Branching out from my usual Glee and fics and into a brand new world…of Jori.

I really don't like the show that much because I cant figure how a girl like Cat can make it all the to high school, but if I do watch it I just do it for Jade.

I just love her character and she's the best voice on the show to me, and her whole dynamic with Tori is H-O-T. So I had to write about them.

Junior Year

Jade and Tori have been sleeping around ever since her second week at Hollywood arts. Now it's their junior year and they have to face more things than just whose going to get the lead in the school play. G!P

Chapter One:

"Oh god Jade right there" Tori yelled moving her hips to match the pale ones that were on top of her.

"Fuck Vega" Jade groaned moving her hips faster and harder sinking her dept in the brunette. "God you're so fucking tight" she moaned.

"Harder!" Tori yelled grabbing on the girls and pushing down on it. She was so close to the edge that she could taste it.

"I can't believe you're still tight after all the times I fucked you" Jade smirked sitting on her knees. She grabbed Vega by her hips slamming her dick inside the girl's tight wet cunt. "You love my big cock don't you" she taunted throwing moving the hair out of her eyes.

"God yes!" Tori yelled her knuckles white as she gripped onto the soaked bed sheets. They had been going at it since they got out of school and she was sure it was almost dark outside.

"Tell me how much you love me fucking you" Jade ordered slowing down her thrust. She was a tease by nature and she loved doing it to Vega. The brunette would get all pouty and angry for a second and then begging and pleading right after.

"Jade why you fucking stop!" Tori growled glaring at the raven haired girl. Another thing Jade love about getting Vega so worked up was her dirty mouth. The things the girl would say or even do sometimes would have a porn star blushing.

"Because. I. Want. You. To. Tell. Me. How. Much. You. Love. My. Dick." She growled emphasizing each word with a slam of her hips pushing herself deeper and harder.

"I love your dick" Tori growled trying to work herself on the delicious long slab of meat inside of her, but getting nowhere since the raven haired girl had a tight hold on her hips.

"You can do better than that Vega" Jade said smirking when she noticed the brunettes chocolate brown eyes darken in arousal or anger, or maybe even both.

"I love that big dick of yours Jade" Tori growled wrapping her legs tightly around the pale women's hips. "I love the way your dick stretches me. I love the way you buried so deep inside me that I can feel you in my throat. I love when you cum that there is so much that is spills outside my cunt even when your buried to the hilt" she hissed as she worked the muscles in her vagina.

"Oh god" Jade groaned feeling Tori's cunt squeeze her tighter and tighter. "Shit Vega stop!" she yelled when the brunettes hold got a little too tight.

"Then fuck me Jadelyn West!" the girl screamed squeezing one more time.

"My pleasure" Jade whined before starting back up her ministrations.

"Right there" Tori moaned her stomach tightening as she met every one of Jades pleasurable thrust. She continued to do so before the next thing she knew she was cumming and screaming out every word in the book as she did so.

"Fuck!" Jade yelled falling over the edge as well. She bottomed out making sure every drop of her cum was filling the brunette under her.

"Yes!" Tori yelled her well manicured nails digging sharply into the raven haired girls back. Jade was used to it by now, but it still hurt like a bitch.

"So good" Jade panted desperately trying to catch her breath. They had been going at it for hours and she was finally exhausted. She rolled over in a breathless heap her mind trying to sort out all the pretty colors she was seeing.

"Thank you" Tori panted laying her head on the women's pale shoulder.

"No, thank you" Jade replied stretching out her arms and folding them behind her head.

When she first met Vega she thought she was just going to be some annoying little brat who would take all the attention away from her. She was right. Vega was an annoying brat, but she had learned to like it. In fact she would even say she had grown to love it.

Jade had never been this happy before. Growing up like she was she always had doctors or her dad telling her how different she was from the other girls.

So as a child she resented all the girls who were normal and could do things she couldn't like wear a dress, but she learned to live with it. She grew up and actually began to love who she was though she still hated most of the girls she grew up around, but that was only because they deserved it.

She made friends which helped her confidence seeing as her step-mother often told her how no one would ever like or even love her. Needless to say after she punched the Botox bitch in her face she was speaking another tune.

Even though she was proud of her body she was still afraid of what people would think of her. She wasn't normal. It wasn't normal for a healthy teenage girl to have a dick. Mainly because most girls didn't have dicks. Maybe a strap-on, but not a dick.

So she always made sure she hid her special friend. She wore black lose jeans to make sure that no bulge could be shown and if she did wear tight jeans she made sure she wore special underwear that kept it hidden. Though those underwear hurt like hell.

She made sure she avoided gym class as much as possible because she didn't want to risk a chance of having a boner whenever she saw a girl's boobs or ass. She did everything she could to hide the fact she was different.

Until the one and only Tori Vega came to her school.

It was two months after the girl came to Hollywood Arts when she found out about her extra part and she was sure that the girl would run away screaming urging the students to grab their pitchforks and knives so they could hunt down the freak, but she didn't.

No Tori did something that shocked the hell out of Jade and probably anyone else that would hear the story.

The golden girl got on her knees and gave Jade the best and only blowjob she ever had at the time. Then she spread her legs and let Jade finally feel what most of the guys at the school bragged about and were right about.

She was surprise to find out the Tori wasn't a virgin which shouldn't be much of a shock considering they had their first time after school in the girls bathroom, but she didn't mind.

She loved every second of it and since then it's only gotten better. Not only was Jade getting sex on a daily basis sometimes twice a day she finally was able to share her secret with somebody other than her dad and her doctor.

Sure they never really talked much about it, but the fact that Vega let her even touch her after finding out about her secret was enough for her. Plus the sex was great.

"What are you thinking about?" Tori asked watched the pale girls facial expression shift every minute or so.

"The first time we fucked" Jade shrugged in her usual crude manner causing the brunette to roll her eyes in annoyance.

"That's sweet" Tori mumbled trying hard to not get upset. She didn't like the way Jade just called what they were doing fucking. It was so much more to her.

The first time she saw Jade she liked her and even though the girl was a bitch to her every second of the day she still couldn't help but to like the girl. So when she ran in the girl's bathroom after school and saw what Jade was packing of course she offered herself up to her.

She had more than just a small crush on her and at the time the only thing she was thinking about was maybe getting the girl to like her. So she got on her knees and blows her.

She had seen it a couple of times on the internet and knew the basics. It was her first time and to be honest she wasn't sure if she was that great or even good, but from the moans she heard come out of Jade she knew she at least was doing something right.

She wasn't done after that. She wanted Jade to remember what she did so she sat on top of the sink and spread her legs urging Jade to take her. It wasn't the idyllic first time, but she didn't care. She had lusted over Jade since the first time she saw her.

Three years later they had every sex possible in every position imaginable and it was the best time of Tori's life. The only sad part about it was that Jade had never thought to ask Tori if she wanted to be her girlfriend.

Which she desperately wanted to be. She wanted Jade to walk down the hall holding her hand and being the disgusting couple in school that constantly got in trouble for showing to much PDA. She wanted the girl to whisper sweet nothings in her ear after a passionate night of love instead of dirty things she wanted to do to her like the raven haired girl usually did.

She wanted Jade to tell her how much she meant to her. She wanted to be spoiled on Valentines Day and showered with overpriced stuff animals and fattening chocolate. She wanted to go out on dates and do coupley things.

She wanted all of that, but it never happened.

The only thing she got on Valentines Day was some lube and condoms that Jade bought for her to replenish the stock. The closest they got to PDA was having sex in the janitors closest. The closest they got to sweet nothings in her ear was on the odd chance Jade would tell her she looked nice before going on to talk about her ass or boobs.

She was in love with Jade and all she wanted was for the girl to act like she loved her back or even liked her. It was sad that after three years of being friends with benefits that Jade still called her Vega.

"You need a ride home?" Jade asked slowly getting off the bed.

"Um…yeah" Tori sighed. She knew that she should tell Jade about her feelings, but it was better this way. It was better to have the person she loved for a couple of hours then not have them at all.

"Want to shower together?" Jade questioned with a small smirk as she leaned against her bathroom doorway. She thrust her hips a little laughing darkly when Vegas eyes immediately locked on her large and soon to be very hard friend.

"Yes please" Tori smiled quickly making her way across the room following Jade into the bathroom and later the shower.

Maybe she'll never get Jade to admit to her feelings or even admit that she liked her, but it was still something. Right?

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