Chapter 12: Castle Obliteration

I ran towards the castle faster than two men riding a motorcycle down a straight road with no brakes and the road had a slight tilt. That or twice the speed of a cheetah. Either way, I was running pretty damn fast.

There wasn't enough time for me to try and rescue my friends, now with the whole world in danger and all. There Darkness was apparently going to take over and the only way I could deal with it was to stop Dr. Z from Acquiring Dinosaur Hearts. Seth was also to stop, but I don't have very much time to deal with him.

Unfortunately, there was enough time for him to deal with me.

"Rex Owen! It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Seth called from the balcony that was overhead.

Seth Jumped down, blocking the rest of my path.

"How about we do a little training before I really kill you?" Seth said, summoning a sword I have never seen him use before.

"Game on." I replied, getting out the End of Time Dinoblade I had acquired in the world that never must be.

"Oh, now you want to fight? It's been what, 11 worlds I have been chasing for you? You don't stand a chance, Rex." Seth said straight to my face.

I didn't want to give him my satisfaction. All I needed to give him was pain. So much pain. He took the best things from each world and destroyed some of them to get it. Hyrule, Hyrule was an innocent city I had seen during my travels between worlds. I had seen it destroyed. It got me upset that Seth just could do that to an innocent world like Hyrule. My life Flashed before my eyes, which was great since I would be reborn 200 years from now, anyway. I lunged with my Dinoblade straight into his stomach, but his sword stopped it. Our words clashed so many times it looked like that my eye sockets had a permanent hole burned into them. I layed down a final slash that got his HP down to 0. After 346 attacks, I figured as much.

"Rex… You…" Seth Stammered.

"Get the hell out of my way and never get into it again. Where the hell is the death note?" I asked.

"We never had the death note. It was one of the items we could never find." Seth replied.

I kicked him in the stomach and moved on. I felt bad about it, but after all he has done for the worlds? He deserved it! I felt more powerful after that. The asshole didn't deserve anything else.

I ran towards the next room, in which I noticed Dr. Z shining his Master Sword with a washcloth.

"Rex! So glad you could make it! You're just in time to watch your friends and family perish before your very eyes!" Dr. Z said.

"How dare you, they did nothing to hurt you!" I yelled.

"Oh really now? Demolished my plans, killed the darkness, and stopped all my villains from doing what I wanted them to do. Which one was the now? Max? Nuisance. Zoë, however, we still need her. Needed to open the door. Required her and 2 others, Misa and… Zelda, I think? Yeah, Zoë, Misa, and Zelda. We needed them all to open the door to Dinosaur Hearts."

"You evil Bastard!"

"Maybe I am, but I'll make you a deal. If you can beat me, I'll let your friends go. Unfortunately, that won't be possible!"

Dr. Z stood up tall on his modified Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, permanently equipped with Cyborg's armor, and Ben 10 Omnitrix. I could knock off the Omnitrix easily, but the armor? Not with Dr. Z chasing after me with the Master Sword. I shot a fire ball towards the Omnitrix and knocked it off easily, since the End of Time Dinoblade gave me all the magic I needed. Dr. Z Screeched and fell on his knees, giving me enough time to hit one of Blue eye's 3 necks 25 times in a row. That wasn't even enough to get 1/3 of its HP down. Dr. Z got back up and I had to run and think of something quick off my feet. I realized what I really needed right now was a summoning spell. I couldn't do it with Dr. Z chasing me, so I jumped behind him and layed down several attacks before he fell on his knees. I then summoned both Mio and Ritsu at the same time and we all started to sing "Don't Say Lazy", which was very popular in all the worlds. I then had Blue eye's HP below 2/3rd's. I tried to slap it, but with the amount of time it took me, I could only get five hits in. I then ran about, not even knowing what to do. I hit so many things that weren't what I was battling and it sucked. Then, I hit the head on the left side of Blue eyes and I got its HP down. Unfortunately, that just meant the armor was off. I still had 2 more bars of HP left to deal with. So, as my first instinct in battle, I headed straight toward Dr. Z and started to attack. To my surprise, every attack I landed on him also went down with the Health bar, so I had to attack him and not the blue eyes towering above me. The rest was pretty easy. Dodged Blue eyes stream of blue lightning, and destroy Dr. Z's health bar. After 2 grueling hours of battle, I finally emerged victorious.

"Give them back to me now, Doctor," I said, "I Beat you fair and square."

"Fine. Next room to the…" Dr. Z stopped in the middle of his sentence to a very familiar sound.

"Rex!" Max Yelled from the other side of the room, "You won! You saved the worlds!"

"The worlds? Saved?" I asked.

"As soon as Dr. Z was defeated, the Darkness was released from the worlds. They are slowly returning." Zoë said to me.

"So that means, Zelda, Mio, Ritsu… can all return home?" I said.

"Yes, they can." Zoë replied, "Isn't that great?"

"What about Misa and Zelda, did they return safely?" I asked.

"Yup. Both did, right before we were released." Max replied.

"That's great, now we can return back to the D-Zone safely and no one will get hurt." I said.

I took out the Transportation device from my pocket and put it out.

"Everyone, Take my hand, and we will go back to the D-zone safely and quietly." I said.

"Rex?" Zoë said silently.

"Yes, Zoë?" I replied.

"How does it feel knowing that over thousands of people are saved because of you?"

"I feel great knowing that I saved thousands of people from total annihilation."

I set the transporter to "D-Zone" and we went off. But, I was sad. I was just about to lose them all over again, but for a completely different reason.