Close your eyes. Don't be afraid. I'm coming for you. Don't run or hide. Little runner mine. Bright eyes and big heart. A shelter for all. You don't belong. I'll take you away. You'll be safe. No one will hurt you. No one will know. Sweet child mine, little baby sweet. No one will dirty you. Keep you clean and nice. No one will yell. I'm coming for you.

The team gathered around Batman awaiting their new mission. Aqualad stood in front with Robin, Artemis, Zatanna, Miss Martian, and Superboy stood slightly behind him. Awaiting what he was going to say. They were aware something big happened. What though they didn't know. People were acting differently. Things seemed more sinister.

"There has been some movement in Turkey, most likely the League of Shadows. They were transferring a large human sized container."

"A clone?" Robin asked referring to Superboy.

"Perhaps. It needs to be retrieved. Do not get caught," he said leaving. The team looked at one another. Simple enough. They all went to the garage to leave.

"God this is so stupid," Artemis complained, "Why do we have to deal with this?"

"At least the League trusts us to get it. Something is better than nothing," Robin chirped. Superboy walked into the bio-ship after Miss Martian. Artemis followed. Aqualad looked at Robin.

"You seem uneasy," he said. Robin looked up at him.

"I have a weird feeling. Not bad but just weird," he said entering the ship. Aqualad nodded. Something was off. But what?

As they approached the hideout in Turkey they landed hiding the ship. It was late at night and they had all changed into their stealth uniforms. Their clothes were all respectively darker.

Robin stood next to Artemis, Superboy next to Miss Martian. And Aqualad stood alone.

"We all know what to do," he said calmly, "Do not forget the plan."

Two hours later…

"Batman will not be happy," Robin said as they left on the bio-ship as the base went up in flames. Everyone was battered and sore sans Superboy with his invulnerability. They had successfully taken the large machine that they were instructed to take. It was eerie. It seemed to radiate life. It looked like the chamber he and Aqualad had found Superboy in at Cadmus. But the glass was black. No way to see inside. Though, if there was something inside, Robin was glad it hadn't stirred. Superboy was hard enough to fight in a fairly open space. Fighting in a ship with six people to one would not be good. Especially if they didn't know what powers they had. For all they knew, there was another Superboy in there. Which was why he was keeping an eye on it. But on the entire trip, nothing stirred. Not even as they landed back in the garage with an angry Batman waiting for the reasoning to blow up the base.

As they walked out of the ship, Superboy carried the machine. Batman gave it a quick glance.

"Though you completed the mission it was less than satisfactory," he said stoically. The team had looks of disappointment and annoyance. But no one talked. Batman walked over to the machine and began checking it. The team was about to leave when a thud came from inside. It was soft and almost unnoticeable. But a faster rapping on the glass followed it. It practically screamed desperate. Batman pulled out a Batarang in case of an attack. But he opened the machine nonetheless. Pressurized air poured from the machine as it opened. The black glass lifted and a body shot up.

It was a teen. Similar to Conner in that he was in a chamber, but he looked nothing like him. He was smaller. Fairly fit with very little if any fat. He had his hands rubbing his temples. His hair lit up as a fiery red. Though it looked windblown as well. His nose was sprayed with freckles.

He moaned in pain and collapsed. Batman checked his vitals. He seemed indifferent. They must have been normal. He picked up the teen and began walking toward the Med-bay. His breath seemed almost tranquil. He moaned something under his breath. Before Batman had left.

"Anyone know who in the world that could have been?" asked Artemis. Robin began searching for any superhero/villain who had red hair. Surprisingly enough he got Red Arrow (Speedy), Question, Batgirl (who he obviously was not), Poison Ivy (again, no way), Piped Piper, and Bat Woman (no he was not a girl).

"He could be Speedy's clone," said Robin jokingly. Artemis scoffed.

"Two of them? I think we would all die," she complained. Superboy walked out of the room. He wanted to see Wolf. He couldn't go on this mission. He walked by the Med-bay when he heard a yelp.

"Ah jeez. That hurt," said an unfamiliar voice, "What happened?"

Superboy walked in. The red haired teen shook his head. He then looked up at him.

"Oh. Hey Supey. What's going on?"

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