Authors Note: Hello again my fellow readers. My inspiration dried up after my first story, but it hit me while I was watching Lady and the Tramp II. I thank everyone here for reading The Magic of Love. Also like the last one please tell me if you want anything improved. Thank you and enjoy!

? 1: The machine is here sir.

? 2: Yes, let the plan commence.

? 3: This will be Thomas Edison undoing!

Meanwhile in Snob Hill: After the trip to the vet…

Scamp: My leg itches so much!

Lady: Scamp, remember what the vet said; don't scratch it!

Lady: Take it easy from now on. The vet said not to run that much.

Tramp: I think we all have to catch some zzzs.

Annette, Collette, and Danielle: zzzzzzzz…

Angel: Yes I agree. Come on Scamp lets get to bed.

The next day in the afternoon…

Angel: huh… ugh… …

Scamp: Angel? Are you awake? Angel. Scamp then touches Angel's back with his paw.

Angel: HUH!

Angel: Oh it's you Scamp.

Scamp: Hard to believe what happened yesterday.

Angel: yeah…

Scamp: I feel so, tired.

Angel: Let's just rest for now.

Danielle: Scamp? Angel? There you are. I thought you guys were already up.

Angel: We are, but we're too tired to get up.

Danielle: Collette and Annette are still sleeping…


Lady: Tramp? Well he is very tired. I wonder what the pups are doing downstairs. I should go tell Jock and Trusty what happened.

Next door…

Jock: I wonder where everyone is today. He then walks over to his bone bank to burry another bone. I'd be thinking that I should make a deeper hole.

Trusty: Yawns… Where is everyone?

Jock: This should be quick n' easy.

Trusty: goes back to his nap…

Half an Hour Later…

Jock: That wasn't as easy as I thought, but I got it done.

Jock: I should go see Trusty. Walks out of his bone bank to see Trusty. Trusty? What are ya sniffin' at now.

Trusty: It doesn't seem right, but I smell bandages coming from miss Lady's house.

Jock: Really?

Trusty: Yup.

Jock: Then we'd better be goin to her.

Back at Lady's house

Jock: No one seems to be home Trusty.

Trusty: That can't be right I can smell them.

Jock: Oh well! Might as well leave.

Angel: Scamp I think I hear someone.

Scamp: Huh! I think I hear someone too. Yawns…

Angel: I'm too tired to get up Scamp.

Scamp: Maybe we should call Danielle.

Angel: Good idea!


Jim Dear: Groans… Might as well get up.

Darling: Jim Dear what do you think could have caused all those wounds to the dogs yesterday?

Jim Dear: I don't know…

Jim Dear: Let's not worry about that right now.

Darling: I wonder what the dogs are doing downstairs.

Jim Dear: I bet they're still in bed, but we should give them some food Darling.

Darling: What a fine idea.


Scamp and Angel: DANIELLE!

Danielle: What is it?

Scamp: We think we heard someone at the door, but we're still too tired to get up.

Danielle: So, you're saying I should go and check it out.

Angel: Yes Danielle.

Danielle: Okay then…

At the door…

Danielle: Isn't that uncle Jock and uncle Trusty?

Jock: For the last time no one is home.

Trusty: Jock I don't know about this…

Danielle: (Walks through the doggy door) Hi uncle Jock, hi uncle Trusty.

Jock: What are you doin home alone Danielle?

Danielle: Well everyone still sleepy, so I'm not alone.

Trusty: And why do I smell bandages?

Danielle: Scamp, Angel, and Father got hurt yesterday, so they have some bandages on.

Jock: We'd better be goin inside to check on them then.

Danielle: Come on follow me. Danielle leads them upstairs. Lady is on the ground. Mother what happened?

Lady: I'm not feeling that well right now. Jock, Trusty can you go see if Tramp is ok I'll be fine here.

Jock: All right Lady!

Trusty: On my way miss Lady.

Danielle: Mother I'll stay here with you.

Tramp is lying on a pillow upstairs…

Jock: Tramp you all right?

Trusty: What happened.

Tramp: I was fighting another dog.

Trusty and Jock: What!

An explanation later…

Jock: Now that was quite a tale; why don't you rest for now.


Annette and Collette wake up.

Annette: Scamp you are in so much trouble!

Collette: Yeah why did you have to pick a fight.

Scamp: What!

Angel: Scamp didn't pick a fight!

Annette: Then why did I hear mother and father talking about you fighting? Didn't father have to rescue you?

Angel: Guys! This isn't the time to be arguing

Scamp: For once Angel I agree with you on that.

Annette and Collette: Fine

Annette: (mumbling to Collette) I'm pretty sure Scamp and Angel aren't telling us something from that discussion yesterday.

Scamp: What did you say?

Annette: Oh nothing…

The day end quickly after that…

The next day word is spread that dogs will be kicked out of town for 3 days…

To Be Continued