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In the beginning there was the Word.

And the Word begat Man

And Man begat Dream

And Dream begat the gods

After with you may find things getting

just a tiny little bit more complicated… - Lokabrenna

Chapter 1: Love Sucks

Two years since the death of Luke Castellan, Son of Hermes.

Two years since the sixteenth birthday of the Saviour of Olympus.

Two weeks since Percy had finally finished making a shroud fit for a Son of Hermes to burn in secret.

Two weeks since Percy had made an oath to himself to defend Luke's honour. He had been a traitor, but he had redeemed himself.

Two days since Annabeth Chase left, leaving only a hastily written note on Percy's windowsill.

Perseus Jackson once again picked up a crumpled piece of paper, flattening it out so he could read it, scanning it for a hidden joke or anything he may have missed. Reading it was a painstakingly slow process with his dyslexia, but he managed alright eventually.

Dear Seaweed Brain, it read.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you any earlier warning, but Mum Iris messaged me about a job she'd managed to get for me in Germany, rebuilding old castles for tourists! Isn't that amazing?

I'm sorry Perce, but this is a two year contract; I don't think our relationship can take this strain. I think we should be open to new relationships, and who knows? Maybe we can go out again when I get back?


PS: Happy birthday for two days, Perce! I'll miss you!

'Perce', as he'd been dubbed by the letter, made a fist and returned the piece of paper to its previous crumpled state. He slipped the note into a small bag in his pocket, where he'd taken to keeping things that were important to him - the ashes of Luke's shroud were there, and so was his Minotaur horn and now the note.

Replacing the bag in his pocket, he sat back and watched the sunrise. He had already had a shower of sorts - nothing wakes a Son of Poseidon up like a dip in the sea.

Percy turned his thoughts back to the note. The two days since he'd seen it had done nothing to halt his heartbreak. As much as he hated the Aphrodite cabin, he'd asked them for advice (as indiscreetly as possible) for getting over heartbreak.

Apparently the best thing to do was to think about the person all the time until it didn't hurt anymore. It didn't work for Percy.

The conch horn finally blew and Percy got up from his seat. Time for breakfast.

Over the past two days many of Percy's friends had noticed that he was a little depressed. Usually at breakfast he'd give a friendly nod or a wave to the Stolls, and occasionally to Clarisse (on his good days). But recently all he'd do would be to sacrifice some cereal (Demeter had a chat with the cooks at Camp) and wolf down the rest, before going to the Arena. People would later find that they had very few dummies to train on.

All of Percy's friends had put two and two together and gotten four. Depressed Percy plus missing Annabeth equals a break up.

This day was a different day.

The conch horn blew again.

Monsters were coming to camp.

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