Universe #002

Dr. Sheldon Cooper believes in that there are multiple universes, each having a different spin off of another. Funny thing about this, is that he is right. There are 26 different dimensions. This story deals with the Sheldon Cooper and Penelope of one of those dimensions. In the 17th century Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch wrote books that, instead of being deemed as inappropriate and wrong as it is in the current dimension, revolutionized the way people interact with one another. Over time, society began to define people by their sexual identifications. Instead of deciding ones partner by their physical prowess or their intelligence, partners are chosen by whether or not they are a Dominant or Submissive and to what degree they are that way. The dichotomy that are used to define the degree of domination or submission is the typical Alpha, Beta, and Omega schematic.

That is the norm of this dimension. It is how things work and how things would always work. This is that dimension's story of Penny and Sheldon.

"Significant Improvement over the old neighbor" Said a slightly nasally voice behind her. She didn't bother to respond, instead she pretended to be looking at the book in her hand. She had been warned that she would become neighbors with two submissive geniuses. One of the said geniuses was partially nuts. She knew by ignoring them, until she chose to acknowledge them, would give off the hint she was a dominant. Which wasn't true, but it was what she chose to go by. Plus who would question her? No one lied about their Nature Tendency.

"Compared to the two hundred pound transvestite with a skin condition? Yes, she is." Came a critical and bland tone. She knitted her brow knitted for a moment. That tone sounded off for a submissive. She dismissed that thought as she turned to look at them. She gave them a friendly smile. She remembered from her research that submissive types were easily skittish. Mix the social awkwardness that came with being a Genius and the submissive side of them, and they were to be as skittish as a new born colt.

After exchanging hellos and an awkward moment of sexual confusion, they introduced themselves.

"I'm your new neighbor. Penny, Omega Dominant."

" I'm Leonard, this is Sheldon. Beta Submissives" The short one said. There was a twitch in the tall one's eye. Tilting her head to one side, she peered at the taller one. Something about him called instincts she had long since repressed to the surface. Damn it, she mentally cursed before she played it off. Looking back, she should have known that was the first sign that her life was going to change.

Penny jerked awake, sitting up straight and looking around for danger. She found her apartment empty and silent. She took a deep calming breath, bringing her knees up the her chest and letting it shakily out. After a year she was still suffering the effects of letting an Alpha too close. Thankfully Kurt had only been a Beta Dominant, or else she would be worse then she is. This is why her dad taught her how to fake being a Dominant. She was safer as a Dominant then letting the world know her true Natural Tendency. Her father taught her how to shoot, fight, play sports and act like a dominant. He knew the world would try to confiscate her, possess her and would likely ruin her. So he taught her how to survive. As an Alpha Submissive, it would be expected of her to just give herself over to the alphas of the world. To be groomed to be the perfect pet. It was only natural. But she would never be allowed to have her own partner. Alphas were too rare to have partners. The chances of her meeting an Alpha Dominant that would be able to give her all that she needed was next to impossible.

'Or improbable, as Sheldon would say' She thought bitterly to herself as she got out of bed. She checked the time. 10:58am. She quirked a brow at the time. It was likely that Sheldon would be knocking at her door any moment to talk to her about something strange. She made herself a cup of coffee, leaving room for milk that she would get from next door. Sheldon always asked her about something and as they talked she would walk into his apartment and pour some milk into her coffee. At first he had complained and lectured her about being a free loader, but eventually he let it go.

Knock Knock Knock

"Penny" A smile came to her lips as she picked up her mug, taking her time as she walked to the door.

Knock Knock Knock

"Penny" She stopped by the door and held her hand out over the handle, waiting for his last set of knocks. She could have interrupted him, but she knew he took a sense of peace from the ritual.

Knock Knock Knock

"Penny" She opened the door to find Sheldon standing there, hand behind his back and looking at her expectantly. She gave him a smile.

"Yes MoonPie?" She asked with a grin, noticing the way his eye twitched at the nick name.

"No one calls me Moon Pie but MeeMaw" He said in an almost exasperated tone. He of course had told her this plenty of times, but she chose to ignore it. She liked calling him something that no one else could. It gave her a strange sense of intimacy with him. She tapped her foot, waiting for him to get talking and turn towards his apartment. He stared at her with a peculiar way before he turned towards his apartment.

"I came by to ask if you were going to be a part of our paint ball team once more. We are playing against the other departments again and I find that having an aesthetically pleasing female on our team gives us a huge advantage." As he spoke he walked back into the house, finding Leonard already awake and looking at him with pure contempt. He could honestly care less. He liked talking with Penny and interacting with her. He walked to the refrigerator and grabbed the milk. He took Penny's cup and proceeded to fill it to the exact measurement she liked before handing the cup back and putting the milk away. He turned back around and jumped a little, noticing both Penny and Leonard were staring at him.


"Did you just...fill up Penny's coffee cup with milk?" Leonard asked in a higher tone, as if he was on the verge of freaking out. Sheldon raised a brow at Leonard before it came to him that Leonard may think that he was trying to seduce Penny by showing how good of a 'submissive' he could be. He let out a breathy laugh at that, glad that his actions were seen as ones of courtship to a Dominant. He shrugged, not caring that they were still staring at him like he lost his mind. Must have been him letting out the laugh.

"I just didn't want her to put the milk in without the lid on tightly." He said easily, knowing that it was partially true. He did not condone lying and did not like to do so, but he was okay with giving half truths. They were still the truth, but the truest intention was hidden from the listener.

They seemed to take that, which was good, because Sheldon did not work the last 15 years hiding the fact he was an Alpha Dominant from the rest of the world to ruin his solitude now. No, he had hidden the fact from everyone far too long to allow himself to slip up now.

He looked at Penny expectantly, noticing the way she shifted a bit to avoid Leonard's kiss on the cheek. He found it interesting that she was avoiding the other man's touch. It would seem that he was right about how their relationship was not going to last. He was always right. He continued to stare at Penny, waiting for her answer.

"Oh, sure I would love to join your paint ball group." She said with a smile that did not quite reach her eyes. Sheldon noticed this. Strange as that might be to other people, Sheldon was well versed in the subtle nuances of emotions and body language. He figured it was a natural ability that steamed from the fact he had a natural tendency of an Alpha Dominant. His nature was one of superiority, protection and control. In order to protect a submissive, one had to be versed in the ability to read between the proverbial lines and that came from understanding body language. Not that it mattered much in Sheldon's world. He planned to never find a submissive. He did the math. Being an Alpha Dominant meant that he was a part of a group that was only 1% of the entire population. That accompanied with the fact he had an eidetic memory and an IQ of 187, on a bad day, meant that he had a .005% chance to find a proper mate. His mate would have to be an Alpha submissive, which were .5% of the entire population, and have to be a person who was physically talented to make up for the fact he was a thinker instead of a manual labor type of person. That way the relationship would be balanced. So as a child, already abused, abandoned and alone, he gave up on seeking a mate. He made the world think he was a submissive to make life easier for himself. That way he was left alone and allowed to do his research. Alpha males were always forced into positions of power because their natural tendency made it so that they were talented in leading the masses. None of that allowed for him to study and prove the string theory.

He looked over at Leonard, and found him staring at Penny like the moon was hung on her. The two had broken up 4 months ago, and Sheldon was still not sure of the fact that Leonard clearly could not see how wrong Penny was for him. Leonard needed a woman who was nerdy like him but also thought he was more attractive then she, since Leonard lacked the self confidence needed to have a girl as secure as Penny.

'Hopefully paint ball will finally drive home how off they were for one another. One can only hope.' He thought, finding a strange darkness come over him at the thought of Leonard not getting that Penny and him were not good for one another. He would explore the reason behind this dark thought process later, when Penny was safely back in her room.

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