"What was it like?" Artemis asked. "All im going to say is that those deranged rabbits totally gave me second thoughts about EVER getting a pet bunny or rabbit. Nope uh uh, those chances are so screwed its now 0% ill NEVER get a pet rabbit damn those things!" KidFlash said shoveling down some cereal, the only good they'd had for a while. "Ok… well Robin do you have anything else you like to have to that?" Artemis asked him. "Ya, just that I agree with Wally over there…hehehehhehehhe" Robin snickered. "I know what we can get Wally for a present everyone, a rabbit and a one white too!" Conner teased. "Oh no no no no no, if you get a rabbit I will wring that freakin things neck" Wally stated quickly. Everyone burst out laughing, Robin laughing the hardest and Aqualad laughing the second hardest all except Wally who was kinda aggervated at the mention of even teasing about getting him a rabbit." Tell that to Flash!" Aqualad laughed, trying to catch his breath. 'ill help you wring its neck!" Robin laughed so hard he was pratically crying. {This is one of those moments I doubt youll ever see in the real Young Justice show!}