A/N: So, my first Buffy/Angelus fanfic. If you have any suggestions on how to make Angelus more Angelus-like, please help. Um, this is rated M, just for safety. There might be a little lemon, and there will be violence/torture, but I'm not sure how this will all work out or even if I will continue. So… tell me what you think.

Chapter One

"You're the greatest Slayer ever," he gushed. Shut up. "The pinnacle of all our efforts." Stop talking. "It's too bad that you were lost to us." Despite my anger, my face remained expressionless. Over the past three years, I'd learned to not show my emotions. No matter how much I raged, cried, or pleaded, this was my life now.

"Hurry to the school, now," Rupert Giles, my Watcher, then commanded. "And keep watch. Though its daylight, you never know who may be watching."

"Bye," I said quickly and rushed off to school.

Why me?


My name is Buffy Summers. Three years ago, I was a normal girl in the 8th grade. Smart, popular, and beautiful. But then it changed. I was approached by Rupert Giles and everything was explained to me. How I'd been lost as a kid and now I needed to come back and slay vampires and demons.

No matter how much I resisted, in the end, I gave up.

Now I hunt things that go bump in the night. Do I want to be a fight? No. But I do it anyways, all for revenge, anything to get rid of the confusing emotions within me.


School passed in a blur. I'm sure the teachers all think their subject is the most important, but what do I care? Will I ever need algebra or Huck Finn to dust a vampire?

But I trudged through it, no indication given about my real feelings. Finally, I made it back home.

Just as I was preparing to hunt tonight, Giles walked into my room, an elated expression on his face.

"We've found him!" Giles exclaimed. Blankly, I stared at him. "The Scourge," he said impatiently, like it was supposed to mean something. "Nevermind. Pack your things; we'll be leaving."

Leaving? My mind races, heart pounds, but I only nod and turn to pack my things.


"The Scourge is the most powerful vampire, the darkest, the most malevolent ever recorded," Giles explained as we drove out of LA. "He has no conscience, and only loves torture, breaking things, and… erm… having sex." Giles continued to talk, but I tuned him out. The Scourge was a vampire. I would take him down just like all the other vampires.

"His name is Angelus." That caught my attention and for a second, I glanced at Giles. But then I turned back to looking out my window. Angelus? It was very similar to his name. Angel who I'd met just before becoming the Slayer. But Angel was a vampire and despite the feelings I had for him, we separated. Maybe it would have been better if I'd staked him, but when I tried, I couldn't. He had held a special place in my heart.

If I ever saw him again, there would be no hesitation. He was a vampire and I was the Slayer. But nostalgia filled me and I remembered the first time we'd met.

I walked down the LA street, mind wandering. It probably wasn't the brightest thing to do, but I was just so happy. Riley Finn had asked me on a date. Riley Finn! The guy I'd been crushing on for the past year!

Suddenly I ran into a wall.

Crap. I'd taken a wrong turn. I turned back, but my way was blocked by three men. Fear made my heart pound and my heart jump into my throat, but I ignored it and pushed past the men.

"Where are you going so fast, girlie?" one of the men asked, grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

"Let me go," I growled.

"Aw, don't be like that. We just want to have some fun." Their voices rolled over me and I flinched when one of them reached out towards my hair.

Then a man appeared and attacked the men. They were all down, defeated in under a minute.

The mysterious man glanced at me, and then turned to leave.

"Wait!" I called and the man paused. "What's your name?" The man flashed a grin over his shoulder.

"Angel," he said. And disappeared. I scowled. Was he joking with me? Who named their kid 'Angel' nowadays? But still… I grinned. He had been kind of an angel.



We drove by the sign and inwardly I groaned. What a stupid name. Sunnydale. It was barely even on the map.

But killing the Scourge is the most important, I reminded myself.

Giles pulled up to a house and parked the car.

"This is our new house," he said. Not home, house. No attachments could be formed. This was only temporary.

I looked at the house. It was two stories, medium sized lawn, with one tree right next to the house. There were other houses around, but I ignored them. Time for that later.

Giles walked into the house. I sighed under my breath, grabbed my suitcases, and followed.


"Buffy! Supper is on the counter!" Giles called from the kitchen.

"I'll eat later," I yelled from my new bedroom. Already it was set up. Bed, desk, dressers, interconnecting bathroom, and now I was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I probably should eat, but I don't want to move.

A tapping came from my window. Before I could even process my actions, I was at the window, stake out. But it was only the window blowing the tree. Geez, paranoia much? The stake reminded me though, of my duty.

Carefully, I opened the window and climbed down the tree. My feet landed lightly on the ground and then I walked away.

My wanderings took me first to a cemetery. The perfect place for vampires.

And it paid off.

I saw a vampire stalking a young red haired girl. He slipped silently between graves and trees. Then I ran and caught him unawares. My stake slid through his rib cage and into his heart, turning him into dust immediately.

A small smile lit my face. One more monster gone from this world. That's my only goy now. I kill monsters and save people.

Quickly, I perused through the graveyard, but there weren't any more vampires lurking around. Then I followed the red-haired girl. She had been slightly dressed up so chances were she was going to a club. Another ideal place for vampires.


I stopped outside a dismal place. It seemed relatively boring, but looks could be deceiving. There was a neon sign, the Bronze, flashing just over a black door. Inside, I could hear music blasting, so I knew I was in the right place.

Not allowing myself time to hesitate, I strode through the doors and plunged into a crowd over people. The smell of sweat overwhelmed my nose and I scrunched it in distaste.

Then I see a blond vampire leading an unsuspecting blonde from the club. Forgetting the smell, I struggled through the crowd. I barely made it outside, just in time to tackle the blonde vampire before he sank his fang into his meal.

"What the hell?" he cursed and leapt to his feet. But I was already there, punching and attacking. The vampire managed to get a few lucky hits in on my side before I tripped him and shoved my stake towards his heart.

My senses tingled, barely warning me, before another vampire flung me off the blonde.

Angry, I clambered to my feet. And froze.

"Angel?" I asked, staring at the one vampire I'd hoped never to face.


Angelus had been stalking a delicious looking blonde when he'd caught an even more delectable scent. One he had last smelled three years ago.

Buffy Summers. But why was she in Sunnydale? A smile, although too sinister to be accurately called that, crossed Angelus' face. So he had been correct?

Of course he had. But it was always nice to have some confirmation.

Angelus left his prey and followed Buffy's scent. It led him to the Bronze, where he arrived just in time to stop the Slayer from killing his childe.

The Slayer rose to her feet and then froze as she recognized him.

"Angel?" she asked, confusion, sadness, and love filling the air. The first two filled Angelus with a perverse pleasure and the third made him want to growl. Love? How stupid. But her rich emotions awakened something within Angelus. He wanted them, wanted to cause more of them.

Angelus smiled, returning to Buffy's question. "Not quite, my dear. That soul-boy is gone."


"Forever." The Scourge of Europe grinned as more sadness filled the air. And then anger.

"Why should I believe you? Who are you? Why do you look like Angel?" Buffy demanded, lifting her stake up defensively. In a flash, Angelus was in front of her. He knocked the stake out of her hands and pinned her against the wall of the Bronze. Her hands grabbed his arm and her legs kicked out, but Angelus didn't let go. Languidly, he smashed Buffy's head against the brick. Buffy whimpered and her legs stopped moving, but she didn't release her grip on his arms.

"I am Angel. Rather, I'm him without some stupid soul. My name is Angelus," the vampire said, his soft voice tickling Buffy's ear as he leaned close. "And now you're mine." Then Angelus tossed Buffy away, grabbed hold of his still-shocked childe, and disappeared into the night.

He was going to have so much fun with his new toy.


I climbed up the tree and into my room. My head throbbed and it hurt to think. Partly from getting my head smashed, but also Angel… He was Angelus, Scourge of Europe, and Angel was gone? Tears threatened to spill, but I couldn't let them fall. What good what it do? Absently, I pulled out the Claddagh ring Angel had given me two nights before I'd left and slipped it on, heart facing inward. Then I fell onto my bed. The tears I'd been holding back now escaped my control. I buried my face in my pillow, sobs racking my entire body, and then I fell into sleep.