Chapter Two:

"Tori get your ass up" Trina yelled through her sister's door before stomping off in search of someone to annoy or badger.

Tori groaned slowly coming through. If you thought her sisters singing was bad, then you never heard her screechy voice in the morning.

"Your sister is fucking annoying" Jade mumbled snatching the pillow the brunette beside her was using it and placing it over her head trying to block all things morning.

Tori grumbled after being met with Jades notoriously pleasant attitude in the morning. They had spent the whole night and even some of the morning making love or what she considered making love. She was sure that to Jade it was just sex or 'fucking' if she wanted to get technical.

She couldn't understand how after years of them being together in every form of the word that Jade could still treat her like she was the gum beneath her shoe. She tried everything to get Jade to notice her, and the only thing that ever seemed to work was sex, but she didn't want to be just the fuck buddy. She wanted Jades heart, her love, her trust, because for all she knew Jade had hers.

"Come back to bed" Jade groaned lying on her back a seductive smirk spread nice and thick on her face.

"We have to be at school in two hours, and you still need to sneak out" Tori grumbled climbing out of the bed and heading to her dresser. She knew the only reason why Jade wanted her back in bed was because of the morning wood she was proudly sporting.

"Why are you being such a bitch?" Jade questioned sitting up. Tori had never denied her of morning sex so why the hell was she starting now.

"You know what Jade get out" Tori hissed. She was sore from all the extracurricular activities last night and to be honest a little bit of hurt from the way the raven haired girl was treating her so she really didn't need for the girl who she was hopelessly in love with to call her a bitch.

"Don't be like that Vega" Jade scoffed not even bothering to take the brunette seriously.

"Ugh!" Tori yelled out in frustration. "Why can't you call me by my name Jade? Huh? Hell, I'm only the girl you been fucking for what the past three years?" she asked desperately trying not to yell.

"Someone's a little bitchy this morning" Jade mumbled rolling off the bed.

"You're so insensitive sometimes" Tori scoffed walking in the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

"And you're a moody bitch!" Jade yelled not caring if Vegas parents heard her or not. This was not their first argument and it probably wouldn't be their last. Hell all she had to do was wait it out and by the end of the day she would be diving between Vegas milky thighs once again.

She smirked as she was getting dressed already imagining all the things her and Vega would get down too later. She had two hours to get across town, shower, get dressed, and then make her way to school to at least make it to her second period class.

Usually she and Vega would be sharing a shower and probably a good fuck right not, but since that was out of the question then she had no other choice but to head home.

So she climbed out the bedroom window to the ledge, jumped on the large tree, and climbed down until she made it onto the Vegas lawn. She casually made her way down the street where her car was in its usual place.

She climbed in her ride and headed to her house where she was of course going to have to sneak in like all the other mornings her and Vega had gotten into it.

Strangely her father knew about the relationship she had with Vega and though some thought he would be proud he was vastly disappointed in Jades behavior and how she seemed to only care about sex and nothing else.

So after making sure Jade had all the condoms any man could ever have and as made sure she was brushed up on every safety precaution and disease out there he went on about his day.

Even if he was to say no he knew that Jade would just find another place for them to do it. Hell he was a teenage once so he knew exactly how dedicated they could be.

The only problem he had was the little arrangement his daughter seemed to have with Victoria. He found out about his daughter relationship with the girl two years ago and it still surprises him that even after three years that their not even remotely together.

Though not all of it was Tori's fault. He saw the longing in the brunette's eyes whenever her daughter was around her. He also saw the hurt that the girl masked whenever his daughter would brush her off or their relationship as one of just mutual fucking to be crude.

Tori often came to him asking for advice, or something his daughter favored to impress her. Hell if he was to be honest his daughter didn't deserve a girl like Tori.

Everybody knew how insensitive, selfish, and cruel Jade could, hell he raised her he knew out of everybody. I mean he was talking about the girl that made all the kids cry when she told them Santa wasn't real and the mall one was just some flat drunken slob who needed the money to buy drugs…and she was only five at the time.

So yeah in his opinion his daughter didn't deserve someone as kind hearted as Victoria Vega, but no matter what he told the girl she was adamant in staying in the little arrangement she had with his daughter hoping that one day Jade would open her eyes and see what's in front of her..

Because sooner or later he knew wanted of them would come to their senses and if it's not Jade then its tori and he really didn't want to see his daughter hurt no matter how dumb she was acting in his opinion.

"I don't know why you even try I catch you every time" Daniel West smirked reading his newspaper as he heard his daughter's not so secret attempt of sneaking in the house. If she was smart she would realize that her classic muscle car made a lot of noise and he could hear her from down the street.

"Do I even need to come up with a lie" Jade grumbled walking over to table and sitting down.

"Nope" Daniel shrugged paying no heed to his daughter scarfing down her plate. Sometimes the testosterone she had from her appendage really showed. "How's your girlfriend?" he questioned.

"She's not my girlfriend" Jade mumbled swallowing down her food with a large gulp of orange juice.

"She would be if you man up" Daniel replied.

"It's a good thing I'm not a man then, huh" Jade added getting up and heading off to her room before anything else can be said.

"I don't know where she gets it from" Daniel chuckled going back to reading the morning paper.

Hollywood Arts:

"Hey Vega can we talk" Jade shouted not even bothering for an answer before she was dragging the girl off to their closest.

"What do you want West?" Tori questioned her arms folded defensively. She had been ignoring Jade all day including any insults the girl gave, the longing looks, the angry text, and she was planning to do it till Jade got her head out of her ass and realized that they are were more than bed warmers to each other.

"I want to know why you been ignoring me all fucking day?" The raven haired girl growled. They haven't talked, text, flirt, or fucked and it was really starting to irk her nerve. Hell the school day was almost over and that meant that she should have at least been laid once and on her way to making that a second time.

"I have better things to do" Tori replied with a nonchalant shrug.

"What can be better than doing I?" Jade questioned with a teasing grin.

"Oh I don't know…anything" Tori responded hating how the Goth girl could make her feel with just one look. Hell all she wanted to do was pushed the raven haired girl against the wall and kiss her till she was breathless, but she had to be strong.

If she wanted Jade to treat her with respect and actually be with her then she was going to have to give the girl a taste of her own medicine.

While she was getting ready this morning she came to the conclusion that she was no longer going to let the raven haired girl say whatever she wanted and still get to have sex with her with no regard to how she felt. It was time to be strong, and demand that Jade be with her.

She was tired of being walked on and caring about somebody that didn't seem to give two fucks about her unless it came to actually fucking. So from this day on Jade was going to have to prove that she deserved her and if not then she was going to have to just move on to bigger and better things.

She was Victoria Vega and she wasn't going to let Jade treat her like shit anymore. It was time for the raven haired girl to put up or shut up.

"Here's how it's going to go West" Tori smirked surprising Jade by the tone of her voice. Of course the brunette got angry, but it was very few and far between that it was still a surprise to see her pissed off.

"West?" Jade repeated.

"Shut up" Tori growled. "From now on if you want to have sex with me or be with me in any form of the word you are going to have to earn it" she added.

"What the hell does that mean?" Jade asked.

"It means I want the hand-holding, the cuddling, the going on dates, or the hugging just because you want to feel me in your arms. I want it all, and if not then whatever dysfunctional thing we have going on right now is over. No more sex, hook-ups, or anything of that sort" she explained.

"Are you serious?" Jade asked smirk firm in place.

"Yes so wipe that stupid smirk off your face" Tori hiss. "So you can either treat me like I deserve to be treated or you can continue to be the asshole you are, but this time you're going to be the asshole by yourself because I'm not standing for it anymore" she added straightening up herself and heading towards the door.

"Vega you can't be serious" Jade said turning around in shock. It was just one stupid argument an argument they have had many times so why wasn't the brunette sucking on her cock like usual.

"It's Victoria or Tori not Vega" The brunette said walking out the door a confident sway in her hips as she headed to class. She was no longer going to stand for any of the Goth girl's bullshit.

It was time for Jade to get a taste of her own medicine.

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