Chapter 1: "I am innocent"

The red hot brand sizzled her flesh as it was applied to her shoulder. She bit through her lip to keep from crying out. Her face was pressed into the cold stone floor. The freezing floor actually gave her wounds a tiny bit of relief. That is until her torturer forced her back to her feet as her father walked into the chamber. Belle struggled to stay on her feet. If she fell over in the presence of her father, she would be punished severely. "No news of your fiancé, dearest daughter." her father looked her up and down coldly. "I'm afraid the demon that violated your soul must have spirited him away also."
"Father..." Belle's legs gave out and she stumbled forward onto her knees in front of him, barely able to stay upright. "I swear to you, he did nothing to me. I am still pure and clean." she begged fruitlessly for the thousandth time.
Her father's lip curled in disgust and her jailor grabbed her by the back of the neck and jerked her away from her father. "You went with that demon willingly." her father hissed.

"To save you and the town from the ogres!" she sputtered.
" went willingly. Rumpelstiltskin didn't even have to drag you out of the hall that day. Your fiancé came to your defense, but instead you left your family to live with a vile beast."
Belle sobbed aloud at her father's condemning words. "I tried to raise you to be a good and virtuous woman, but I guess even a father can't erase what's already been written. You are a slut, just like your wretched mother was."
Her father slammed the door in her face and Belle was left in darkness with nothing but her suffering.

"Her father shunned her. He was cruel to her. He locked her in a tower and sent in clerics to cleanse her soul with scourges and flaying. After awhile she threw herself off the tower. She died."

Belle stirred from sleep before sunrise. Her body trembled from her wounds and the bitter cold that had seeped into her bones. She used her good arm to crawl into the corner to relieve herself. The corner stank from weeks of her defecation there. Then she moved as far away as she could into the other corner of the room. A few endless hours later, a guard entered and set a tray of moldy bread and a pitcher of water onto the floor. Her entire sustenance for the day. She gobbled up the bread as fast she could trying not to taste it, then took a few sips of water, her mind working through her plan for the day.

In the early days of her imprisonment, her father had been more merciful and allowed better meals with silverware provided. But as time when on and her fiancé was not found, he became more and more upset with her and started revoking privileges. However, she had managed to smuggle a small butter knife and hidden it among her defecation, the one place her jailor stayed far away from.
She was going to escape today. She couldn't handle the brutality any longer. Either she escaped today or she would throw herself off the tower tomorrow.

Her jailor entered the room with a whip and a hot brand. "Your father says you might know the location of Prince Gaston since you were consorting with that beast." He cracked the whip once. "Maybe we can find out today where he is."
The whip cut white-hot lacerations into her back. She screamed until her voice broke. The jailor paused for a moment and dragged her up by her collar to peer into her face. "This would be far less painful if you would just die." he whispered to her softly. "Your tenacity is commendable, but stubbornness only prolongs the suffering."
"I am innocent." she choked out.
"I believe you."
Belle blinked in shock.
"But unfortunately your father does not. He told me today he was fed up with you and his search for the Prince. He told me to end you."

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