"Tommy, I want grandchildren," his mother told him for the hundredth time.

"Mom, I have told you that once I find the right woman then I will have a few."

"But I have tried to set you up with nice women and yet you have failed to notice them."

"No, I have not." "I just did not click with any of them."

"Well the only woman you seem to click with was K…" "I am sorry I will not bring her into this, it's just that I want you to be happy."

"I am somewhat happy; it takes time for those sorts of things to happen."

"You are 25 years old almost thirty and I want grandchildren before I die or become too old to know I have any."

"Oh mom that will never happen."

"At the rate you are going it will."

"Mom just give it a little more time I am sure since I have been working in both of my careers for a while I will have more time to date and find the right woman."

"I hope so."

"I know so. "I have to go bye, love you."

"Love you too."

Tommy had been spending time with his mother while his dad was away for the weekend with his guy friends. He had no idea people at that age still had guys and girls night outs. Tommy drives home and looks over his case files.

I cannot believe there is a serial killer on the loose. I just came back from an expedition and now I have a serious case to take care of, so much for resting. After about two hours of going over the evidence, Tommy decided to take a break to refresh his mind. Soon he begins to think back to his own evil days.

He was the evil green ranger and hell bent on destroying the power rangers. I came so close to destroying my friends and the woman I had loved at the time. He had been at the Juice Bar working out when she had step in.

"Tommy I know you are the evil green ranger."

"Then you must know pink ranger that you and your friends will be destroyed."

"Please let us help you."

"Help?" "What do I need help for?"

"The spell that is on you."

"I seem to like the evil spell that has been placed on me." He began to advance on her.

Kim thought damn maybe I should have waited till people were in distance before I decided to search for him where no one is present but us. "Tommy stay where you are!"

"Why my pink pet, are you afraid of me?" He inched closer.

"No." "I just do not want to fight you."

"Fight, who said anything about fighting?" He was now an inch from her.

"It's bound to happen if…" Kim could not think straight with him being so close. "You…"

Before she had a chance to react or finish her sentence he grabbed her face and kissed her. After the kiss he looks at her. "Kim don't look so shocked."

"I uh get off me."

"Make me."

"Oh I uh I uh…"

"At a loss for words Kim." "Then in that case." He kisses her again. Soon he picks her up and puts her on top of a table. Soon the two are kissing again. Tommy begins to put his hands under her dress.

"Tommy no," Kim tells him.

"No but this is what we both want."

"I would want this if we were together and you were not evil."

"We can be together and evil is too much fun." He reaches under her dress anyway and slides his hand up her thigh.

Kim knows she should stop him but his touch is more than she can handle.

When his hand moves up and begins massaging her breasts Kim begins to moan. Tommy takes that as an incentive that she wants him to do more. Not that he would have let her think that she could tell him no. Soon he takes off her dress and removes her bra while Kim takes off his sweaty muscle shirt and pulls down his sweatpants.

Tommy begins to reach for Kim's panties. "I want you to tell me that you want me."

She looks at him. He thinks okay I will make you say it and mean it. He begins to kiss her with a passion while rubbing her through her panties.

"Now tell me that you want me."

Kim moans become louder. Tommy sees that Kim is looking down and makes her face him.

"I want you."

"Good." A feeling soon washes over him and when he reaches to take off her panties, her communicator goes off. Damn he thinks when she freezes and pushes him off.

"Kim ignore it."

"Tommy you know I cannot do that."

"Yes, you can just tune it out."

"No I need to go." She pushes him off completely and finds her clothes.

"Kim." He grabs her wrist and pulls her to him.

"Please let me go."

He looks at her and lets her go. Changes his mind and gives her a mind blowing kiss before he lets her go again knowing that she will leave and he hoped that he would have the opportunity to be with her again.

"Zordon I read you come in."

"You are need in the Command Center with the rest of the rangers."

"On my way." She looks at Tommy with a wishful look before she teleports out.

Tommy knew that since then she was the one for him and seven years later he still feels the same.

Shit I need to let her go. But a part of his mind reminded him of the good times the two had shared and their weekend together before she left his life for the second time. Kim and Jason were made good again after being evil and she had been sitting at the Juice Bar when he approached her. Soon after the two were back at his place and had sex the whole weekend before she decided to head back to her home in Florida and did not invite him to come. His parents had been away for the week so the teens had more than enough time to talk and have sex but Kim just wanted sex before she told him she was heading home and would see him when she did. Tommy had broken up with Kat a few months before when she had been accepted to study dance and he realized their relationship was at a dead end.

Isn't it normally the guy's line to use that? Tommy had considered following her but his power rangers duties had gotten in the way of that and now six years since that happen he still was wanting her. Seven years since she broke my heart and six years since she made sure she would always have my heart. I had better get back to work. Soon after he receives a call.


"Detective you are needed at Harbor Bay, there has been another murder."

"On my way, be there in ten minutes."

Tommy pushes the thoughts of Kim behind him and grabs his keys, gun, and badge before heading out. He locks his door and drives to Harbor Bay.