What if ?


Sidorio walked down the cold coridors of Sanctuary. He had walked past the hall of ribbions and had made his way to his room. He opened the door and walked in cloesing the door behind him. He looked around the average looking room, it had one arm chair , a book self , a small bed side table and a singer bed. " I've lost everything ..." said Sidorio. His heart felt like is had been crushed and stepped one. The one chance of having a family was gone. The love of his life was going away .. No . Thought Sidoiro , not the love of my life just a donner . He sat down on his bed and thought about the witch that had did the spell in the first place. When he had first heard of the news of his childs death he had cursed the witch for failing at making his a child. He layed down on the bed and overed his face with his arm , rubbing his eyes. Sidorio felt as if he wanted to cry for this lost child but no tears seemed to fall. " DAMN WITCH" Sidorio shouted and banged his hand on the bed side table something seemed to fall onto the floor. As he looked ,he saw that it was a letter . It said Sidoiro is curvey lettering . He picked up the letter and opened it and started to read...

Dear Sidorio

I know that you care deeply for me and these past nine mouths have showed me how much you care...

As Sidoiro read he notice that the letter was from Sally his ex-donner and lover , he was just about to rip up the letter when he notice an somthing that Sally wrote and skipped some of the letter to read it

... Sidorio please do not blame the Captin or Mosh Zu for what I'm about to tell you . I didn't miscarry your child, in fact I didn't have one child but two , twins Grace and Conner. I was planing on taking them with myself and Dexter but since they are both half Vampire and Immortal myself and Dexter thought it would be best for you to raise them and it wouldn't be fair to them if they didn't know their real father. Dexter and I will start are own family without Conner and Grace. I hope you can forgive me and I hope that the twins in time will too . I wish you a happy life with your childen.

from yours


Sidorio's face was a pale white , he breathing got more heavy and his eyes started to fill with fire. " My..my children are alive " Sidoiro then repeted him self again " MY CHILDREN ARE ALIVE! . " He then dropped the letter then started to run braking down the door in anger. Running down the hall of ribbions , his thoughts only on one thing , this childen Grace and Conner. As he ran he suddenly saw Lorcan , he seemed to be looking for somthing or someine. " FUREY!" he boomed , Lorcan jumpped at the sound of his voise and turned around to look at him " Sidorio! H..have you seen Sally ? i .. I can't seem to.." Lorcan could see that Sidorios eyes were filled with red flames. " Sally's gone ... she left with Dexter" Sidoiro seemed to spit out the words . " Oh ... it ..it's just she letf something ...important" Lorcan face was full of worry not just for Sally but for his own safety with Sidorio."Where are my childern Furey?"Lorcan was silent , he just looked dead at Sidorio his face more white then ever. "Where . are . my. CHILDREN?" Lorcan started at Sidorio not daring to take his eyes of him