Lady and the Tramp: The magic of love

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Part 3: The Confession

Lady: TRAMP!

Tramp: Well… This is awkward. Pidge I…

Lady: I demand an explanation for all of this Tramp!

Lady: Tramp, Scamp has scars on his leg, and Danielle's collar and ribbon are missing.

Tramp: I'll start from the beginning

Tramp: Everyone, could you two help me tell the story of how this happened.

Scamp: Sure pop.

Angel: I guess…

Annette and Collette: No!

Tramp: Tramp looked at them sternly.

Annette and Collette: Fine! "Hmph," they whispered

Danielle: Sure mom!

Tramp: I'll start from the beginning.

Tramp: Before I met you Pidge I knew a dog named Buster.

Tramp: We were old pals.

Tramp: When I fell in love with you he gave me a choice. Be a street dog or stay with you.

Tramp: I choose to stay with you, and he got angry and thought I betrayed him.

Scamp: I wanted to be free and wild and I ran away, and met Angel in an Alley.

Angel: That's right and I ran away to the junkyard.

Scamp: I followed you there, and saw all of the other junkyard dogs having some fun.

Angel: I gave Buster the idea to give a test to Scamp, but I didn't do it intentionally. Really.

Scamp: Buster choose to give me the most dangerous outrageous test he could think of; I had to retrieve a can from Reggie in his alley.

Angel: You didn't retrieve the can, but you rescued me from the pound that day.

Scamp: So I passed his test.

Angel: That's right, but since you forgot that it's every dog for himself he had to put you to another test.

Scamp: Soon I found out about what a great street dog you were; you were a legend.

Angel: Later we were at the train yard walking on the track when a train came and almost killed us.

Scamp: I got stuck in between the rails and was about to get run over when Angel made the piece I was stuck in break making us fall into the river.

Tramp: "So ol' Trusty did smell you didn't he Whirlwind", he mumbled

Scamp: uhhh… Well what we did next is kind a embarrassing.

Angel: Fine I'll tell them.

Angel: We went for a walk in Veteran's Park and kind a fell in love.

Angel: Scamp and I ended up in Tony's restaurant and have a spaghetti dinner.

Scamp: "Then we kissed each other", he whispered.

Scamp: On the Fourth of July I had to take a chicken from you guys as my last test and I did.

Tramp: Then I chased to an alley and met up with Buster.

Scamp: I chose to stay with him and he took my collar off.

Scamp: I soon got taken into the pound.

Angel: That's when I told you were Scamp was.

Tramp: Thank goodness you were ok when I got there.

Scamp: After you left I went to take a walk with Angel.

Angel: We didn't notice Danielle followed us.

Danielle: I saw you guys kiss too, heh heh.

Danielle: Then the dogcatcher was chasing me and I hit my head.

Danielle: When I woke up I was in the junkyard.

Danielle: I lied about not being in a family

Danielle: The next day buster threw me into a mud pile, and told me to help rob the butcher.

Tramp, Scamp, and Angel: We searched everywhere for you!

Lady: Are hurt darling?

Danielle: No I'm just fine. Soon Ruby and Mooch were in a big fight with Buster. Then Angel and Scamp showed up, and Buster started fighting with them. We were running from Buster when he caught Scamp and hurt him. Then I ran home to get father.

Tramp: When I heard you two were in danger I rushed to get there.

Scamp: Buster was about to kill me when Angel bit his tail and saved me. We pushed down the old dogcatcher's vehicle and tried to trap Buster in the junk.

Angel: You were too tired to get on, so I grabbed you onto the vehicle. Then we noticed a dogcatcher and ran for the park.

Scamp: I can't recall what happened next though…

Angel: You fainted Scamp, and I had to carry you to the park. When we got there I hid us in the bushes.

Scamp: When I woke up we started running again, then Buster showed up. Next thing I knew we were in a bush hiding from Buster.

Tramp: After a long fight with buster I managed to beat him. But, then he tricked me into helping him so he could attack.

Angel: I came out of the bushes to help, but I couldn't just leave you guys.

Danielle: Then I showed up with a plan. Angel bit Buster in his leg. Afterward we both hid in the bushes and the dogcatcher that was chasing me caught Buster.

All: We went home afterward.

Tramp: Well that's the end of it.

Lady: How could all this happen?

Tramp: We're sorry that we worried you.

Lady: I'm just glad you're okay. Hurry; let's tell Jim Dear and Darling, so we can take you to the vet.

Angel: "How lucky am I to be alive today," she thought.

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