Dinosaur Hearts

A Crossover of Dinosaur King and Kingdom hearts, Plus many other TV shows.

Chapter 1: D-Zone

Chapter 1: D-Zone

The day this all started I woke up yawning. That was also the day I started to protect worlds from the evil villain known as Dr. Z. But, I didn't know that from the beginning of my adventure. Now that it's over, let me start from the top.

My name is Rex Owen. I am 14 years old. 2 years ago, we (the D-team) defeated Seth and his giant mutant dinosaur. I went back to the future (no pun intended) , but then my "Parent's" wouldn't let me buy the all new Laser Alarm Hover Skateboard, so I went back to the past to see my best friends Max and Zoey.

I woke up in the guest room bed, as I would have two years ago. I walked toward the door as the grouchy and hot person I was, until I got slammed in the face by my male best friend, Max.

"Rex, have you seen my Dinoholder anywhere?" Asked Max.

"Now that you mention it, mine has disappeared too." I replied.

"Wonderful, how are we supposed to stop whatever the D-Lab has picked-up?"

After hearing those exact words, I ran straight for the D-lab and slammed Max into my bedroom door. Max yelled something, but hearing him wasn't one of my options.

I arrived at the D-Lab, and then went straight for the Computers.

"Ah, rex, you're here," said Max's dad, Spike.

"Mr. Taylor, what are these computer's picking up?" I asked him quickly.

"We don't know, but you need to check the back of the lab. Its whats causing the computer's to malfunction, and detect these things Instead of Dinosaurs."

That being said, I went to go check at first; there was nothing there, but then, a shadow appeared on the ground in front of me.

"What are you?" I asked it, not expecting a response.

But, as I bent down, the shadow jumped and when I tried to block it with my hands, I felt something other than the shadow. I opened my eyes, and saw a long, sharp sword that looked a lot like my missing Dinoholder. Looking past that, the shadow burst, throwing out experience. Then, like magic, a chest appeared in front of me. I opened the chest with my Dinoholder, and a Girl flew out the top and landed on the ground. I cowered at the feet of this girl.

"What? Scared of me? Impossible," The girl said.

"SCARED? What? No! Just frightened since a random chick just flew out of the chest directly in front of me!" I screamed.

"Seems like you don't know who I am. My name is Mio. I'm in an all-girl band."

"Wait, where is you band, then?"

"Our world, along with the band, was destroyed by the heartless."

"World? Heartless? What are you talking about? You're either crazy or your lying about there being more than 1 world."

"Don't be ignorant! There IS more than 1 world, you know. There are several worlds out there, each unique in their own way. This one for instance. Very exciting, but why I ended up here, I don't know. But, I'm coming with you, so I can find Ritsu."

"That's a lot to take in, you know."

"Don't be so negative."

And just like that, Mio turned into a small base. I put it in my pocket, then turned around and head back into the lab.

"Dr. Taylor, the signal emitting from behind the lab stopped. But, there are several more signals coming from areas outside this world." Reese, Zoey's sister, said as I walked into the lab.

"I'll go take them all down. I've had experience with one, I can handle more." I said.

I jumped into the transporter and marked my Dinoblade for a place that looked like California. Only, there was one tiny thing to worry about, and that's what Dr. Taylor said right before I left.

"But Reese, that transporter might still have a few bugs. He might not be…" and then I took off on my first adventure around the worlds.