I simply adore this pairing; Grell chasing Sebastian and the whole "Bassy my love!" has me laughing every time. I find them quite entertaining, and thus...this poem came to mind.

Say That You Love Me!

Dressed in red and carrying a scythe,

Poor Grell Sutcliff felt like crying

His attempts at flirting, were utterly useless

For you see, Sebastian was mean and ruthless


The black clad butler said, "Leave me alone

Or I'll smash your face upon a stone."

But Grell refused, and proudly said,

"Don't you know why I wear red?"


"It's the color of love! And that love is true!

It's the blazing affection I feel for you!"

The shinigami then gave him a hug,

But Sebastian grimaced, and said "Sorry but…

I don't feel that way, I don't like you

So you see this love cannot possibly be true."


Anxious and angry, Grell tried once again

Persuading wouldn't work, but a threat would instead

"I'll take away Ciel. I'll take him away!

You won't have the soul that you desperately crave."


Sebastian's eyes widened and he stood still in alarm,

The young master could not endure any harm

So he said in a calm tone, "What do you want me to do?"

And then Grell hollered excitedly, "Maybe a kiss or two?"


The demon's eyes flared, a warning sign

But it was no use, he didn't have much time

So leaning in cautiously, his lips brushed Grell's

And then he pulled back, instantly repelled.


"That's enough," the butler warned.

It was time for him to go.

But Grell protested, and with a sad moan,

he said, "No wait! Can we still be friends?"

Sebastian sighed, wondering when this will end.


"Maybe, if William doesn't mind us being together."

And then Grell gave a squeal, saying, "Forever and ever..?"

"Yes. Now go, before I lose my temper…

For you see, I am simply one hell of a butler."


So with a flick of his scythe and a kiss sent to him,

Grell bid his farewell, and that is


I enjoyed writing this poem because I just find Sebastian and Grell hilarious! Thank you for reading!