Disclaimer: I own the poem and that's it.

Author's Note: First person point of view (or POV for those who don't know), which is Carrie's. I just thought Unforgettable could use a poem. ^_^

Echo forward, a fearsome future.

No memories, no hope.

Just blackness, forever searching for closure.

Is there happiness? Nope.

I'm alone. Endlessly and truly.

Echo back, a forgotten realm.

There, things exist only

With giggled secrets at the helm.

Echo now, a comforting time.

A job, a family, friends.

I don't even mind the daily grime.

I wish for the present to never end.

When you remember everything,

Both big and small,

Joy is charming,

And sadness right down the hall.

I love my memories of Al,

They take me back to a happy place.

Will I tell him that someday? I think I shall,

But probably never to his face.

I look at him and think,

"Gee, Carrie, he loved you so much more,

Than anything, and in a blink,

You walked out that door."

Some days that brings me to my knees, and

Others it makes me stronger.

What I realize, though, is that life is grand,

And that we should love for eternity and longer.

I see the way he looks at me,

And I have to wonder what

He's thinking. Would I shout with glee

If I heard it? Or would it finalize that our book has been shut?

I'll smile and play along,

Trying not to ask myself, "What if?"

But I still know that I was wrong

To call our relationship quits.

I'm going to fight,

Every day, maybe forever,

Until I feel that everything's all right

Between me and him. Never

Will I stop trying to make things better.

It's not in me, now, to give in.

I want to be a stable ship in stormy weather,

And I want to live my life my way, no matter what the whim.

I, Carrie Wells, am a warrior,

And no one can take my place.

Forgotten dreams are a foreigner

To me, and life is a grand race.


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