Grace giggled and smiled at Johnny "
I love playing poker with you smiled back abd noded as he layed out his cards showing them to her. "look's like you guys win again" he smiled and started to Suffled the card's to start a new game. Both Conner and Grace watch Johnny amazed as he did small tricks with the cards. ''wow" Conner gasped as Johnny cut the deck in two and started to give out the cards to them. The cards were old and very well used. Johnny had told them that the cards were given to him by his papa when he was just a boy and ever since only use his pacts of cards to play anything. Johnny also told them that he always won ad never lost, but when it came to Conner and Grace he would let then win every now and before they all started new game, the door to the rec room creeked open. Allof them looked towards the Door, Conner smiled and Jumped from the chair he was sitting on. "Dad!" smiled Conner as he ran towards him. Sidorio smiled and Looked down at Conner, picking him and cuddled him. Grace turned away still upset about her father not tatting her to see the Vampirates captain. she dropped playing cards on the table and crossed her arms. "How was the meeting? "asked Johnny as he stood up to greet Sidorio. "It went well, very well" He noded towards Johnny, a kinda sad looks in his eyes. ''oh... I'm glad to hear that," he said bowing his head to look at Conner. Conner smiled unsure about what was going on. "Grace is still mad at you dad" Conner whispered in to his ear, Sidorio smiled at Conner and placed him down on to the ground. "she won't be for much longer" he said with a grin on his tale. As Sidorio walked over to Grace, she jumped down from the table was about to run away from him, when he just caught her. Sidorio pitied up Grace and made it so she was facing him. He signalled for Johnny to leave and he noded, tipping his brown old fashioned cowboy hat. "see you later little man" Johnny said as he ruffeled Conner hair as he opened the door and walked out. Durung this Grace was trying to ruggle out of Sidorio's grip just before she could get away Sidorio sat down on a chair and placed her on his lap ." Stop it grace ! I need to speak with you both ." Conner walked over to Sidorio and climbed on to his lap aswell. Grace made a groen like nose as Sidorio tryed to talk. " ''Now I know that you both like it here in Sancuary ," Sidorio begain as Conner listened to him , Grace still in a grump but still listened as he went on. "The Capatin has agreed to let you both come abored The Nocturne. " Conner gasp in excitment and Grace turneed her head looking up at her dad, a smile now appared on her face. " Really ! " Grace said now standing up on her dad's lap, Conner did the same and cuddle him. Sidorio smiled and saw the glee in their faces. " Yes really , " He said and hugged him them both. Grace was so happy , she could finally meet the Vampirates Capatin in the flesh. SHe could meet the pretty figurehead Darcy and and most of all she could meet Lt. Lorcan Furey. Johhny will be so excited too ! SHe thought but then thinking suddenly moved back and look up at him. " But does that mean Johhny and Mosh Zu arn't coming with us? "
Sidorio noded and now Conner and Grace looked at him , they faces no longer filled with glee but with sadness. " But , but I want Johhny to come with us" said Conner , tears filling his eyes. Grace pulled on Sidorios sholder strap. " please as the Capatin to let Johhny come !" Grace begged but Sidorio just shook his head. "I'm sorry my children but Johhny needs to finish his training here before he can come on to the ship."
"No !" cryed Conner and Grace before they both burst into tears. "I''m sorry my darlings," Sidorio said bring them into a hug once more. " We leave for the ship tomorrow."