Hey guys I'm back with another story { in my eyes it's just another LAME, FAILED ATTEMP} but for those who think it's good *sigh* it's really not but enjoy! And for those with bad eye sight or lame bad quality screens I have changed the font to a more easy to read one*sighs* I really liked the jokerman font but the heck is the point of a story if nobody can read it!

Robins head jerked up to find himself in a white dimly lit room. The others were starting to stir around him. "Is every one okay? Aqualad asked. "Define ok"Robin answered, standing up and stretching his legs before giving himself and his surroundings a thorough inspection. "Hahaha Robin you never fail to amuse me" Kid flash chuckled. "And you ALWAYS fail to shutup"Artemis commented. "Well I see all my little friends are awake and ok"the Joker smiled evilly walking in. "I don't like the way he said friends" Wally swallowed backing up. "Neither do I." Robin agreed looking at the insane psychopath in front of him. Out of the corner of his eye Robin saw Kid Flash run out the open door. "TSK TSK I can't have my little pets running away now can I?" the joker laughed as they all fell on the ground, writhing in pain as the collars around their necks shocked them. The shock ended once Kid Flash was back into the room. Robin stay trembling on his and knees as he tried to catch his breath. Lights danced on the edge of his vision, and pain seemed to be every at once. "Every time one of you tries to escape you will ALL get shocked unconscious" the jokers insane laughing was the last thing Robin heard as the world went black. When he woke up again he was not sure how much time had passed, but what he was sure that if Wally tried that again, Robin would restrain him to the wall. "Nice going KID IDIOT' Artemis yelled punching the boy on the arm roughly. "Owww how was I supposed to know he was going to do that?" he asked groaning in pain then turning to stare evilly at Artemis. "He does have a point. What he did was only logical, to try to escape. We have been captured." Aqualad said . " Captured by the digest nutcase, the psychosis psychopath possible." Mgann asked, who hadnt spoken the whole time. "Where is SuperBoy when you need him most?" Robin asked rubbing the back of his neck. "Last time I checked he was hanging out with SuperMan." Mgann told them. " Batman is soooo behind that"KidFlash laughed. "ooooohhhhhh man, batman? I forgot about him!" Robin said putting his head in his hands. " Rob you okay?" Wally asked. "Yah for now. If batman doesn't have our heads then I don't know he will do!" Robin muttered looking up. The room fell silent, nobody had stopped to think about that. "We need a plan and I think I have just the perfect one" Robin said breaking the silence. He smiled that crazy smile when he made those crazy ideas. "Well lets get to work because its better then no plan and is very god anyway." Aqualad said after listening to the young teens plan.