This is a random story that I've decided to write hope you like it.

Katara's POV.


The bell wrong letting me know that school was now over. I'm in Algebra right now packing my book bag and grabbing my text book. As I excited the class I headed down the blue and white painted walls towards my locker. Once there I put in my locker combination, then placed a few booklets in my bag for the weekend. Having homework during the week end stinks.

"Hey Sugar queen!" My friend Toph said while shoving my books back in my locker. "Put these back in your locker! This week we are going to have an amazing time at that haunted island, the one with the chain saw man. It is going to be epic!" She shouted with her hands in the air.

I sighed as I put on my purple aero hoodie to match with my purple Jordan's. When I had everything ready I put on my bag it goes around me almost like a purse. I close my locker.

"Yeah, yeah. You've been blabbing on about it for the longest time." I said as we walked down the empty hallway. "When are we leaving anyway?" I asked fixing my curly hair by running it through my hands.

Toph smiled. "In five minutes." She said.

My eyes widened in shock. "But we don't even have everything we need." I said trying to recover from my shocked mode.

Her smile widened. "Don't worry were only going to be there for a day or two. And don't worry your Mom and Dad already packed you're cloths that you'll need. Oh and my parents reserved the place just for our group, it's going to be sweet." She finished as we walked out the main entrance.

I smiled. "This is going to be…" A limo pulled up to us. "Ahh, no way." I mumbled.

The driver pulled the tinted window down. "Master Toph all you're guest are seated in the back and we are ready to depart." The old man said.

Toph nodded. "Thank you Lee." She said then turned to me. "Let's go we don't want to keep them waiting." She said as she opened the back door and slide in.

When inside I closed the door, I was met by Sokka, his girlfriend Suki, Zuko, and Aang. Toph sat next to me putting some plugs into an outlet. Suki and Sokka were talking across from me; Zuko texting on his black berry and Aang slept lying on the leathered seats.

Toph shoved a remote controller into my hand. "Come on let's play When Vampires Attack! I'm defiantly going to beat your score this time." She said taking a sip of her soda.

I smirked. "Nobody beats my high score." I said accepting her challenge.

************FIVE HOURS LATER*************

"Wake up Kat we are here." Aang said shaking me a little.

I groaned and lifted my head and looked around the limo, everyone else were gone. "Where is everybody?" I asked my sleepiness taking control.

Aang seemed to smile for some weird reason. "Outside come on we just got to the oh so scary camp." He said sarcastically.

I nodded as I got out the limo to see everyone standing around chatting about random events. The limo soon drove off a few minutes later. I walked over to Toph about to start a conversation.

"Man, it is really cold out here." I said placing my hands in my pocket.

Toph nodded. "Yeah, but no worries we can all sit around a fire later." Before she could continue a guy with a cow boy hat approached us.

He had shades on and his hands tucked deep in his pockets. "Ya'll must be the folks who rented out this dust land of a camp. Welcome, first off I will show you a few scenes of the murders that have occurred during the past years." He took a break to spit on the ground causing us all to frown in disgust. "Now if ya'll would be so kind and follow me I'd be much abled." He said motioning us to follow him.

We started to follow him Aang right next to me on my right hand side. We were all the way in the back; the sun was starting to set.

I heard something rustle in the trees, I stopped my walking and turned towards the woods. "Did you hear that?" I asked Aang as he came to a halt as well.

He shook his head. "No why, what did you hear?" He asked concerned.

I frowned then turned back to him. "Oh nothing it's probably just my imagination. Besides were losing them." I said pointing to our group of friends who were a far distance from us.

Aang quickly nodded. "Yeah I wouldn't want to get lost in this place. It kindah creeps me out, you know what I mean?" He said as we started to walk a little faster.

I gave a light smile. "Yeah who knows what is on this camp." I mumbled.

Our camp adviser showed us a few murder spots I was freaked out and held onto Aang most of the time. Toph on the other hand was excited to see it all and Zuko was well… Zuko was still Zuko.

It was really dark outside as we continued to get toured around but then we heard somebody scream. And that somebody was Suki.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Suki shouted falling to the ground.

We quickly rushed over to her in an attempt to calm her down. Sokka pushed us all to the side and cradled her in his arms.

"What happened?" He asked shook written all over his face.

Suki had begun to shake making it hard to understand her. "S-something b-b-bit me! O-on my-my leg." She said sticking her right leg up revealing a purple bruise.

"We have to take her to the hospital!" Sokka shouted.

Our tour guide shook his head. "Naw, it's to dang far and she shouldn't put pressure on it. Follow me there is a nurse shack next to the dinning cabin." He said not waiting for an answer.

We all followed him. At the time I didn't notice Zuko slip out from our group. I was too worried about Suki. Once we reached the nurses cabin she had two bottle of ointment.

"I suggest we use this one." She said hand Suki a purple bottle.

Our tour guide shook his head. "No use the blue one it works faster." He said disagreeing.

The nurse frowned. "That's a bad idea." She said with a sigh.

Our guide frowned. "And why is it a bad idea?" He asked.

"It has honey in it and she is allergic to honey." The nurse said annoyed. "She might die if we use it."

"I know when I go to the hospital I like to not die." I said sarcastically to our tour guide, getting a few laughs from my friends even Suki with the pain she was in.

Then we heard a crash from outside causing us all to stiffen.

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