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In the last chapter of Pokémon Fusion Warriors, our heroes were able to learn a bit more about their new friend Blair Azure, and after Michael lost in a fight against her, we were able to understand that all fusion warriors have type weaknesses. Blair has promised that Seth will be ready to fight the ice warrior again in just three days. Will Seth and Michael's training pay off? Find out in this new chapter!

Chapter 14: "Tag Team Matchup!"

"No, please…no more Flamethrowers…"

"Mr. Burns."

"Please, no more…they hurt so much…"

"Mr. Burns, wake up."

"I'll do more push-ups! Just don't hit me with any more Flamethrowers!"


Seth Burns felt someone nudge him in the back that caused him to jolt awake in his desk. He turned his head side-to-side in a frenzy of paranoia until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see Pichu pointing towards the front of the class. Seth turned and then found himself-face-to-face with a certain taupe-haired instructor.

"Is my class really that boring to you, Mr. Burns?" Roxanne Mason asked. She had her arms crossed with frustration as she cast an angry look upon the brown-haired teen.

There were a few snickers from other people in the class as they watched Roxanne scold Seth yet again. Meanwhile, Kelly, who was sitting at the desk beside him, and Connor, who was sitting in the desk directly behind him, were both looking at their friend with deep concern.

At the moment, Seth was in his last class of the day, his Pokémon Training Knowledge class and he had just been caught sleeping yet again by Roxanne.

Seth gulped. If looks could kill, he'd probably already be dead by now. "No, Miss Mason. Not at all."

"Hmm…," Roxanne murmured, still staring at him with a stern look on her face. "Well, since you say that you don't find it boring, I guess that you won't mind staying a few minutes after class, will you?"

"No, ma'am," Seth sighed.

"Good," Roxanne nodded. She then turned back to the board and resumed teaching. "Now, class, as I was saying before Mr. Burns interrupted us, Eevee is able to evolve into seven different Pokémon. They are…"

And that's when Seth chose to tune her out. He sighed. This was just what he needed. A one-on-one discussion with the one teacher at his school who seemed to truly hated him. Blair was not going to be thrilled when she heard about this.

For the past three days, Seth and Michael had been training with Blair's help so that they would be ready for their rematch with that rogue ice warrior. Unfortunately, the training had worn him out so much that he could barely stay awake in any of his classes. And the Flamethrowers that he got from Blair's Houndoom named Hades didn't help much either. He could still feel the burns from where he had gotten hit by Hades' fierce Fire-type attack last night after an incident with Michael and a pair of boxing gloves that had resulted in the blonde-haired teen getting a black eye. That had not been a good night.

BRING! The sound of the bell signifying the end of the school day brought such joy to all of the students at Hoenn High. Everyone that is, except for Seth, who was currently sulking while his head upon his desk.

Immediately after the bell had rung, all of Seth's classmates had gotten out of their desks and left to go enjoy the rest of the afternoon. As they left, Seth could hear a few of their side comments.

"Looks like Burns is finally gonna get what was coming to him," One guy snickered. He had short brown hair and hazel color eyes. He wore a red cap on his head, a white T-shirt with a picture of a wave on it, dark navy blue jeans, a pair of black, fingerless gloves, and brown, steel-capped boots. Seth couldn't remember his name, but he did remember beating him in Battle Class before. "Serves him right for hurting my Fraxure and Swadloon in that battle we had."

Another student spoke up. It was one of the Alison twins, specifically Rebecca, the good twin. She had short blue hair and brown eyes. She wore a white shirt, a white skirt, white boots, and a white chullo. She also had a white bracelet on her right wrist that had a white gem in it.

"That's kind of mean, Flint," Rebecca said nervously. "Seth's a pretty good guy."

"As if!" Clair, the evil twin, laughed. She had long red hair, blue eyes, and a thick layer of black lipstick on her lips. She wore a black, short-sleeved shirt with a black vest over it, black shorts, and black cowboy boots. "In my opinion, he deserves it since he's so arrogant just because he wins all of the time. I was practically cheering when that Anderson kid took him down."

"Calm down, Clair," Another guy that Seth remembered to be named Josh Prigmore said. He was a bit short at only 5'3" and had an average complexion. He had medium-brown, neck-length hair, brown eyes, and a scar that started just below his left eye socket and ended halfway down his left cheek. He wore a red button-up shirt that was unbuttoned with "XIV" monogrammed on the chest pocket and some strange handwriting in an unknown language on the back. He wore it open over a black, sleeveless, wife beater shirt. He also had on a pair of white Dickies jeans that were held up by a black studded belt with hemp leaves along it, black fingerless gloves, black long socks, and black street sneakers with red lining along the bottom and most of the side. He also wore a black pinstriped fedora on his head and a cross pendant around his neck. "He's not arrogant all of the time. Plus, there are a few people in this school that are way worse than him."

"Either way," Flint said as he gave Seth one last look-over, "I'm can't wait to see what kind of punishment Miss Mason has in store for him."

'Well,' Seth thought as his classmates left the room, 'it's nice to know that they don't hate me completely.'

Only Kelly and Connor had stayed behind to try and console their friend.

"Don't worry, Seth, it won't be so bad," Kelly said reassuringly.

"Yeah," Connor nodded. "She's just going to eat you and use your bones as toothpicks."

"Connor!" Kelly growled.

"I'm just kidding!" Connor said, waving his hands out in front of his body defensively.


Suddenly, they were interrupted by their teacher in question. "Miss Roberts and Mr. Wilson, could you leave us alone for a moment so that I can have a word with Mr. Burns? Oh, and please take Pichu with you."

"Uh, yes, ma'am. Right away," Kelly said, putting on a fake smile as she scooped up the little Electric-type into her arms. The three then left and shut the door behind them. Now, Seth was all alone with the "Rock-Loving Honor Student".

Roxanne pulled up a desk in front of him and sat in it. She stared directly at him. "Let's talk, shall we?"

Seth couldn't help but feel nervous. She was going to yell at him for sleeping in class again, he just knew it. If it hadn't been for Blair's harsh training regimen that he had been dealing with these past three days, he wouldn't have fallen asleep. Even if it was for a good cause, he was still going to have to pay for it. It was just so unfair.

Roxanne took a deep breath. "Are you feeling alright, Seth?"

Seth flinched in preparation for the yelling, but then stopped when he realized that she hadn't yelled at him. He blinked a few times. "Huh? Come again?"

"I asked if you were feeling alright, Seth," Roxanne said, actually looking concerned at the moment. "This is the third day in a row that you've fallen asleep in class. I've even been told that you're falling asleep in other classes. I can understand you falling asleep in Professor Rowan's class, but in Battle Class, too? That's not the Seth Burns I know. Something's up, isn't it?"

A bead of sweat ran down Seth's brow. What was he supposed to say? That he was this super hero known as the Pokémon Knight and that lately, he had been training his butt off with a flirtatious blonde male and a dark-skinned ninja girl for a rematch against some ice warrior that had kicked his butt a few days ago? No way! Then, he'd have revealed his secret identity to her! There were too many people that knew it already! He had to think of a lie quick.

"Um, I've just been training with my Pokémon a lot lately," Seth said. To be honest, it wasn't really a lie. Just not the whole truth. He just hoped that she would buy it.

Roxanne stared at him for a long and tense moment that made the brown-haired teen extremely anxious. Then, to his surprise, she laughed.

"I should've known," the gym leader chuckled. "No matter how much you look like your father, you truly are your mother's son."

Seth raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Really?" he asked.

Roxanne nodded and gave him a smile, which was an expression that he didn't get too often from her. "Of course. Back when your mother was the Rustboro Gym Leader, I was one of her gym trainers. She was always training. She trained so much that she would sleep for days. But still, she was an amazing trainer and gym leader. I can tell that she passed her skills down onto you.

"Even so, you need to start getting more sleep. It isn't healthy for a boy your age to not be sleeping enough. On top of that, I'd rather you not sleep in my class. Do I make myself clear?"

Seth gave her a nod. "Crystal, Miss Mason."

"Good," Roxanne beamed at him. "Now, run along. I think that Kelly and Connor have been spying on us long enough."

Seth turned around in his seat and looked at the door. True enough, he saw them staring at him through the window. When the two realized that they had been spotted, the two ducked out of sight.

Roxanne giggled. "Really loyal friends you've got there, Seth."

Seth grinned in agreement. He then got up, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and walked out of the classroom. Pichu hopped onto his shoulder and gave his trainer a smile. Once he had closed the door behind him, Kelly and Connor began to attack him with a barrage of questions.

"What happened?"

"Did you get in trouble?"

"What was she smiling about?"

"Is she going to eat you later and use your bones for toothpicks?"

"Connor, that's still not funny!"

"Aw, man. Why do you guys never laugh at my jokes?"

"Guys, relax," Seth said calmly. "Everything's okay. Miss Mason just wanted to make sure that I'm alright, that's all."

"Really?" Kelly said in confusion.

Seth nodded. "Yeah. She said that I just need to start getting some more sleep so that I don't fall asleep in any of my classes. Although, that's gonna be a tough one with Blair's training keeping me up all night long."

"I still don't get why she keeps you guys up so late when you haven't even practiced in fusion mode once!" Connor commented. "I mean, shouldn't you guys actually practice using type advantages to fight your opponents so that you two can take down that ice warrior?"

Seth didn't say anything. He had to admit, he had been wondering that, too.

Since they had first met Blair the day she promised to train them so that they would be ready for a rematch against the rogue ice warrior that had beaten them up recently, Seth and Michael hadn't gone into fusion mode once. Instead, they had been doing push-ups, sit-ups, and even pull-ups. They had gone through some martial arts training, did some boxing (that didn't end well), and wrestled a bit. Still, not even one mention of fighting using type advantages. Was Blair actually going to fulfill her promise?

Kelly looked down at her watch. "Speaking of which, we probably should head over to Seth's house anyway. I'm sure that Blair and Michael will be waiting."

"Oh, boy, Blair's not going to be happy when we're late," Seth groaned.

"Pi-chu," Pichu moaned along with his trainer. ("We're doomed.")

Seth sighed. "Well, I guess we should get moving then."

They were all just about to leave when all of the sudden, they noticed a familiar face walking in the hallway.

"Trent?" Kelly said in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

The dark-skinned Sinnoh native stopped and looked at the four of them with obvious distaste.

"Why should I tell you?" Trent asked. "It's none of your business, girl!"

"Hey!" Seth growled. "We didn't do anything to you. If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

"Gladly," Trent smiled curtly. "By the way, did you all hear about how your city's so-called hero 'the Pokémon Knight' lost a fight? I heard that a powerful master of the grand Ice-types defeated him with great ease."

"'Great ease'?" Seth trembled angrily. "Why I oughta…"

Seth looked like he was just about to flip until Kelly stopped him. "Don't do it," she whispered. "Remember, we're right outside Miss Mason's door."

Seth growled. She was right. Roxanne may have been nice to him earlier, but he doubted that she would be so lenient if he got in trouble with her a second time. So, no matter how much he wanted to kill Trent at the moment, he had to stay calm and just turn the other cheek.

"Grand Ice-types?" Connor said as he remembered what Trent said earlier. "I'm guessing that you're an Ice-type fanatic?"

Trent shook his head. "Not a fanatic. More like an enthusiast. The Ice-type is the best and most powerful type after all. More powerful than the Electric-type, that's for sure."

Pichu snarled and tried to jump at the Sinnoh native. "Pi-pi-chu-chu! Pi-pi-chu-chu!" (Let me at him! Let me at him!")

Seth stopped him, but only because he didn't want to get into any more trouble today. He really just wanted to let Pichu tear the arrogant little jerk to pieces.

Trent just sneered and then proceeded to walk away. Seth and the others glared after him until he disappeared from sight.

"I really don't like that guy," Connor stated.

"We'll worry about him later," Kelly said urgently. "For now, let's just get back to Seth's house."

With that, the four of them started walking down the halls as they headed towards Seth's house. What they didn't realize was that a certain classmate of theirs with a black fedora and a shirt with a skull on it was watching them every step of the way.

"So, today's their last day of training, huh?" he said while stroking his chin. "Interesting. I might just have to watch this for myself."

Once they had finally reached the Burns residence, they opened the front door to find Blair and Michael sitting in the living room waiting for them, along with Blair's Eevee, who was happily curled up on one of the couch cushions.

Seth gulped when he saw Blair. She was currently wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. As he expected, she did not look happy at all.

"You're late," Blair said flatly. "I told you not to be late."

"Sorry," Seth smiled apologetically. "That was my bad. You see…"

"I don't need the details," Blair said, turning away from them. "Today's our last day of training, so we have no time to waste. Let's discuss today's training exercise."

The four of them all went into the living room. Seth and Kelly decided to sit by Michael on the couch while Connor sat in the chair in front of the computer.

Seth looked over at Michael and winced. He still had that black eye that Seth had given him the night before. And he did not look happy about it.

"Heh-heh," Seth chuckled sheepishly. "Your eye's looking a bit better today, Michael."

Michael grimaced. "I don't wanna hear it, Burns. You'd just better hope that it heals fully soon. Otherwise, I'm taking it out on you."

Seth gulped and turned his attention towards Blair as she began to talk to all of them.

"Alright, you two," Blair said with a serious look on her face. "Today, we're going to practice your teamwork. You two are going to be facing off against me in a fusion battle."

"A fusion battle?" Seth and Michael repeated in unison. They looked at each other in disbelief. "With him?"

Blair nodded and continued, "The rules are simple. If you two bozos can manage to lay a single hit on me using what I've taught you about fighting using type advantages, then you two will have passed my training and you'll be more than ready to take on that ice guy in a rematch."

"One hit?" Michael said with a grin. "Is that all? This will be a snap!"

"Um, Michael, did you maybe forget that you didn't land even one hit on Blair the last time you fought her?" Connor pointed out.

Michael sat there for a moment in silence and then face-faulted. "Oh, yeah…"

"But still, even if neither of them has been able to land a single hit on you before, why are you making things so easy?" Kelly asked.

"Who said it was easy?" Blair smirked. "They have to be able to get past my speed and dodging ability and actually hit me, a feat that hasn't been accomplished in years. Otherwise, you two will have to face the consequences."

Seth and Michael gulped simultaneously. "Consequences?" they echoed.

"Yup," Blair sneered. "If you two fail to hit me, your punishment will be to have to walk Hades for a month!"

Seth and Michael screamed and their eyes were wide open in sheer terror at the very thought of that demon dog.

They looked at one another and nodded. They had to do this. They had to prove her wrong and pass this last test.

"Let's do it," They both said as one.

"But where will we have the battle?" Connor asked. "It's the middle of the day! People will see!"

Blair smirked. "I know the perfect place."

Soon enough, after leaving Seth's house, the group made their way to the Rustboro City Park. It was a pretty open area with trees, bushes, flowers, fountains, benches, and more standard park stuff.

Very few people and Pokémon came to the park in the afternoon and evening, so as Blair said, it was the perfect place for a fusion battle.

They found an open field where their fight wouldn't do much damage. On one side of the field stood Seth and Michael, both of which had their partners Pichu and Raichu by their sides. On the other side was Blair, who had a smirk on her face as she looked straight into her students' angry faces.

On the side of the field were Kelly, Connor, and Blair's Eevee. They were far enough away to where they wouldn't get hit by any of the attacks, but they were still close enough to catch all of the action.

"So," Blair said with a smile, "are you two ready?"

"I'm ready," Michael grinned. "Ready to kick your butt for last time."

"Same," Seth nodded.

"Pi-chu!" Pichu squeaked while yellow sparks danced across his cheeks.

"Rai-rai!" Raichu growled.

"Alright, then let's begin!" Blair yelled. She held up her wrist and showed them her golden bracelet with the black gem in the middle. "Fusion!"

Her body lit up in a white glow and grew slightly in height, making her look like an older teenage girl. Her clothes changed form and turned into black ninja garbs. Her black hair grew in length and turned into a mix of red and black hair that was tied into a ponytail by a teal bangle. A yellow gem that resembled a Weavile's appeared on her forehead and her legs became a bit more Weavile-like. As well, a Honchkrow wing belt appeared around her waist and a Houndoom's horns and tail spouted out on her head and backside respectively. She had a sword sheath carrying a curved, Absol-horn sword strapped to her back.

"It's your turn, boys," Blair said seductively. Her voice had matured and she sounded a bit older than usual.

Michael gulped and shook his head. She was hot, but he remembered that she was the same girl that had kicked his butt a few days ago. She wasn't going to do it again.

"Fusion!" He shouted, slamming his hand down onto the black watch on his left wrist.

There was a flash of light, and Michael changed form. His muscle mass increased to where he looked a lot taller, older, stronger, and tougher. Gray, rock-like armor appeared on his chest, left arm, and legs. Corphish claws attached to his shoulders and knees, becoming armor for them. A Corphish head-like helmet with a visor that had flames on it appeared on his head and his left hand became a Corphish claw. His right arm became like a Lucario's. His hair grew out and became like a Pidgeot's while Pidgeot wings sprouted out of his back. As well, a scimitar sword with a rock handle and a lightning bolt-shaped blade appeared in his hand.

"It's payback time for out last battle," Michael said in a deeper voice while slashing his blade out in front of him for emphasis.

Finally, it was Seth's turn. He looked at Pichu on his shoulder and they both gave each other a nod. He then slammed his hand down upon the red PokéFuser on his wrist and yelled out, "Time to fusion!"

His body became engulfed in a burst of white light as he and his Pokémon began to fuse. He first grew taller and stronger than he had been in his normal form. Dark green armor with leaf decals appeared and attached to his legs and feet. Chest armor resembling a Donphan appeared on him and his shoulders were covered with Donphan ear-like shoulder pads. Red armor with yellow flames materialized upon his left arm, along with a black wristband that attached to his left wrist and an orange elbow pad. As for his right arm, white armor appeared and attached to it with a teal wristband on his wrist and a red elbow pad. Purple Crobat wings appeared and folded over his chest in an X-shape. They encircled a Pokéball symbol that materialized on the middle of his chest. Finally, a yellow motorcycle helmet with a black symbol like the top of a Pichu's ear on the top of it formed on his head. It had an open-face visor that was black-tinted to where it didn't show Seth's face to those that he didn't want to see. Those that knew his identity, however, could see his face behind the visor. To top it all off, a green, Gallade-like, double-edged broad sword appeared in a purple sheath strapped to his back.

"Let's go," Seth said with a grin. This was going to be one interesting battle for sure.

On the sidelines, Kelly, Connor, and Eevee were all watching their friends with anticipation.

"Come on, you guys!" Kelly cheered. "You can do it!"

"Yeah!" Connor added. "You've got this!"

"Vee," Eevee yawned. He knew that his master would be okay, so he curled up and started to nap on the park's soft grass.

They weren't the only ones watching this battle. Unbeknownst to our heroes, the Phantom Crow was currently sitting up in a tree that not only hid his presence from them, but also gave him a good view of the battle.

"This should be good," he said as he watched the teens get ready to fight. "I wonder if they'll be able to pull it off. I'll just have to wait and see."

At the moment, the three warriors just looked at one another in silence. Usually, Seth and Michael would've just gone straight in for the attack, but from training with Blair, they had learned that they should analyze their opponents first unless they were attacked first.

'Okay, let's think,' Seth thought as he looked over Blair. 'With five Dark-types, her main weakness is going to be Fighting. However, she's also got slight weaknesses to Rock, Water, Electric, and Bug-type attacks. Because of her speed, we're not going to be able to make a clean strike with a Fighting move unless we can slow her down with other moves that might hurt her. When she tries to dodge them and is slowed down, we'll go in for the attack.'

Meanwhile, Michael was also deep in thought while analyzing his opponent. 'I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Maybe I should just wait for Seth to attack first so that I know what to do. Yeah, that'll work. Michael, you are a genius.'

Blair looked like she was getting impatient. "Well?" She asked. "Are you two going to attack or what?"

"Oh, don't worry," Seth grinned. He whispered to Michael, "Follow my lead." Michael nodded.

"Thundershock!" Seth yelled as he held out his hands and fired a bolt of yellow electricity directly at Blair.

"Shock Wave!" Michael said while firing a jagged yellow beam of electricity in response to Seth's move. 'Electric-type moves. Got it.'

Blair looked a bit amused as the electric bolts flew towards her. Just as they were about to hit her, she dodged by flying up into the air as quick as a flash. She looked down at them and smiled.

"Not bad," she called out to them. "You figured out that I have a slight weakness to Electric attacks. Still, you can't expect to defeat me like that!"

"I didn't," Seth grinned. He then rocketed up into the air towards her. He pulled back his right fist and it became cloaked in yellow electricity. "ThunderPunch!"

Right as he appeared in front of her, he punched at her. He missed, however, as Blair easily dodged it.

"This isn't the only part of your plan, is it?" Blair whispered. "Otherwise, you'll be walking Hades by tomorrow."

"Oh, I have more to my plan than just Electric-type attacks," Seth smiled. He then turned to Michael and yelled, "Michael, fire a BubbleBeam at her!"

"Right!" Michael nodded. He held out his left pincer hand and opened it up, after which he launched a barrage of blue bubbles at the Dark Lady.

"Stone Edge!" Seth said. White circles of energy appeared around his body and turned into sharp gray stones. He quickly fired them at a slightly surprised Blair.

Blair looked a bit nervous. She muttered, "Detect," and then her eyes took on a blue glow before she went higher into the air. She just barely managed to dodge the attacks before the rocks and the bubbles collided and exploded upon impact.

"Oh, so you're both attacking me at once now, are you?" Blair smirked. "Well, I guess that I should return the favor and attack both of you!"

She held out both of her hands and purple orbs surrounded by black and purple circles materialized around her palms. She then fired two beams made up of black and purple circles from the orbs at the two males.

"Night Slash!" Seth shouted as he pulled his sword out of its sheath. The sword took on a red glow and Seth managed to use his weapon to deflect Blair's attack to the ground below, where it exploded and created a small hole in the ground.

"Stealth Rock!" Michael grunted. His body became surrounded in several silver glitters that grew larger before firing off towards the dark beam heading straight for him. The two attacks collided and created a small explosion of grayish smoke.

Seth and Michael panted slightly as they stared at Blair with anger. She was indeed very good. They were just going to have to be better.

"Huh," Kelly said as she watched the battle. "I thought that Stealth Rock was a move that was only used to create rocks that surrounded an opponent's end of the field so that they could hurt any new Pokémon that came to the field."

"It is," Connor told her with a nod. "However, Michael must have used it in the hopes that it would block Blair's attack. Looks like he got lucky. Blair is seriously good at this."

"I just hope that Seth and Michael will be able to score that hit," Kelly murmured before turning her attention back to the fight.

At the same time, Crow was highly enjoying the battle in his tree hiding spot.

"Well, obviously Seth is using Blair's lesser weaknesses to slow her down," he said while stroking his chin in amusement. "And that Michael kid is at least following his orders. Now, all they have to do is keep it up until they can go in for the kill."

'Alright,' Seth thought happily to himself, 'It's working. Let's keep going.'

He held up his hand and fired a multicolored beam of light from it at Blair. "Signal Beam!"

Blair saw his attack and dodged it at the last second. She then took in a deep breath before exhaling and blowing out a Blizzard made up icy wind and white snow.

Seth's eyes widened a bit and he quickly dodged the attack. He remembered that Ice-type attacks were one of his weaknesses, so he'd have to be very careful. She knew about fighting with type advantages better than him, so this was not going to be a quick and easy victory. He and Michael were going to have to work together if they wanted to win.

Blair yawned. "I'm getting a bit tired of all of this constant dodging. Maybe I should see how well you two fight when your ally is turned into your enemy!"

She then turned and looked directly at Michael. Michael tilted his head in confusion. What was she planning?

Blair winked at Michael and put one of her hands in front of her mouth before blowing a kiss at the teen. As she did, multiple pink hearts with pink sparkles around them came out of her eye and started floating towards him.

"Michael, look out!" Seth yelled. His eyes were wide open with fear. "That's her Attract attack! Don't let those hearts hit you!"

"Huh?" Michael said, still confused. Unfortunately, he didn't realize that he needed to move until it was too late. The hearts reached him and started spinning around him. The hearts then sunk into his body and his body suddenly began to glow pink. His eyes were replaced by pink hearts and his jaw dropped as he began to gape at Blair, who seemed to look even more beautiful to him now due to the effects of Attract.

"Gah," Michael managed to get out. His heart was pounding and his mouth had turned to mush. Even though he had hated her just a second ago, for some reason, he felt like he was in love with her now.

Blair giggled lightly. "Hey there, Michael," she said coyly. "How about you take out that mean, ol' party pooper for me so that we can be alone together, okay?" She pointed at a now shocked Seth.

Michael couldn't speak, but he managed to nod at her. He then turned and glared at Seth. "Argh!" he snarled as he took off towards him with his sword in hand and at the ready.

"Whoa!" Seth said as he just barely dodged a slash from Michael's blade. "Hey, cut it out!"

"Ragh!" Michael growled while slashing at him again.

"Dude, don't do this," Seth said, dodging the blow just in time. "She's used Attract to put you under her control! You've gotta fight it!"

Michael just continued yelling and slashing while Seth dodged every single attack. He knew that he had to do something, but what?

Then, as if a light bulb had just lit up above his head, Seth had an idea. It was a totally messed-up idea, but it was the only way.

"Michael, you leave me no choice," he said with a nervous gulp. "I seriously cannot believe I'm doing this. Attract!"

"What?" Blair said in shock.

"What?" Kelly and Connor both yelled in utter surprise.

"What?" Crow shouted, falling out of his tree in his shock. Luckily for him, none of the group had noticed and he quickly hid himself in a nearby bush.

Seth winked and blew a kiss at Michael. Multiple pink hearts surrounded in pink sparkles flew out of his eye and went straight towards the Soldier. Once they reached him, they spun around him and then went into him, causing the hearts in his eyes to shatter and turn into dust that was quickly blown away.

"What the...," Michael said in confusion. He then looked at Seth and asked, "Did I miss something?"

"I can't believe that Seth did that!" Connor said in disgust. "I mean, it was the only way to cancel out the effects of Blair's Attract, but still!"

Kelly, however, was furious. 'How come he never blows kisses at me? Huh?' She thought while breathing heavily and fuming. 'He is so dead when this fight is over!'

At the same time, Crow had his own opinions about Seth's unconventional attack as he hid in the bushes.

'Geez, Seth,' he thought as he winced slightly from the fall, 'you really are full of surprises, aren't you? If you continue surprising me like that, I'll probably end up falling out of another tree and killing myself. Note to self: stay out of trees.'

"Michael, you alright?" Seth asked.

Michael nodded. "Yeah, just don't ever do that to me again. Even if I'm being controlled by a fiendish harpy like Blair."

"Agreed," Seth rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Let's keep going. I've got a plan, but I'm going to need you to distract her."

"Got it," Michael said, giving Seth a thumbs-up. He then took into the air towards Blair.

"Hey, Blair," he said as he stopped right in front of her. "That was nice trick with the Attract earlier. Too bad that's the only way you'll ever attract any men."

"What was that?" Blair growled angrily. She fired a Shadow Ball from her hand at Michael, an attack that he easily dodged.

"In fact, they'd probably be scared off by your demon face alone," Michael continued, smiling all of the while.

"'Demon face'?" Blair shrieked in outrage. "You're going to pay for that one, Michael!"

She put her hands together and formed a light blue orb of focused energy in between them. She then fired the orb straight at Michael.

With a flap of his wings, Michael avoided the attack. He just kept on smiling while Blair kept on fuming. It was the perfect revenge. And now, for the final touch.

"Oh, I think I've paid enough already just to have to look at your flat chest for four nights straight!" Michael shouted. "Your chest is so flat that you could park cars there! It's so flat that you could use it as a table! Even paper has more depth than your chest! Flat, flat, flat!"

"'FLAT'?" Blair snarled with rage. Her eyes became like black slits and her face turned so red that it looked like her head was on fire. "That's it! You're dead, Michael! Soon, the only flat thing around here will be you!"

She closed her eyes and her body became surrounded in a crimson aura. The aura around her forearms became thicker and thicker until she finally opened her eyes, which were now both glowing an eerie light blue color. She raised her arms above her head and then slammed them down in Michael's direction. A pink and crimson glowing forcefield of energy appeared around her arms and grew larger as it spread across the entire battlefield.

"Oh, geez!" Michael's eyes widened with panic as Blair's Night Daze came towards him. He then put his arms out in front of his body and yelled, "Protect!" Suddenly, a bluish-green forcefield appeared around his body and he was able to block the powerful attack just in time.

Once the Dark-type attack faded, Blair just sat up in the air, breathing heavily in anger.


Suddenly, a voice behind her shouted, "Flat!"

She whipped around and before she could do anything about it, she watched Seth spin his sword around rapidly above his head and cause light blue wind to appear and surround his body. He then moved his sword down and thrust the point forward, firing the wind from his body in the form of a shockwave.

"Oomph!" Blair grunted as she was knocked back to the ground by the force of his attack. She hurtled down to the ground, and just when it looked like she was going to crash, she managed to stop in mid-air. She was currently floating in the air like she was lying on a bed.

Her eyes were wide with shock. She could feel her heart pounding rapidly. She winced. She had actually felt pain. She hadn't felt pain from an attack in forever. Sure, it was only slight pain, but still.

"Hey, teach!"

Blair looked up to see Seth grinning and waving at her. She then heard him yell, "Hit ya!"

Kelly and Connor burst into cheers. Michael flew up and hugged the teen happily. Blair wasn't sure, but she thought that she could see a tear flowing down Michael's exposed cheeks. Even her Eevee was barking to congratulate them.

Blair just continued to stare up at Seth with wonder. This boy, who had much less experience in fusion battles than her, had managed to hit her, despite all of her training. How was this even possible? Could he really be the one that was meant to save the world from his father's own creation?

She sighed. It was unbelievable, but at the same time, Blair felt like it had been destined to happen. She smiled softly and closed her eyes as she de-fusioned.

Seth and Michael, noticing the flash of white light from her de-fusion, flew down to where she was and de-fusioned themselves as they landed. Soon enough, Blair was staring at the two teens in their normal forms with both of their Electric Mouse partner Pokémon with them.

Blair first turned to Seth. She smiled at him and said, "Congratulations, Seth. You hit me. You did an excellent job of using my weaknesses both type and emotional against me. It was a plan worthy of your father's name."

She then looked at Michael. Her eyebrow twitched and she trembled a bit angrily, but she managed to get out, "Michael, I have to admit that was some ingenious distraction tactics on your part. You knew what would get me angry and I fell for it. Nice job. But if you ever call me 'flat' again, you're going to be in a world of pain that you cannot even begin to comprehend. Understand?"

Michael gulped. "Yes, ma'am."

"Alright," Blair stated, "I am happy to say that both of you have successfully passed my training program. You are both ready for your rematch with the ice warrior."

"Yes!" Seth and Michael exclaimed. They both high-fived one another.

"Chu-chu!" Pichu and Raichu both squeaked. They tapped their tails together and grinned.

"Not only that," Blair continued, catching their attention, "but I will be there to help you as well, Seth Burns. You've put together quite a team so far, Seth. I would be honored to join you."

Seth nodded. "Thank you."

Suddenly, Kelly and Connor ran up to them in excitement and embraced both trainers happily. "Great job, guys!"

"Vee," Eevee said while walking up to his trainer. Blair bent down and allowed Eevee to climb up onto her shoulder.

Once they broke their embraced, Seth was shocked when Kelly slapped him in the face.

"Hey! What did I do?" Seth yelled.

"You know what you did!" Kelly shouted back. She then began to walk away furiously, leaving Seth standing there in confusion.

"I will never understand women," Seth sighed as he rubbed his now red cheek.

"Piiiii-chu!" Pichu nodded in agreement. ("Aaaand how!")

Meanwhile, Crow had a smile of his own taking up most of his face.

"Looks like you're ready for your rematch, Seth," Crow muttered to himself. "I hope that you're strong enough to win. You'll have to be if you want to survive what I have in store for you. See you tomorrow, Mr. Burns."

With that, Crow took off into the night without a trace.

Next Chapter: "An Icy Rematch"

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