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So a quick lesson for those of you that haven't read/seen the Hunger Games:

Tesserae: If you don't have enough food for your family you can take tesserae, and you get extra food during a year, but if you choose to take tesserae then you will have one more parcel in the reaping-lottery. So let's say that you have four family-members that need extra food, then you'll have four extra parcels in the lottery. So the poor people have a bigger chance of getting reaped than the rich ones.

The reaping: Each year the Capital (Panem) has a competition called the Hunger Games. One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 get chosen to participate. They chose one girl and one boy from every district, and there are 12 districts.

The Seam: The Seam is the place in district 12 where the poor people live (the ones that work as miners or the ones that don't have any work at all).

District 12: District 12 is the poorest district, and most of the inhabitants work as miners, since that is the districts "national-product".

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Chuck fiddled nervously with a loose button on his white shirt. The beautiful shirt with embroidery in white thread had once belonged to his father, but after his death Chuck had inherited it. It was also the only nice shirt he had, because he and Ellie where what people referred to as poor, and in District 12 there was a shortage of beautiful clothes. He stopped with the fiddling and looked around the old square where he was standing. It was slowly beginning to fill with people. Adults, elders, kids... Almost all of the inhabitants of district 12 were there.

He felt someone poke him in the side and turned around. There stood Morgan, his best friend since kindergarten, in a clean brown shirt with black pants and with his hair combed.

"Happy Hunger Games!" Morgan started with the stupid capitol accent.

"And may the odds be ever in your favor!" Chuck ended with a laugh. This was their last reaping since they were both eighteen now, something that Ellie had been bringing up all morning.

"Chuck this is our last reaping EVER! Do you get that? Tonight we don't have to worry about the games anymore! "

She had been going on like that all morning, probably because she was nervous that his name was going to get called at the reaping. He had been trying to sound just as cheery as her, pushing all of the fear away.

"Sure El, tonight we're going to celebrate."

He had 13 parcels now, because he had been taking tesserae until he was sixteen. Their mother had left him and Ellie when he was only nine and she was twelve. Four years later their dad died in a mining accident and since none of them wanted to live at the orphanage, both of them were forced to take tesserae to survive. When Ellie had turned eighteen she had been offered an apprenticeship at the pharmacy, even though she was from the Seam. She was extremely smart and the owners of the pharmacy loved her, but even with the extra money they still barely made it, and most times they went to bed hungry, but Ellie didn't want him to have more parcels than necessary.

He looked around the square and found his sister standing with her boyfriend Devon near the bakery on the other side of the square. He caught her eye and she tried to give him a comforting smile, but Chuck could see how nervous she was. Devon was holding her in a tight grip and Chuck realized how glad he was that she had Devon. Devon had made him a promise many years ago when he and Ellie had started dating. That if Chuck ever got chosen as a tribute, Devon would be there for her no matter what. That made him feel a lot better, knowing that she would be with someone who cared for her, even if the unthinkable happened.

He watched as Effie Trinket made her way up to the stage. Effie was the representative of the Capital, and she picked the two tributes that would compete in the games. If the whole situation hadn't been so serious he probably would've laughed. She looked so funny trying to walk on the cobblestone streets with her high heels and ridiculous clothes, and he could almost hear her cursing whoever decided to put her on district 12.

Once she got the podium she started the usual ritual.

The ritual always started with the mayor telling them the story of Panem, the city that rose from the ashes of what once used to be North America. Most of the people in the square have heard the story so many times now that they know it by heart. Minutes pass with more talking about former victors, about how glorious Panem, the Capital, is and then finally, Effie walked over to the little podium.

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds ever be in your favor!" She started with a happy smile.

"Ladies first!"

Everyone in the square held their breaths as she reached her hand into the glass globe with the parcels. She kept her hand in the globe for an excessively long time, and then she finally pulled out a lot.

She stared out at the audience and smiled.

"Sarah Walker!"

"No!" Chuck whispered and looked over at Sarah.

She was really beautiful in a white dress and her hair in a pony tail. She looked shocked but determined. Their eyes met, and she looked at him with a sad smile before she slowly made her way up to the stage.

"Any volunteers?" Effie asked the audience.

No one volunteered.

Chuck wanted to run over to her, to hug her, he wanted to pause time and just hold her tightly and never let her go. He felt ashamed of himself. He hadn't even thought about Sarah's name getting called, he had only been thinking of himself, and now Sarah was going to the Hunger Games, and she was probably never coming back.

He remembered the day he'd met her, they had both been so young then

Four years earlier

"Chuck? Chuck!" Ellie yelled at him from the kitchen.

"Yeah what is it?"

"I need you to come here quickly and bring some boiled water!" Chuck went down to the kitchen and found a middle aged man with a large wound lying on the table. That was nothing unusual, since Ellie now was working part time at the pharmacy, and most people in district 12 were too poor to go to the real doctor.

"Yeah of course" he said and quickly went to get a pot.

"Is he going to be ok?" He heard a girl voice ask. He turned around. A girl that appeared to be about his age was standing in the middle of the room. She had blonde hair with blue eyes, and she wore military-green pants and a white sweater. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

"Yeah I think so, the wound doesn't seem to be that deep."

The girl sighed in relief and sat down next to her father while Ellie continued to examine his wound. Chuck gave her the pot with the water and sat down in the chair on the other side of the room. After a few minutes Ellie suddenly stopped.

"I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Is this some kind of an animal bite?"

The girl looked uncomfortable and glanced nervously at the window as to check if anyone was there. "Yes." She whispered. "He hunts, and I know that it's illegal but please don't tell the peacekeepers!" She pleaded.

"I promise I won't "Ellie told her and continued to ask her questions about what kind of an animal it was, but Chuck didn't listen to them. All he could do was to stare at this beautiful new girl.

After they'd left, Ellie told Chuck that the wounded man needed medication every second day. Chuck took this opportunity to visit the girl and offered to go give the man his medication every time.

The first time he'd been so nervous that he almost had left the medicine outside her door and left. But he found the courage to knock on her door and to stay there until she opened it.

When she opened it she looked suspiciously at him. "Who are you?"

"Wow! This really starts great! She doesn't even remember me!" Chuck thought to himself.

"Umh, I'm Chuck, I have your father's medication" He said to her, while he showed her the little bottle of pills.

"Oh!" She looked eased and moved so that he could get in. "I'm sorry if I seemed a bit tense, but you never know, right?" She smiled at him and he felt his heart melting like butter in the sun.

"Right." He said back.

She made her way through the kitchen in to her father's bedroom. Chuck looked around and realized that the house looked almost exactly like his home. But almost all of the homes in the Seam looked exactly the same.

He gave her father the medication and told him what Ellie had said, and then the girl followed him back to the door.

"Thank you so much" she said and gave him a quick hug.

"Oh you know" Chuck said, happily surprised by her hug, "I'm just happy to help.

He turned around and started walking away from her house, when he realized something. He turned around again.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"It's Sarah" She smiled. "And yours?"

"Chuck" He said and smiled back.

A month after that, they were inseparable. Sarah showed him the woods and he showed her what it was like to have a friend. They would sit up late at night, discussing everything. They could have deep talks about both of their mothers abandoning them, they could talk (though very quietly) about how much they hated the Capital and the games, or they could talk about simple things, like the weather. They knew each other better than anyone else, and everyone knew that they were in love.

Chuck watched heartbroken as she made her way up to the stage. This just couldn't be happening! Not now! What about their future, the one that he had been hoping that they would share?

He was so completely stuck in the horrible thought of Sarah joining the Hunger Games so that he didn't even have time to worry for himself.

"Chuck Bartowski!" Effie cried out to the audience.

Chuck just stood there, completely frozen. What had she just said?

"NO! Chuck!" He heard Ellie scream in panic. "NO!" She screamed again.

Chuck turned around and looked at her. She looked so fragile, trying to run to him, with Devon holding her in a tight grip. She desperately tried to reach to him, but after a while she gave up and fell sobbing in to Devon's arms. Devon looked at him with sad eyes and a face filled with sympathy. Chuck turned around again and looked over at Morgan who looked just as miserable as Chuck felt.

"It's ok, you can do this" Morgan whispered quietly to him, but the sadness in his eyes revealed that he wasn't too sure about that.

Chuck nodded and pretended to agree with him, but as he made his way up to the stage and shook Sarah's hand he looked around the square carefully, because he knew that that was the last time he would ever see it. Sarah needed to survive the games, and Chuck knew what he had to do in order for her to survive. It was strange, but he almost felt eased. Now he knew that he could do something, that he actually could help her. They looked each other in the eyes and Chuck knew that he had made the right decision.


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