What if Danny was Red X and became a cold blooded assassin? What if he gave up on being a hero and on life after he couldn't save his family and friends? Will the Titans bring him back into being a hero or is he gone for good?

Red X


(Danny/Red X)

My name was Daniel Jack Fenton but I gave up that name when everything in my life literally blew up in my face. I lost everyone I ever cared about die in front of my eyes knowing that I could do nothing to save them. I failed them all Danni, Sam, Tucker, Mom, Dad, Jazz, and Mr. Lancer and I knew whatever I did I could never make-up for this, I killed them. No the future me killed them, but is there any difference? No there wasn't, and at that point I realized that if Dan wanted me to become a killer I would, my first victim would be him. After killing Dan I realized that I gained all of his powers almost quadrupled mine and giving me a lot more tricks and powers. Enough to be feared for the rest of my life.

It's been two years since that day and I've become the most powerful ghost in all existence and the most feared assassin in the human world. I haven't gone ghost in a year and a half but my powers still grow making the ghost who bug me keep a wide berth from me. I'm still able to use my ghost powers even if i'm in my human form which is very useful for getaways or stealing things from superhero's. I've recently stole a suit from the local superhero Robin of the Teen Titans in Jump city and I plan on using the suit.