Wally squirmed in the Superboy look-alike's arms with fear and slight annoyance.

"Put me down!" he yelped. The handler grunted before sprinting towards the exit. Robin jumped in front of him and proceeded to attack. He threw his bird-a-rangs (anyone else think that the Bat family really has some stupid names for their tools? Maybe they're trying to brand name them like Kleenex? I don't know anymore) straight into the clone's arms that were holding Wally. It didn't even phase the clone like it would have Connor. Connor would have at least charged Robin in anger that he was being attacked. The clone continued moving toward the Zeta beam when Robin began screaming in his mind 'Guys, we have a bit of a situation here!'

'Robin? What's going on?' M'gann asked rather frantic.

'Well, Superboy's brother seems to be hugging Wally to death.'

M'gann and Robin felt a twinge of guilt coming from Connor.


With that Robin heard thundering footsteps from their resident Kryptonian. Robin smirked at the clone who was holding the still struggling Wally.

"Hey Rob?! Aren't you going to play hero and get me out of this?" he yelped. The young dark eyed Superman clone looked at Wally with confusion. Was this what his "father" meant when he said that there was something wrong with his brother? He walked a little faster towards the exit when Robin jumped in front of them.

"Drop him," he growled darkly eyeing the Kryptonian.

"Match," another voice growled followed by the growl of a very large canine. The Kryptonian called Match looked over to see Connor glaring at him with Wolf growling. He looked back at his squirming "brother" in his arms.

"Mine," he stated throwing Wally over his shoulder before breaking off into a full sprint towards the Zeta beams. Connor charged at him with Wolf going ahead trying to apprehend his owner's look-a-like. As Wolf launched himself, Match pushed him back throwing the creature into the wall of the cave leaving a sizable crack in the wall. Connor roared in rage at all that was going on despite the confusion in the back of his head wondering what Match was really doing there and why he was so calm.

So in his rage he just ran faster after Match who decided it would now be a good idea to take to the skies. Connor ran through where Match was and narrowly missed Robin who had the good sense to use his acrobatic skills to dodge the charging super. Robin muttered darkly when he noticed the Kryptonian escaping through the Zeta with a thrashing Wally.

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