Chapter 5: Healing Apples

Belle knew she was drunk. She had decided to indulge herself, wipe away the hideous memories of the past, if only for a few hours. She would swear the Queen was quite tipsy too. That had to be the reason why the Queen had suddenly wrapped her arms around her while they were both sitting by the fire after dinner. Regina buried her face in Belle's soft brown hair and breathed in the scent of lilac bath soap. Alcoholic apple cider always worked wonders. It gave her the perfect excuse for inappropriate behavior. Regina smirked wickedly behind Belle, an idea forming in her head. "Can I see your wounds, dear?"
"I guess so." Belle replied dubiously.
Regina loosened the back of her dress and bared Belle's shoulder. The wounds had healed, but there were still terrible scar marks from the torture she had endured. "He didn't scar your pretty face." Regina wondered aloud, while a single finger traced a burn line on her shoulder. Belle shivered under the touch. "My father asked him not to."
"Hmmm..." Regina focused her attention upon the indented line and directed her energy into Belle's flesh. Regina traced the line with a finger one more time, and as she did the mark receded slowly, finally disappearing altogether. Belle gasped in shock and watched as Regina erased all of the other marks until her shoulder was pure white flesh again. Regina gently kissed the shoulder. "Can I see the rest of your body?"
"Yes!" Belle declared, excited at the possibility of having her scars removed. She sat up straight to try to pull her gown off.
Regina laughed and pulled Belle back against her. "Patience, my pet. I'd rather the unveiling was slow."
"What do you mean?" Belle squirmed against her. It only aroused Regina further and she pressed her lips to Belle's neck. Belle stilled at the sensation of the Queen's lips on her neck and her breathing sped up.
Belle said nothing as she watched Regina slowly slide her gown down further and further, healing scars as she went, and continuing to place open-mouthed kisses wherever it pleased her.

With one swift move, Regina jerked her dress down all the way and Belle's breasts spilled out into the light. Regina cupped both in her hands and that's when Belle twisted around searching for Regina's lips. Belle faltered in her search when Regina squeezed, tearing a groan from Belle's throat.
The Queen shoved the girl down beneath her before Belle could recover. Once again Belle lunged for her lips, but Regina pinned her down, shaking her head with laughter. She growled at the obvious teasing, then moaned when Regina eased a finger inside of her. "Wait, I'm not...I'm a virgin." Belle stammered.

Regina smirked seductively,"Oh, I know. Just relax."

She began to pump her finger in and out and the wetness grew until Belle bucked her hips. Belle's head fell back, mouth open as if she were trying to eat the sky. Regina added a second finger as Belle fell into the primal rhythm. Regina's thumb circled her clit periodically, stimulating her further. Belle came with a shriek and Regina relaxed back into the cushions pleased with her work. She admired the sight Belle's heaving, pale white flesh before her. The girl crawled over to her a few minutes later after recovering and Regina finally let her taste her lips. All Belle could taste was apples. Lovely, delicious apples.

I've got a lot of ideas for this if I ever find the time to actually write them. I even have some ideas for Belle in Storybrooke and how she ended up under the hospital in Regina's sex dungeon. ;)
Regina trolling through the forest looking for girls and minions and her secret sex dungeon was all I could think about after the "Skin Deep" episode.

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