Ok so some readers feel that my last chapter was a little bit rushed no names *cough* allisocoolike *Cough* so this time I'll try to make it a little more detailed…. Anyway, this story was only supposed to be like two chapters but now I'm not even sure anymore. So here we go with Chapter three I believe? Here goes!

Aang's POV.

Man Katara sure is acting weird all of a sudden: I wonder what's going on…. Katara and I are still out searching for Zuko and it's getting pretty chilly out, she suggested that we look in some abandoned wood cabin. There are spider webs surrounding the door knob and multiple colored leaves floating around due to the wind. The steps creaked as we walked on them, when we reached the top Katara came to a halt.

I looked her way with an eyebrow raised. "Katara, what is wrong?" I whispered as fear began to flow through my veins.

"N-Nothing," She shook her head of whatever thoughts were filling her head. "Let's just go have a look inside." Without another word she twisted the door knob slowly.

As she opened the door she went inside with no regrets what-so-ever.

"You coming?" she mumbled looking back at me with a small smile.

I licked my lips before nodding slowly. "Y-Yeah," I said with a shaky breath.

Katara grabbed my hand causing my eyes to look into hers. Her deep blue eyes were filled with three things, trust, understanding, and something else. But I couldn't put my finger on it at the moment.

She gave me a small toothy grin. "You trust me right?"

"Of course," I said quickly then started to feel my face heat up. "I-I mean, yeah of course I trust you."

Katara smiled before taking a step inside of the wood cabin. "Ok then," she said trailing off, allowing a small eco to flow through the house.

I looked behind me, taking one more look at the dark abandoned woods then stepped inside.

I closed the door behind us causing it to slam.


Katara jumped slightly pulling me back, as if to protect me from whatever danger she had heard. When she realized it was just the door she glared at me with a small frown.

I smiled sheepishly shrugging slightly. "S-Sorry?" I mumbled questionly.

Katara rolled her eyes before turning around. "Whatever," she started as she searched the house slowly. "Just, be more careful next time." She let go of my hand walking towards the bookcase.

I frowned at the fact that she let go of my hand, but I decided not to say anything about it. To replace the warmth that was once Katara's hand, I placed mine inside my hoodie pockets.

The wood cabin was dark but the moons light reflected through the window so we could see, well enough to walk around that is. Spider webs filled the house as they surrounded books, chairs, and the stair case. I slowly walked over to where Katara was tapping her on the shoulder.

"Hmm," she mumbled still observing the books, as if she was looking for a certain book or a clue?

"Don't you think we should be looking upstairs? Y-You know for Z-Zuko and s-stuff." I said shaking due to the cold weather.

"Fine," she replied stubbornly. "I'll look upstairs while you check out the basement. Think you can handle it?" she mumbled before running up the dusty stairs.

"Man, I'll never understand girls and their… Problems." I said once she was out of sight and ear reach.

I walked down the stairs in search for the basement, my fear leaving me for the moment. It quickly came back when I reached the door.

I took a deep breath before I reached out to twist the door open, a small creek following soon after. I took a small step inside as I reached for the light switch. The lights flickered on, and what I saw made me have a tiny heart attack.

"SURPRISE!" I heard people yell causing me to jump back slightly.

In front of me were Toph, Zuko, Sokka, Suki, and my Uncle Gyatso.

"W-What's going on guys?" I mumbled still a little bit surprised as I walked down the stairs to meet with my fellow friends. "A-And Suki, I thought you were hurt! What is going on here?"

Toph smiled trying to ease my nervousness. "Hehe, calm down twinkle toes! You see the thing is…"

I interrupted her. "And where is Katara?" I shouted with my hands in the air my face turning red slightly.

That's when I felt a big slimy block fall onto my head, as everyone's laughter filled my ears. I turned around to see Katara laughing at whatever she threw on my head. I reached up to see what she dropped on my head.

'Cake?' I thought confused.

"You really don't remember?" Katara asked still in a fit of giggles.

I raised an eyebrow still not understanding. "Remember what?" I asked starting to get upset.

"You really are clue less," Toph said from behind me, but I refused to take my eyes off Katara.

"It is your thirteenth birthday silly; you were so stressed from school that you didn't even notice that it was coming up." Katara said as she reached out to eat some cake that was dripping from my face, giggling slightly.

I frowned. "S-So you all planned this? The mystery and everything?" I asked trying to piece everything together.

Katara nodded. "That was the plan arrow head."

I turned towards the rest of the group. "But what about the crazy camp adviser, and Zuko had went missing! A-And Suki, I thought you were hurt." I said still looking for some answers to my questions.

Suki laughed. "Let's just say that I'm a good actress," she said trailing off.

"And I dressed up as a scary camp advisor to piece it all together." Uncle Gyatso said smiling.

Zuko decided to finish up. "And I went missing so Katara would lead you here, then you would find us in the basement." He said smiling. "Oh, and happy birthday."

I nodded my head then turned to Katara with my arms crossed playfully. "So you planned all of this?" I asked with a smile.

She nodded her head shrugging slightly. "Yeah, I'm awesome."

I reached out and gave her a hug, I reached her ear. "How am I going to top this when your birthday comes?" I asked happily.

She patted me on the back. "You'll think of something,"

Ok, this is it! The final of A haunting gone wrong. I may continue but as another story where they are just in regular school life and stuff. Like Katara gets pregnant with Aang's son Tenzin (as shown in the new series the legend of Korra! Which is not better than the real avatar cast, just saying…) and they have to raise him on their own and stuff. But give me a couple of reviews and tell me what you think about my idea. Then I'll consider it.

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