to make him feel better. This whole situation was making Erik uncomfortable but it would make things even more uncomfortable if he got up and left while his roommate was contemplating suicide.

Damien always knew everyone answers. It was typical and he swallowed the last bits of the half meal. He didn't want to eat anything else. He just want to feel normal again. He pulled his blanket and hid under there to hope it was all a long nightmare. He wanted to wake up desperately to escape from.

He sighed, "Or happy. He could be happy to be with me again." His voice was roughly coarse and barely broke through to make it clear.

Erik covered his eyes with a hand. This whole thing was tiring. Girls were easier to work with. A little cuddle and kiss and they were satisfied. Damien was something else but maybe...maybe he needed the same thing. Erik sat up again and yanked the blanket back from Damien's head. He opened his arms wide and raised a an eyebrow.

"Bring it in now." He nodded his head in Damien's direction, encouraging him to move.

Damien jerked his head over to Erik and saw and heard what he said. The girls have all done it, but it never felt enough. Their boobs always discomfort him when it came to hug.

He did it anyway if it meant to get Erik to stop pestering him so much, "I'll try." He just wanted to be happy, but how could he truly do it or make the mission successful?

Erik leaned forward and gathered Damien into his arms. He squeezed him tightly and pounded his fist into his back. Was this what Jack would do? Maybe. Hopefully. He peered down at the boy; it was hard to tell if he was helping or not. Could he really even expect any real result? A hug was only a hug. It couldn't bring Jack back, it couldn't defeat Neferet, it couldn't do anything. Could it?

"Be happy," he repeated softly, "then everything will turn out alright."

Damien felt so good in the man's arms and remembering how much Jack would do it cheerfully. He loved it anyway. He never thought Erik would actually hugged him at all. His fingers curled into the actor's shirt and felt scared,

"...what if I'll never find someone good as him?" He whispered.

"There's no if, because you will. Jack was a great guy and so are you. And I doubt that there are only two great guys in the whole world. Don't worry; there'll be someone. There always will." And until then, I'll be here, he thought but did not say. As Damien moved closer to him, his grip tightened. Damien was so small in his arms, he felt fragile. One wrong move and he could shatter him into pieces. Erik wasn't Damien's best friend, but he felt the need to protect him from the pain. As long as he needed it, Erik would keep him safe.

Damien nodded and kept quiet for a minute or two. He waited since he changed into a vamprye and he thought his wait was over. Apparently, it was whipped away and didn't understand why.

Erik's hug felt safer than he could ever imagine in his life, "I wished I never left him alone...I could have saved him." He whimpered, "Why does one little thing of leaving alone makes it all worse?" He sniffled once more.

Erik's heart ached at Damien's words. He was hurting so badly and Erik could do nothing to help him.

"I..." he began then stopped. "It wasn't your fault," he settled for finally, "no one could've saved him, not even Nyx herself. If you had been there with him, the only thing that would've changed is that you'd be dead too. And none of us want that." After he'd finished talking, he pressed Damien's head down into his chest to keep him from replying. He wasn't sure if he could keep this optimistic act up much longer. Erik was usually never at a loss for words, he was an actor for Nyx's sake! But this job was too big for him. This job wasn't for an eighteen year old boy, it was for a superhero.

Damien followed Erik's comfort and only wished no death could be fatal as this was. He could have been so happy to just be touched by Erik, even if they weren't a couple or anything. He felt extremely hot on his cheeks and heard him out. He questioned himself about who would contain his gift of wind or air. He knew one person to blame, "C-can-can I blame Neferet for his death? That it was her fault all this time?" He wasn't too sure how to express it in a selfless way. Damien knew that he wasn't raised that way and he hardly blames anyone unless he had a definite proof of evidence to say it otherwise.

Erik nodded at Damien's question.

"Of course you can blame her! Even if it wasn't her fault I'd say blame her, she's a bitch!" He pushed Damien back slightly so that he could look into his eyes when he spoke. Erik wanted him to know that he meant everything he said. "I know from experience that holding a grudge isn't healthy," he thought back to Zoey and how jerkish he'd been to her after they broke up, "but there's nothing wrong with little anger every now and then. As long as you don't hurt anybody, be as angry as you want."

Damien chuckled slightly after he heard bitch and he felt a little better. He knew that personally due to read many books after another.

He agreed to what Erik has said, "She is such a bitch. Her tactic is filled with too many damn questions on, why she even killed him? Why can't she banned here? Why couldn't we do that? It's not like the school can go against us due to our gifted abilities!" He ranted, but he breathed finally to calm down now. He rested his head against Erik's chest for some break and showed very little smile upon his face.

Erik shook his head and sighed. There was no answer to that question. What was he supposed to tell him? That they had to let Neferet get away with everything because life just sucked sometimes? It would've been the truth, but Erik feared that right now, the truth would be too much.

"Shh, don't worry about that," he said ,"let's focus on other things." With that, he finally broke the hug that had lasted for at least five minutes. He was surprised to find how cold it was without Damien in his arms and he had the urge to pull him back in, but no, that would be too weird. Erik hopped up from the bed and yanked Damien up with him. "Come on, let's do something else. We can...we can go downstairs and watch a movie. Or eat more, eating is great. Something. There was to be something else for us to do. Go annoy the girls maybe?"

Damien blinked and wasn't sure if that was a date to be asked out for the first time over in a month. He always had interests in controlling man or something that attracts him the most. He could almost laugh about pestering the girls, but he knew well enough Zoey wasn't in any condition for company.

He didn't want anyone to worry about him too much, "...a movie sounds fine." He wasn't too sure how long he could stand up for, but with Erik on his side. He felt fine somewhat in the situation.

Erik gave a broad, honest grin. The fact that Damien was willing to do something meant that he was feeling better or at least trying to get better. He grabbed him by the wrist and headed out the door. All was silent in the house except for them as they lumbered down the stairs, or really except for Erik as he lumbered down the stairs and Damien struggled to keep up. Once they'd reached the living room, Erik headed over to the cabinet where the movies were kept. It was his first instinct, to reach for Star Wars but then he remembered that this was about Damien and not him. "What do you want to watch?" he asked kindly.

Damien swore he's blushing when he was grabbed by the wrist and went along to Erik's direction. He already had a set on the Star Wars as well, he remembered one of them he wished to watch, and felt like this was a date in a way. Or was it just friendliness here?

"Uh...Star Wars IV: A new Hope." He recalled that one instinct. He didn't know why that one, he felt to watch that one anyway.

Yes! Erik thought when Damien picked Star Wars. Sure, he was just there to comfort him, but who said that he couldn't enjoy himself too? Erik popped in the disk then hurried back to the sofa to sit down with Damien. He swung his arm carelessly along the back where Damien would soon be sitting.

"Love this movie," he commented happily. It was impossible to be sad while watching Star Wars.

Damien was surprised to see Erik's interests in Star Wars, normally some of the girls, and he knew Jack wasn't a fan of the Star Wars very much and he knew why personally.

He sat down next to Erik, "Really?" He perked up slightly to see if he could engaged such of a conversation. He wasn't too sure what to really expect out of Erik. From the day he met him, he instantly melted to crush on him and hoped to see they'd be together. Sadly, Erik was too straight and chased after a few girls like Aphrodite, Zoey, and whatever that last girl he had before Zoey had to go out of the country. He just knew that much that he could never have Erik. He had to face reality and just consider the friendship here.

"Definitely," Erik answered with a smile. Star Wars was one of his favorite movies, although he usually hesitated to admit that. Oh, wait. Erik blushed slightly. "I mean, it is a good movie. Everybody likes Star Wars don't they?" He struggled to reign in his inner geek. That was something best not exposed when trying to look cool. But when amongst friends...why not? "What's not to like about Star Wars? There's hot girls, action, blood, sex, everything. There's something for everybody. Oh yeah, this is my favorite part!" He turned to Damien and did an impression of Luke Skywalker complete with voice and kick-ass light saber jabs. He was making a fool of himself, if anyone else was in the room would've stared, but if it made Damien laugh, it would be worth it. He stood up as things got more intense in the movie and began to act out jumps and kicks-which of course resulted in him slipping and falling so that he ended up lying on his back in the middle of the floor. Erik wasn't the most playful person, he usually wasn't so silly, but for Damien, he didn't mind looking at least a little insane.

Damien gasped and gushed up in his acting role. He could believe it all and he knew Erik was perfect for the role. He nearly forgotten about the death or the funeral. He was blushing and bit onto his lip once Erik questioned him that.

His hand waved to get him to stop making him all worked up, "The best, I can say. No one can do it better than you can, Erik." Did he just flirt with him? Damn, he shouldn't have and he knew he had to cover it up fast, "I mean, that is your strong gift in our school and you're a professor too." He lost it...he had to be flirting, wasn't he? He needed to look into the book for simple compliment or something.

Erik laughed at Damien's reply. He took what he had said for sarcasm and found himself blushing slightly in embarrassment. At least Damien looked a little bit happier. He stood up and took a bow.

"Thank you, thank you." When Damien began to stumble, he shot him a curious look. Why did he sound nervous all of a sudden? Then he plopped back down, thoroughly worn out. He patted Damien on the shoulder again then placed his arm back in its original spot behind Damien's head. "Phew, how about we watch the professionals do it now?"

Damien kept blushing awkwardly and wasn't too sure about Erik anymore. He noticed Erik didn't take the flirting as anything else more than a compliments. He breathed to normality and focused on the movie plan.

"You mean, you're one of the professionals in the movies?" He shuts up again and couldn't believe he's flirting again! What's with him? He mentally shook his head and gathered himself into the real movie, "Uh...yeah, let's watch now. I want to see Princess Leia and her actions." He nodded quickly. Hopefully that covered things up now.

Erik was already too engrossed in the movie by the time Damien replied to respond. He laughed with every cheesy joke and aww'ed at every sweet moment like this was his first time ever seeing it. On occasion, he would turn to Damien to make a comment about the movie; at one point he suggested that Damien should marry Luke Skywalker since he himself couldn't.

"That would be so awesome," he exclaimed, "And you were talking about never finding someone as good as..." he regretted it as soon as the words had come out of his mouth. This was not the time to bring up Jack again, not when Damien was just starting to look better. Erik searched his mind for another topic, but found none.

Damien chuckled to hear that comment, "Nah, Luke has some attracting qualities, but I prefer my man to be more relaxing romantic and controlling sort of. He's more of going overboard on romance, if I were to ever marry him." He shrugged and didn't really hear much at the ending and focused on the credits to see who's the credit for the ending song. He really liked it a lot and then he realized Erik was saying something, "Hm, what is it you say?" He smiled, not really remembering about Jack's death.

Erik let out a breath of relief when he realized that Damien hadn't heard all that he'd said.

"Nothing," he replied before returning Damien's grin. Then he let out a yawn. "It's getting pretty late now isn't it? We better get to bed.".

Damien blinked and agreed to the plan. He felt so tired, all he wanted was to finally sleep, and gained up with Erik to go up the stairs. Normally, humans wouldn't make it out too easily for the stairs, but they're adaptable to their own speed here. It was normal to go up the stairs this long. Damien was a bit distracted in his mind about Erik and wondered why he kept flirting. He kept telling himself that the man's straight as he can be. He had history with girls and that was it. He can't change anyone's sexual orientation...only if he could. He sighed.

Erik turned off the DVD player and put the disk back in its case. Then he hurried to catch up with Damien at the base of the stairs. They walked slower this time, both were worn out now from staying up so late. It would be easier for Damien to get to sleep this way; he wouldn't have the energy to think about anything other than resting.

"I'll take take a shower in the morning," Erik said before falling onto his bed. He rolled over onto his side and-oh, he turned back. "Wake me up if you need me...if you start thinking about him again, just wake me up okay? I don't mind."

Damien nodded, "Okay..." He felt like he forgot something, but he shrugged it off. He decided to take a shower now to avoid any complication between the two. He made sure he kept quiet and thought about their date? He wasn't sure if that was really even a date, it was just friendliness and cheerful bonding. Yeah, that was it. He washed up in the shower and felt cleaned again. He thought about today and remembered the depressing moment. He hugged Neferet? What the? It wasn't like him at all, but he knew why. He hugged her because of Jack's death. He missed him, but who can replace him? Absolutely no one can do that because Jack was perfect. He didn't want to cry, he thought men shouldn't cry because it was a weakness to him. He decided to be stronger since Erik would probably be making sure he's alright or make sure he's doing something at least. They went to see a movie. Together. Did that mean anything? Probably not.

Thoughts of the funeral weighed heavily on Erik's mind. Sure, it hadn't been Erik's girlfriend who had died, but he had known Jack just like everybody else. But what was surprising was that he felt more sympathy for Damien than Jack who had died before even graduating. Damien was the one who had been left behind to try and survive all of the pain on his own, Jack and Nyx and every other great vampyre who had died. Erik was trying to be there for him, to be his Nyx, but he knew he wasn't doing as great a job as anyone else would. At that very moment Damien could be crying in the bathroom but Erik wouldn't have the guts to go and check on him. Even though he had told Damien that he could call him if he needed too, that didn't mean he would. The kid was obviously to shy to ask for help when he needed it. And although Erik wasn't the type to force himself on people, he was thinking that maybe with Damien, he would have to.

Damien finally dried up and came out of the bathroom to join into the bedroom. He saw the sleepy Erik and how much he wanted to cuddle. He didn't feel that was the best idea or cause any misunderstanding between the two. He merged onto the bed and pretend he was on a date. That comforted him much more and slept peacefully. Even though, he started to feel like he cheated on his lover or worse... He shook his head and forget about it. He shuts his eyes tightly and tried to forget it. The day wasn't any easier for him anymore, but he tried as much as he could and not look at his alarm clock. But, it was too much to handle for Damien. He whimpered quietly and tears slipped in his sleep. He kept seeing Jack and his bloody body with the powerful sword in his body. He tried a million times to save him, giving a resuscitating him and seeing that everything has gotten messier than ever. He ended up hugging the dead body of Jack and wept heavily. Which caused him to cry in his awaking life.

Erik's eyes opened again when he heard Damien begin to cry. He hadn't managed to fall asleep yet either. Thoughts of Jack had immediately filled his mind upon lying down. Or actually, thoughts of Damien. He waited a moment to see if he would stop or call on him, Erik didn't want to embarrass him, but the crying with on and on and on. After a while, he couldn't take it anymore and climbed out of his bed to creep over to Damien's. There he was balled up in fetal position, sobbing, and shaking with thoughts of his dead boyfriend. "Hey," Erik whispered "it's okay, it's okay." He was going to pat Damien on the shoulder as he had done before, but decided that he needed something more. Still, he was hesitant in asking. How could he phrase this question...? "Do you want me to get in with you?" he asked finally.

Damien wasn't fully aware of Erik, but he heard someone.

Somehow his arms hugged around the man's waist and whispered, "P-ple-please Jack...make the horrible dream go away." His hands trembled so much, he had no idea what was going, and the need to feel safe and okay again. His brain was subconsciously taking over everything he was doing and whispered again, "Ki-kiss all away, pl-please?" He begged so desperately.

"Um..." Erik struggled to find something to say, "I..." Damien wanted Jack. Erik wasn't Jack. But maybe if he did the things Jack did-goddess he just wanted him to stop crying! He couldn't take seeing him sad like this. It was this thought that drove him to do what he did next. He knew he shouldn't have, but he climbed into bed with boy and pulled him into his arms once again. Except this time it was different, it was different when they were laying down. No, he couldn't allow himself to think like that when his friend was lying there in pieces. He was being a good person and nothing else. He was being Jack. Erik placed a hand on the back of Damien's head and gave his forehead a light kiss. Damien needed this and Erik wasn't going to allow his pride or anything else to get in the way of it. If there was something Erik could do, but he didn't because pride got in the way, he knew he would never forgive himself.

"It's okay," he whispered, "Shh, Jack is here. It's okay."

Damien's body was very shaky at first, but once he felt those arms and comfort. His body slowly eased up and settled down now as he curled up perfectly onto Erik and finally settling down. He knew it was a forehead kiss, but he accepted it anyway. He felt like the dream was playing tricks on him and how reality proved it. He liked it to feel safe again and slept into more peaceful one. He felt warmer too.

As Damien made himself more comfortable in his arms, Erik grew more comfortable too. He wasn't a girl, but he was soft and warm. It relaxed Erik knowing that what he was doing made Damien feel better, it also took his mind off of all things funeral related. It was only then that he was finally able to forget his worries and fall asleep feeling strangely okay with Damien wrapped in his arms.

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