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Damien woke himself up, finding out that he's in Erik's arm, and still in the living room. Did they sleep here the whole night? Geesh, they ought to have a phone alert to get them to bed at least. Well, it was enjoyable night for everyone. Yawning has escaped Damien's mouth and he tugged Erik's shirt to wake him up, but he noticed Stevie Rae's head on his lap. This was going to be awkward...

"Erik, don't move, someone's sleeping on you besides just me," Damien whispered.

The twins and Doli somehow slept on each other as if they're each other's pillows, but definitely comfort to them somehow. One thing for sure, his memory flashed back to Neferet's threat for exchange for Erik's life and arrest to make Zoey miserable by the end of the month.

"What?" Erik started with a fright at the sound of Damien's voice.

He head shot up from its place on the armrest and when he saw Stevie Rae lying in his lap, he jumped even more, but the girl must've been in a terribly deep sleep-she didn't even move.

"What?" he asked again and looked to the culprit; Damien.

His face reminded him of what they had to do that day. There wasn't much time left in the month so they had to get started on their mission as quickly as possible. Erik was dreading it and he knew that Damien was too, but they had to do it all the same. He glanced around the room to make sure that they were the only ones awake, then he turned back to Damien with a somewhat grim expression on his face.

"Morning. Um, so, what are we going to do about Zoey? D-do you have any ideas?" It was a weird thing to ask, the words felt awkward in his mouth.

How did you phrase a question like that? How did you bring up the topic of ways to ruin somebody's life? Somebody who had done nothing to deserve it. Damien was more shocked to see the others deep into their sleep more than most people. Damien rubbed the back of his neck and trying to sum up an idea about miserable Zoey, but what could worked out by then?

He whispered, "...blame Zoey for what she isn't doing enough or her attitude. I'm thinking of faking her handwriting and have it in all of her classes. People would pick up the notes and read what she confess in the note and literally believes her."

Damien gulped down, but he never liked to hurt anyone. It was the sake of Erik's life, he hoped that everything would work out somehow. Backstabbing a friend like this would be difficult to change anything. Zoey trusted him the most of secrets and everything and being a friend someone along the line.

"Yeah," Erik said with a sigh, "I guess that would be good. Or not good, know what I mean. What could we say about her though? I guess we could start a rumor about her and Stark, like her...cheating or something." Erik laid his head back against the couch and covered his face with his hands. "Oh god, this is terrible."

Of all of the situations he'd ever been in this one was the most difficult. What he was doing was a job for Aphrodite, not him. Actually, it wasn't even a job for Aphrodite anymore. She'd grown beyond that, but now Erik and Damien were taking her place. This was something he'd never forget.

"I could leave a few notes on my students desks, that would work. Send some sort of anonymous e-mail. I don't know." Erik wished with all his heart that there was some was around the mess they were in, but if there was, why hadn't they found it yet?

Damien shook his head as everything has felt way off, "Everything is swirling around my head like a light tornado-" He was stunned at the last word and rubbed his own chin. He thought about it deeply and needed to do a quick research. "I need a book about something, do you think you can get Stevie Rae off your lap and leave a message saying I had a study virus attack and headed out to the library and that you wanted to be with me?" Damien waited before he could hop off the couch and race over to the library for his small idea, but hoped to be a good start and saving them some trouble.

He didn't like it so far, but it was better than nothing to lose.

"Uh yeah, sure." Erik had barely gotten the words out before Damien had started of down the hall.

He shook Stevie Rae by the shoulder until she finally awoke.

"Huh?" She blinked at Erik bleary-eyed and still half asleep.

"Damien and I are going to the library, I just wanted to tell you so that-"

"Yeah." She gave a small yawn then switched sides so that she was curled up where Damien had just been instead.

Sensing that that was the end of the conversation, Erik got up and took off after Damien. He was already halfway there and out of Erik's line of view so he took his time even though his curiosity was strong. Damien had left so quickly without so much as a word of explanation to Erik. When he reached the library he didn't see Damien anywhere. It was such a large place with tall shelves of books and long rows of computers. He could be in between any of them. If he called out, he could easily find him-but he was in a library. At the first hint of something even a little bit out of the inside voice rang, the librarian would tackle him to the ground and duct tape his mouth shut. Technically, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but it was was close enough.

Damien came out of through one of the aisles of weather books. He was deeply reading in a middle-end of the book about tornadoes and headed over to the computer for quick research to be sure of it. He was more confident now.

"Erik," He whispered, "Come on," Damien glanced up and gestured him to come over at the computer.

Something about this plan may be a risk, but it might save them more trouble than they could imagine. Erik spun around in a circle looking for the source of the voice. He found him in one of the rows of computers with his eyes glued to the screen. Erik hurried over to him and sat in down in a chair nearby.

"What?" he asked uninterestedly.

All that was displayed on the screen was some random facts about tornadoes and general weather. Was this what Damien had brought him all the way down to the library for? It definitely didn't seem worth it. Damien sighed and finally got the facts down, but he had to be sure of it.

"Tornadoes are a part of my affinity, but it's not something Zoey is capable of controlling. Just what if I use the tornado, a small one to knock her into a temporary coma? However, I'm trying to gather information first and assume the right amount of power and how long she can be in a coma, since she's a vamprye as well to heal in a given time." Damien rubbed his chin, trying to avoid making her miserable, yet, caused a distress for miserable state. "However, we need to somehow make her angry before she goes into a coma for short amount of time and no one will want her."

Damien thought it might be simple to start, but quickly to do and leaving Neferet satisfied to leave Erik alive until the end of the month comes or at least after that to prove this.

Erik scratched his chin as he thought. "But what if we hurt her, like bad. What if she'd paralyzed or loses her memory? Or...or dies." That would be the worst outcome possible, but it was possible.

If something like that happened to Zoey, he knew he'd never be able to forgive himself. To hurt someone like that. To ruin her life so permanently. Neither Damien or Erik would be able to take that guilt. But it could help them greatly, only if Damien could control his power which Erik doubted he could. He was still an adolescent vampyre who wasn't completely used to his powers. That's when a new worry occurred to Erik.

"Damien, what if you hurt yourself? Tornadoes are pretty uncontrollable aren't they? No." Erik pushed himself away from the chair and turned his back to Damien now utterly convinced that this plan would do nothing but hurt them. He couldn't allow it. There were other ways. This couldn't be their only option.

"I'm not going to let you do this, it's too dangerous," Erik said spinning around suddenly.

His eyes were set and determined and his fists were clenched tight. This was not something he'd bend about. Damien's safety came before anything, before his own. Neferet could do whatever she wanted to him, but she would not hurt Damien and Damien would not hurt himself. Not for Erik he wouldn't. Not for Erik. Damien was more than stunned to hear Erik totally against the idea. He shook his head and turned around to forget about his temporarily study.

"That's why it's important to practice. I can start very small until I gain control. I know I can, Erik." Damien was more sure of handling this on his own, but he understood the risk. He stood up and walked up to his boyfriend. "That's why I'm reading this stuff first and I'm going to make sure it's not going to cause any problem. Zoey always found a way to restore her memories, but I will tell you that it will work out fine."

Damien's hands curled into a fist, just hoping this would be worked out, and refused to not give it a try. He has to do this. Or what? Run away from here as far as possible and be free? They can't even do that. Damien needed to be with his friends due to his affinity and Erik needed to be here due to being a Tracker. What choice did they have? Oh, goddess help them now.

"No!" Erik shouted. From across the room the librarian called over to them to please lower their voices. "No," he repeated but much quieter this time. "We can't risk it Damien. We can't. I don't want you to practice, don't even try. It's not worth it. We can work it out another way, t-the notes. What happened to that idea?"

Erik knew that the tornado would be a lot quicker and do much more damage, but as he had said, it wasn't worth it. They could get it done the old-fashioned way like everybody else. Girls did it all the time. Tearing each other down from head to toes with biting words and sharp claws. They could do it. He knew they could. But what Damien wasn't to do was unpredictable and unsafe. The worst thing that could happen with leaving notes around was a paper cut or two. Didn't Damien understand that if he used something like that someone could die? It might've been his teacher's instincts finally starting to show in his outside relationships, but Erik would never let him do it. Not while he was watching. As Damien stepped closer to him, Erik backed away.

He wouldn't often until he understood. "Damien," he said speaking slowly in a stern parent-like tone, "You will not do that. I swear to Nyx, if I see you even attempting something so ridiculous, I'll report you myself."

Damien's eyes widen at Erik's words and how serious he was. It was just the same thing his parents did about dating the same gender role, but only the difference was real risk of death chance. He shook his head and snatched the book and clicked off the internet. He returned the book and came out of the aisle.

"Fine. I-I just can't lose you, Erik..." Damien felt the need to escape, but where could they go? "I'll come up something to write instead. I'll need some alone time to think about it."

Damien wasn't too sure how to direct it, but he was so sure the tornado would go by his command. Luckily, Erik wasn't a mind reader or it would have gotten much uglier between the two. He could see Erik's similar habit like the time he tried to dress up as a girl to be used as a cover girl, but it was pointless to try. What other choices did they truly have anyway? Erik let out a sigh of relief when Damien finally backed down and decided against the tornado idea.

"Thank you," he said placing his hand on his forehead then wrapping his arms around Damien's back in a tight hug.

There was no hiding how worried he'd been. It shone through his voice and in his joyful smile. At a time like this, one would think it would be impossible to smile, but Erik made sure to disprove that theory in all ways possible.

"I was only concerned about your safety okay?" He pulled his head away from Damien's neck so that he could be better heard. "You've got to understand I just want you to be safe." After a few seconds had passed, Erik let Damien go with a pat on a back. "Yeah, go ahead. You can have the room, I'll hang out outside and think up some ideas. And I promise you, we will get through this Damien." With that last sentence, he kissed him goodbye and headed out the door.

Damien accepted Erik's hug and gave a smile for understanding. Once he saw Erik left the room, he hung around and debated a few ideas here and there. It wasn't getting any easier to solve this. Write bunch of mixed truth and lies in a letter and forge her handwriting. Damien couldn't understand why Erik wouldn't trust him, but safety must have been number one priority to Erik. Safety comes first, everything else was last. Damien headed outside through the library's window and found the familiar tree he was used to hang out around. He could remember Jack hanging up the sword with full of joy and with their music. The song played in Damien's head and how he regretted not coming back anytime soon.

"Jack...would have you let me do the tornado? Would you agree to the idea? Or would you agree to Erik's decision?" Damien sighed and shook his head.

He stood in front of the tree and called out a light breeze through his affinity. It made him feel in control and started to guide them which ways to go. Then, he'd command it to stop and it did. Then, he created a very small tornado about half a foot and controlled it by giving its direction. Once he felt it was controlled and stopped it immediately, he increased the size to a foot and spent time practicing. He was more amazed to the hard work he has gotten himself into and felt challenged. Something that gave him a thrill to learn something entirely new experience and new knowledge. No one was able to see this tornado since it's clear, but able to feel it if they were with Damien. The tornado totaled up to twice as Damien's height, but Damien managed to keep it under control and even learned about telling the tornado's speed and finally figured out his own calculation by science's math method. He bumped it up to at least thirty mile per hours and he grinned and admired his achievement.

Before going outside, Erik climbed the stairs to their room. They hadn't been there all night so Erik didn't have any of the things he needed. When he opened the door, he was surprised to find it empty. Damien had left before him, but must've taken a detour because there was no sign that his feet had ever touched the ground. He'd probably just stopped at the bathroom on his way there or at the cafeteria. He could've even stopped to check on one of his friends. Erik figured it would be best not to be there when he got back since he'd requested time alone. After grabbing a light blue notebook and pen, Erik closed the door carefully behind him and made his way to the teacher's lounge. This room was too nearly as empty as his room except for a few stray teachers who had nothing else to occupy their time. He smiled at them each in turn before he sat down but didn't invite any of them into conversation. Once he'd taken his seat he flipped open the notebook and began to write. Erik had to prove to Damien that they didn't need the tornado to work things out. Notes would work perfectly fine.

Damien was becoming more fascinating to what he's doing and monitoring the speed of it. He would debate between twenty miles per hour to fifty miles per hours. He knew the speeds were much like drivers and how strong of the damage it could be. He felt like he's a grown adult in his part and being very careful into his own work. He was all on his own and made it to his own perfection. Damien was sure enough to be entirely along in this part of the field. His mind completely focused on the tornado and doing some mental work to make this progress work. He could even imagine Neferet getting trapped in one and killing her because of strong speed. However, it was too dangerous to mess with a dark power through Neferet and he could end up like Erik.

"Why does Neferet want Zoey miserable? It doesn't make sense. If it means seeing her spirit split, but she'll be right to herself again in a second." He shook his head, "What if Neferet making sure Zoey has no one and plans on murdering her right on the spot?" Damien gulped and couldn't stand the very thoughts.

When he saw Zoey trying to discuss about his Erik and their relationship, it was strange or a little worried how their friendship may affect them. Damien began to increase more of the speed of forty miles per hour with much to his concentration. Erik's pencil hovered over the sheet of paper as he struggling to think of anything insulting or revealing about Zoey. While they were together, she hadn't spilled any juicy secrets. Most of her life dramatic or not remained a complete mystery to him. That meant that anything he wrote would have to be made-up which would make his job much harder. Gossip just wasn't something he was cut out for. One would think that after all that he'd done to get back at Zoey when he returned to the House of Night would've prepared him for this, but he had never done anything so terrible. He tried to recall all of the nasty things Aphrodite had said to Zoey before she'd joined the good side but they all seemed to escape him in his time of need. As he'd mentioned to Damien before, the only thing he could think to mention was something about her and Stark. But wasn't that taking it too far? That was something that could actually hurt her in the long-run. Erik knew that losing Stark would destroy Zoey and to find out that he'd been the one to do it would finish her completely. Wasn't that a little cruel-oh wait, it was. That was the whole point of doing any of the note-writing in the first place. Zoey had to be broken down one way or another and if Zoey was the only way he could get it done, then that was the way he would do it. But would he believe rumors like that about Zoey. He worshipped her like she was the goddess herself and would accept her back even if she cheated on him a thousand times. He'd even been willing to allow her to have Heath and himself at the same time. There was no way that he'd dump her over a rumor. Only now was Erik seeing the flaw in his plan...But what if it was the other way around? What if he got Stark to cheat instead. Before he'd been cured of the emotional effects that came with being a red vampyre, Stark had been promiscuous and run after anything with a pulse. With a little alcohol and a lot of blood, Erik was sure he could create the same effect. With this new plan in mind, he picked up his book and left the room.

Damien increased the tornado by four times his height and how amazing it was.

"With the ten mile per hour, the tornado is practically harmless. However, the more speed I go up, the less harmless it becomes. Since common speed is over a hundred. I really wouldn't be creating too much of a dangerous damage. It's like car's speed and how hard we could get hit." Damien was proud to his practicing and didn't think he'd actually be doing this at all.

He used to once time before Jack was murdered, but it was hard to share it with anyone. Not even Zoey was capable to make this performance as good as this. All she could do would be calling the affinity of Air and nothing else. Damien bounced up the speed over to twenty five miles per hours and admired his work. Of course, trees shaking, papers flying off in some places, and still, nothing was out of the ordinary. If anyone looked out the window, they'd assume it's a windy night and not really seeing the wind unless they recognize the wind's pattern. He was excited to have full control over his personal tornado!

Erik smiled the entire way down the hall. This Stark thing would work out perfectly and it would definitely crush Zoey. Neferet would be happy and Damien and Erik would be safe. Everybody would win. Except for Zoey and Stark, but there did have to be sacrifices sometimes didn't there? Either way, he was excited to have solved the problem and wanted to notify Damien as soon as possible. It had been at least half an hour since they'd separated, hopefully Damien was done recharging by now. He headed up to their room for the second time that day. And just as before, when he opened the door, he found it completely and utterly empty. There had been enough time for Damien to get back from wherever he'd gone before, plenty of time. Erik couldn't think of any excuse why he wouldn't be there. He checked the bathroom just to make sure and looked around the room as if he could be hiding underneath the blankets or the bed. No Damien anywhere. Erik placed his notebook and pen on the nightstand then went back out to check the halls. From end to end the hallway was clear. On occasion a person would pass by but never was it Damien. Fear began to fill Erik as he thought up all of the horrible reasons why Damien might be missing. What if Neferet had got him? She could be holding him as a way of encouragement. Or someone else, it seemed that there were new enemies around every corner. Erik would never know. As he clambered down the stairs again he picked up speed. By the time he'd reached the living room, he was running. There was no sign of him there. He went to Stevie Rae's room, Doli's room, the Twins' all of their doors were locked, they'd gone out too. Finally he arrived at the library. He walked through each of the shelves checking carefully for any sign of Damien. He was nowhere to be found. With all of his options exasperated he approached the librarian.

"Have you seen Damien, the kid I was in here with earlier?"

The librarian looked from side to side as she thought. "Um, sorry sweetheart, but I haven't. Hey, could you close that window back there for me?"

Erik's shoulders slumped with disappointment but he went to close the window all the same. That's when he noticed a book lying on the window sill. It was written by another vampyre and on tornadoes. Erik stuck his head out of the window and glanced around the vibrant green field. Deep in the patches of dirt, there were footprints.

Damien speed up his tornado with a child laughter. He never felt so free and not having to expect to be perfect at his own work. Everything has always seemed so gentle and beautiful. He guided the tornado's direction. Then, he re-started another one by six times his height and experimented its speed. It was refreshing his mind, helped his problem, and almost could see a reflection of Jack Twist standing in there. He was doing it all for his past boyfriend, but yet, he didn't really want to do anything for Zoey with this plan...or could he? He wanted to do something, but all of this air releasing felt like at the time of healing for him more than ever. Something he never thought to do one day and kept going on with its speed.

"Beautiful." Damien whispered.

He admired the clear tornado that the world will never see. Erik made sure to close the window-after he'd climbed through it. He followed the sparse footsteps partially hidden by the grass into a wider field near the back of the building. Before he saw anything, he heard it. He heard the whip-like sound of the wind as it tore through the grass and he heard Damien's wild laughter echoing through the air. When he saw what exactly was happening, he gasped. Damien had done the exact thing he'd promised not to, create a tornado. Two humongous funnels of gray air swirled around him and grew bigger with each orbitation.

"Damien!" Erik called but his voice was lost in the wind. "Damien!" He trudged through the high grass and came as close to the two tornados as he dared. "Damien, you have to stop this, you'll hurt yourself! Please, Damien." When he tried to move closer, he was thrown back into the dirt and had to stumble back to his feet. This was what he'd expected to happen. Although the tornadoes seemed tame, they were unsafe and unpredictable like every other thing in weather. For both of their sakes, he hoped that Damien would hear him through the wind, otherwise there would be no chance of stopping it.

Damien was definitely fascinated at his creation and admired every single thing. He was happy for once and could see Jack inside that tornado. How he could cry and wishing to just feel his last boyfriend, but it was impossible in his mind. He guided his air and suddenly saw Erik through the tornado and he jumped back as the tornado was no longer in control. The tornado pushed Damien against the tree as the tornado turned into blasted wind in every direction. A large branch snapped and hit Damien in the head which leaves a deep scratch on his forehead as he bleeds. Damien growled and couldn't understand how he could not have seen Erik there. He wanted the damaged branch off or he'd be in huge trouble with Erik. It wasn't like he did it on purpose, it just happens when he came out for fresh of air, and time to think. Instead, he was no longer going to see Jack's face. Slowly, he felt something falling down onto his face and he touched it to see what it could be. On his fingers were dark red that came from him. His face became paler and gulped down. Losing blood wasn't a good sign that was for sure. He just hoped Erik would take him over to the nurse room before the bleeding gets serious.

"Damien!" Erik rushed towards him but was deterred by the raging winds.

They ripped apart all surrounding trees and stripped the ground of all grass. And caught in the middle of all of this was the starter of the beast, Damien. He'd been thrown back against one of the only trees that stood. Every time Erik approached, the giant swirling monster cut him off. This lasted for no less than ten minutes before the winds finally weakened and Erik was able to push through the still strong winds. He shoved through the eye of the storm with such force that he fell to the ground once he'd reached the other side. As soon as he was able, he stood to his feet and looked for Damien. He found him lying against the tree he'd seen him at before, but before, he hadn't noticed the blood or the large branch lying across his chest. Erik hurried to his side and kneeled down next to him and struggled to pull away the branch without crushing him any more. No matter what he did, it seemed to hurt him more. Once he realized that there was no hope of him freeing Damien on his own, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone.

"Hold on, Damien, I'm going to call for help. I'll call Zoey." He dialed her number quickly and his heart raced while he waited for her to answer.


Damien was really hurting and felt extreme headache due to severe cut at his forehead. He was more worried about the bleeding than the branches. He couldn't stand it if Zoey came and asked how it all happened.

"NO!" He groaned after realizing shouting would cause more sharp pain.

Zoey answered anyway.

"Hello?" She repeated and she started to hear Damien's shout.

"Erik, I'm bleeding. I need the nurses, not her." His voice was very shaky and scared to die like this.

He didn't want to die in the same place Jack has died. Damien reached to Erik's hand and held it so he wouldn't go anywhere. What could he do? His affinity wasn't responding and gotten off track due to his distraction. He cried and felt worried about his bleeding face. It was falling down more than ever and needed more help.

Damien's shout frightened Erik too much to answer Zoey.

"Are you okay?" he asked pressing his hand against Damien's chest. "Stay still."

"Hello?" Zoey repeated this time sounding somewhat concerned.

Erik wasn't sure to do. Damien said that he didn't want to get her involved, but they needed her help. If he called the nurse, she'd have to let Neferet and everyone else no what had happened. Neferet would probably find them a way out of it since what they were doing benefited her, but not without a cost. Either way, someone would find out and as a result, something terrible would happen. Worse than this.

"Uh, nevermind Zoey." Erik clicked the end call button before she could question him. He then began to dial a different number, Lavender's. "I'm going to call a nurse Damien, don't worry," he lied as the phone rung and finally picked up. "Hi, yes, we need your help...out back behind the school...just come out, you won't be able to miss it." The call was quick and blunt. In a matter of seconds, Erik had hung up again. "Don't worry," he repeated as he squeezed Damien's hand, with the other he wiped away his tears. "Help is coming."

Damien sniffled and kept crying in a horrifying moment. His face was a mess with blood as the blood scent increased for any blood lovers to smell. It wasn't pretty and the blood was beginning to be dripping onto Erik's shirt. He felt like passing out and struggled to hold onto Erik's hand as much as possible. He didn't catch Erik's lies since he was in unbearable pain he has ever felt.

"I-I'm sorry...I-I started to-to call it out for a breeze and wanted to increase the breeze more. So I made a small one..." He kept crying, but he couldn't help it and saw Jack inside his tornado. "I saw Jack inside my tornado, it made me happy to see it..." He groaned in sharp pain on his forehead, "Could you kiss it away, please?"

Damien couldn't stand the pain forever, no matter how much he now regretted playing his tornado, and felt frightened for his dear life. He didn't want to go anywhere, he's young! He hasn't even become an adult yet! Erik groaned as Damien clung to him and the scent of his blood reached his nostrils for the first time.

"I-It's alright," he said and patted Damien on the back while at the same time trying to fight off this sudden feeling of lust.

Damien was vulnerable, he couldn't do something like that, but oh god did he want to. The mention of Jack managed to bring him back to reality. Damien was hurting, that's what he needed to focus on...but his next words, they were like an invitation. Erik wanted to push him away, to stop himself from doing what he was imaging, to stop himself from lapping up Damien's blood like a dog-like a monster-but he knew that he wouldn't understand. Erik had failed time and time again to tell him of what he'd been feeling lately. The constant blood lust and recurring dreams that involved sinking his fangs deep into Damien's neck. Damien never knew. Erik could never bring himself to divulge secrets so hideous. But now that nightmare was staring him right in the face. He had the opportunity to fulfill all of his fantasies with one single bite. One single bite. If they imprinted, surely it would strengthen Damien and enable him to heal faster. It could even give Erik the strength to lift the branch.

"Yes, baby," he whispered as his head drew closer and closer to the blood that trickled down Damien's face, "I'll kiss it away..."

"Erik!" The voice was sharp and cut clear through all of his intentions.

He whipped around to find Lavender barreling towards them with a man Erik had never seen before behind him. Erik backed away from Damien with a start and allowed the two through. Damien wanted Erik to make it disappear like magic, but it seems so silly. He hasn't really noticed Erik's drooling anything. All he could think of was his face and how distracting...until that two adults showed up to the rescue.

"I didn't know they're nurses," Damien mumbled some logical senses and couldn't really think straight much.

Lavender and her "new" man helped out to remove the large branches by taking off the top like nothing and then able to remove the largest one off of Damien in a matter of seconds. The large man lifted Damien away from the tree and held him in his arms. Lavender worried about the kid and his bleeding.

"He needs to be stitched up soon or he'll be bleeding a lot. Erik, do you think you can take him to the nurse off and clean him up and then, suppress the bandage wrap around him while I fetch the substitute nurse?" Lavender acted very responsible teacher handling the situation, but could it be because of her new man here?

Damien couldn't stand listening, he struggled to tune out, and wondered what would be happening. He groaned to such inflicting feeling in his head and hoped it would go away soon. Erik watched nervously as they lifted branch after off of Damien. Although he was concerned for his boyfriend's safety, he found himself feeling somewhat detached. He couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened-or almost happened takes to Lavender and her friend. Erik had been moments away from sucking the life out of Damien. He had never imprinted before and only had spoonfuls of blood. If he had gotten the chance to stop, he wasn't sure that he would've ever stopped.

"Huh?" Erik looked up when he heard his name. "Uh, yeah, I'll take him." The man passed Damien off to Erik carefully, like a baby.

Being in such close proximity with Damien and all of his blood made his head swim, but this time he was able to keep himself from leaning in no matter how much he wanted to. He held him away from his body at he walked up to the school, but the blood still wafted up to his nose making him shiver with need every time it did. As soon as they got inside, he'd have to find himself something to eat. Something to dull his feelings. Erik couldn't take this. Luckily, they reached the school soon after that which left them not to far away from the nurse's office. Erik peered through the windows on the door to make sure that there was nobody left in the halls, then he pushed them open with one hand, and jogged through. After a few turns, they reached the nurse's office. The door was open but the nurse wasn't there. Lavender had said that she'd have to go get the sub, so that meant waiting. They weren't free yet. Erik laid Damien down on a nearby bed then took a seat on the other side of the room.

Damien flinched once he felt the pillow, but tried to keep it in. He couldn't take it anymore with the pain going around his head like a pounding headache or a million shots going at his forehead. His body was warning that he was dangerously losing too much blood and needed care for. He kept crying more and more, but he didn't know what to do.

"Erik...make it go away, plea-please." He choked on his tears, but kept crying anyway.

It was so much to handle all at once and scared to death. Damien didn't know what to do for once and personally, he thought he was capable of handling something like this. What could they do? Nothing was making sense and the image he saw of Jack wasn't really helping much. Damien wanted to blame himself for causing this. All of this. The sound of Damien's crying made Erik want to cry himself.

"I would if I could," he answered quietly. Damien needed comforting but Erik couldn't do it.

All the way across the room he knew he was no help, but he came any closer, terrible things would happen. When would that nurse get there? Hopefully soon because this was too much for Erik to take. To sit there and listen as the person he loved bled to death and begged for him to make it stop-he couldn't take it. Erik rested his head on his knees and breathed in and out to calm himself. Maybe if he just went a little closer-no. It wasn't worth the risk. But Erik was feeling better, plus he'd carried him all this way without biting him. And the separation had done him good. He could survive another minute or two without biting him. No matter how thirsty he was, he still remembered who Damien was and he most definitely was not a snack. Erik crossed the room cautiously and crouched down near the bed. He held his hand and dug his head into the wood so that he couldn't see the blood. Hopefully this would be enough.

"You're fine Damien, you'll be fine," he soothed. This was the best he could do.

Damien cried, but everything felt so terrible with all the aching going on in his body and he regretted it. Just wishing it would disappear, but no one was coming. Damien wanted no more pain in this. He wanted to make things right again and how goddess Nyx would just save him from the suffering. Where were the nurses? Damien sniffled and recalled some of the words Lavender has said.

"She said to wash them away, Erik." His voice was still shaky, but struggled to put the pain behind him.

The blood was coming out a lot, flooding up like he was shot with a bullet or someone has split his head open. It was too much for him. Damien couldn't call his affinity over to cool him down with great fear he'd make a mistake again. There was no way he could dare to use his affinity. He rather let someone else take his place and give up his fencing profession and stick with his brain of literature. Erik looked up at Damien with fear in his eyes. The nurse still hadn't come and Damien was getting worse by the second. Lavender had wanted him to wipe away the blood, yes, he'd heard it too but had decided not to do it. Didn't she know that Erik couldn't be near him? Didn't she know that he was bloodthirsty monster? No, she didn't. No one did.

"Alright," he answered weakly. He searched the room for a towel of some short and found one in a sink opposite of the bed. "I better wrap it too," he commented as he gathered some gauze from a high up shelf.

Erik tried to think of some reason to get out of it, but there would be no excuse if Damien died. This whole thing, the deal with Neferet had been so that they could stay together and to let him die? That could not happen under any circumstances. But wasn't Erik just as deadly as that wound? At least there was a chance of controlling him, if Erik didn't do something about the bleeding, Damien would die immediately. Well, he was taking a risk to avoid another risk. Erik would do fine. There was nothing to worry about. He was an adult vampyre, he could control his urges. That's what he kept in mind as he began to wipe the blood from Damien's forehead. His gentle dabs did nothing to stop or slow down the rapid flow of blood. All Erik could do was keep it out of Damien's eyes and mouth. He wondered if he could taste it, when it did manage to slide between his lips. Was it good? Would he know if it was? Erik closed his eyes when he realized what he was thinking about and turned his thoughts back to cleaning up Damien.

The blood was getting all over, it painted his skin such a lovely red. The fluid dripped down his pale cheeks and pooled below. In his distraction, Erik's hand eased up from the wound allowing more blood to flow. It mixed with Damien's tears and settled in pale pink droplets along the table. Would it be wrong for Erik to drink that? It was just a little bit. The crying and the bleeding, he did need to stop both. And stood stop the crying, Erik needed to be closer. He climbed up onto the bed with Damien and allowed his face to hover over his.

"Damien," he whispered as he licked his lips.

He was in pain, so much pain. Erik could help. He leaned down and kissed him on the mouth. The blood that had found its way there slipped onto Erik's tongue. Ecstasy took him over with one fatal swoop and he was lost. The thirst rushed through his veins. His hands moved to Damien's face to hold him tighter as he sucked the blood from his lips then kissed his cheeks, tasting that too. He told himself he didn't want it, but he did. He told himself he didn't like it, but oh yes, he did. But even that wasn't enough. He didn't more. He needed it fresh. Without Erik's permission his mouth crept up to the open wound and clamped onto it immediately taking in all of the blood that was there.

"Damien," he repeated over and over as he licked more and more.

If he wasn't enjoying it, Erik couldn't tell. His body was focused only on this pleasure, he'd never felt anything like it before. The sweet taste of Damien's blood in his mouth, the warm feel. He wanted more. He had to have more. Damien flinched when Erik tried to clean the bleeding wound, but it wasn't going so well...until Erik got on top and Damien couldn't really understand what Erik was doing. Were they going to have sex in a middle of life and death situation here? Then, the kissing was pleasurable with Erik and how the great pain started to fade away almost to nothing. His eyes closed to feel Erik's touch and how it made him feel so good. Once he felt Erik joining the opening wound and drinking his blood, it was becoming more easier to handle a small ounce of pain, and felt extremely warm with Erik. While Erik drank his blood, the wounds closed up slowly due to such great strength through the power of blood drinking, and how happy Damien felt. The kiss has numbed down his forehead and then he opened his eyes to see how Erik was so into his blood. He loved it every second of it and how it helped him so much. He did ask a kiss to make it all go away, but he never thought it would work magically. He never understood why it was such a forbidden thing to do with humans. Humans would find themselves so lucky to be healed like this and more than anything saved their problems half the times. Damien smiled and kept feeling Erik's drinking him naturally.

"Thank you, Erik," Damien whispered happily.

No one has showed up, they were still safe, and yet, there wasn't a need to worry over anything. Damien wasn't dying anymore and felt safe in Erik's hand. The new blood surged through Erik's body like a tidal wave. Somehow the connecting of his mouth to Damien's skin made it feel as if they were one. By the time Erik realized that they'd imprinted it was too late. He backed away from Damien unaware of the blood still dripping from his mouth. A deep shame filled him when he became of aware of what he'd done. Erik was just about to apologize when Damien thanked him. That was not something he'd expected. He'd nearly sucked the kid dry, and he was thanking him for it. Erik had never imprinted before so he had no idea how it worked. He wondered if Damien felt the immense pleasure he was feeling. The pleasure that made him want to keep drinking and drinking. But now he was coming back to himself and knew that he could drink no more with hurting Damien. He was the one who was the recovering, he needed the blood, not Erik.

"Drink from me," he huffed. "Please."

That was when he was made aware of the position he was in, straddling Damien's waist and hovering over him with blood rolling down his bottom lip and staining his shirt. He licked his lips and tasted the deliciousness once again, it made him quiver with delight. Hoping to encourage Damien, he lay his torso flat against his and pressed his neck against Damien's mouth. He was begging. This feeling was better than any makeout session with Aphrodite or Zoey, or even Damien. It was better than anything Aphrodite and him had done together. He needed this more than ever.

"Drink, please," he repeated.

Damien gasped, slightly jaw dropping at Erik's request, and how tempting it was. Everything he felt was strangely new to him. His eyes saw Erik's neck and heard once more of the request to bite him. He has never done it or much of anything else. Damien gulped and thought of Erik's blood like a strong craving. He never felt that before...why was he feeling that? He never thought of blood anything of necessity. His instinct naturally took over and bit into Erik's neck deeply to obtain the blood that ran through Erik's vein. He sipped the blood into his own mouth and felt something so new. Something so different he has never felt in his entire life. Jack, Michael, Phoebe, Jonathan, and all the past boyfriends were nothing as if they never existed. Damien drank Erik's neck like a starving vamprye on the entire planet and slowly enjoying every feel of all he could take in. His heart raced faster than anything and how he healed so good and became full suddenly. Damien pulled away and licked Erik's neck to clean away the bites. He huffed and couldn't believe how that felt. It was no wondered why Erik wanted him to do it, it was more than electricity could travel through his entire body, and how amazing it was to feel.

Erik moaned with satisfaction when Damien finally bit in. It released a great honey-like warmth in his body that spread all over him from head to toe. Seconds ago, he'd thought drinking Damien's blood was the best thing he'd ever felt, this was the best thing he'd ever felt. Their mouths locked again. Erik's teeth collided with Damien's lip, taking more blood, then he tilted his head again to allow Damien to drink. But no matter how great, how wonderful, it felt, it wasn't enough because Erik knew that they could have more. He'd never been so close to a boy, like he wanted to be with Damien, and he doubted that he had either. Now was the time.

"H-hold on," he mumbled as he climbed off Damien and stumbled to the door-and locked it.

When he regained his position on top of Damien, there was new intention in his eyes. Damien would have to be blind to not know what he wanted. Erik wasn't sure how to go about starting things, but he supposed it was the same as a girl. A kiss, a touch. All the same. In case Damien wasn't quite sure what was about to happen, Erik began to unbutton his shirt. Damien blinked when Erik took care of the door for a short moment and got back with a kiss until it became very intense between the two. For a short moment, he realized they were about to get serious and helped along to unbutton their shirts off. After that was off, they returned to kiss and slowly helped each other to take off their pants as they kissed passionately in love. They had nothing else to worry, the wounds were gone and everything else was really in the middle of the night.

The door was being shaken and knocked several times. They were both startled at the unexpected guests.

"Erik! I got the substitute nurse with me, she's ready to help take care of Damien's wound. Could you unlock the door?" That was Lavender at a concern voice and a little curious why it was locked.

Damien has never thought of doing something so...risky in a nurse room.

He whispered, "Think you can use your speed and quickly bandage my head before opening the door and pretend that you're trying to wash up the rest of the blood. Even say that the shirts were staining?"

Damien thought of immediately, but of course, he's healed already. They just couldn't afford to risk something so...why he suddenly healed and everything. Damn, Erik thought when he heard Lavender's knock. He was about to have one of the biggest moments of his life, and they were going to ruin it. Then again, he had been the one to call them.

"I can," Erik whispered back. "Coming!" He quickly grabbed the gauze and whipped it around Damien's head in the neatest way he possibly could in thirty seconds.

Once he'd finished, he wiped his mouth and Damien's then buttoned up his shirt as he hurried to the door. He unlocked it and opened it slightly.

"Hey Lavender," he answered a little bit too happily, "And Mrs...Porter?"

The nurse nodded and tried to come in, but he pressed the door closer.

"Oh, Damien's all fixed up, I took care of it." He stepped to the side so that they could see through the slight a narrow view of Damien lying on the hospital bed with the poorly done wrap around his head.

"Thank you Erik, but it's probably best that I check on him anyway," the nurse persisted.

She pushed open the door and Erik pushed back, "T-That's okay Mrs. Porter," he grunted, "We're j-just fine!"

Then Lavender's 'friend' joined in and the door gave way giving the three a clear view of the room. It was a mess with the blood all over the floor and both boys, but that was to be expected. The nurse entered the room and went to check on Damien who seemed fine. Erik stood by the door waiting for them to leave.

"Everything looks fine, the bleeding's stopped, no sign of a concussion. But you should probably leave anyway, give him some-" That's when the nurse noticed Erik's shirt and as her eyes traveled lower, noticed something else.

She grabbed her purse, brushed by and headed out the door with both Lavender and the other man and toe. As she passed by one thing escaped her mouth, "You skipped a button," leading Erik to look down. She was already gone but he still blushed.


Damien was acting like a healthy typical student and that got him to win over the nurse okay to leave and such. Then, he blushed as well to the fact he always skipped one button...he needs to work on that more. Once the others weren't anywhere close to the nurse's room, they were free to speak and he sighed out of relieved to the fact nothing seriously happened.

"...should we worry?" Damien softly bit his lip about the nurse since something was a little obvious. "Should we wait or-or head into our room or something?" Damien slowly took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. They haven't entirel- the bell rung in his head and realized. "We're imprinted..." That was enough to shock him to really wake up as he realized. He repeated it into a chanted in a soft tone of voice to something entirely new.

"I don't know," Erik said with a sigh.

It seemed that people were always walking in on the wrong moments when it came to the two of them. But when Damien mentioned their imprint, his pessimism vanished and he smiled.

"Yeah, we are." He walked back to Damien and gave him a kiss.

If anything good had come out of such a disastrous day, it was their imprint. It meant that they'd always be together, no one would ever come between them. An imprint meant that they were connected deeply, by their souls, and would be together forever. Or at least try their best to. He laid down next to Damien, but this time did not make any move to touch him. "We're imprinted," he echoed then rolled over to face Damien.

"We're in love." The words made him laugh. The whole thing was too good to be true. "That nurse isn't going to want to come back here anytime soon, let's stay." Erik was scared that if they moved it would break the beauty of the moment. What they were feeling currently was being balanced carefully amongst all of the worrisome things around them. It was fragile. If one thing changed, everything would. "Don't move," he whispered and shut his eyes. "This is perfect."

Damien heard love through Erik and felt so happy about it as he smiled. It was something else and he listened to what Erik has said. He waited each second as the feeling became stronger between them. It was like feeling, completely alive. It's one of the best feeling for anyone who's a dead blood leeching people. It was a feeling that only some people could feel. Now, he understood how Zoey-

"No one is going to take us apart!" That made his day literally, "It means, we saved Zoey and us at the same time." It was stunning to discover something so wonderful out of everything.

Because of the tornado idea has lead them to imprint and that now, Neferet cannot do a thing if they were imprinted. It was against a code to break the imprint, regardless of the age or full fledged vamprye or not. It meant they were bought together one way or another without a choice. It was like how Zoey and Heath were together by imprint, but it was forbidden to break them apart or anything else. Sure, it was forbidden to do it with a human, but no one could stop them that easily. It's just how things were...until Heath was murdered that was. Now, he got to keep Erik for good and there was nothing the school could do about it. Not even the school or the teachers or staff or humans' laws to stop them from anything. It was perfect.

Erik pressed against Damien and yawned as tiredness overtook him. It wasn't late yet, but all that had happened had worn him out. It seemed like the perfect time for a nap. Then, as usual, they were interrupted with a knock.

"Who is it?" Erik called.

"Zoey." He bolted up straight and spun around to meet Damien's eyes.

His own eyes had widened in shock. Zoey. Neferet. He'd nearly forgotten about them. Everything had been so perfect-which was why everything had to be ruined.

"Coming!" Erik hurried to the door and cracked it open. "Yes?"

Zoey pushed past him with impressive force and stopped at the center of the room. She forced her hands into her hair and began to pace back and forth.

"What's wrong?" Erik asked.

Before he'd been upset by her intrusion, but now she was starting to worry him.

"I saw something, something you wouldn't believe."

"What?" Erik asked again.

"I saw Stevie Rae and Aphrodite in her room, and they were...they were..."

"What?" Erik repeated for the third time.

"Kissing, and not the cute kind." Erik turned Damien, speechless.

Zoey was the only one who had never showed up the day Stevie Rae admitted she might be gay or at least bisexual. She'd also made everyone swear not to tell. The only thing Erik could do was sit down and ask Zoey to do one more thing, "Explain."

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