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~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Naruto woke up groggily. Walking through his room towards the bathroom, he remembered that he needed to get more milk if he wanted cereal for breakfast. Entering the bathroom and getting undressed, he entered his partially unsealed state. Sometimes he wished he were a normal human. This was one of those times. Tails were a mess to clean, but at least he could dry them fast, by using his chakra to burn off the water surrounding him.

Yes, you read that right, tails. Naruto had had them ever since that night, several years ago, when everything went completely crazy. It was several years ago now...


"What's going on?", asked a (younger) Naruto, seeing the Kyuubi's cage in his mindscape. Over the last few years, since Naruto was three, the Kyuubi had been communicating with Naruto, with increasing frequency. Naruto had gotten uncomfortably close to the Kyuubi in some people's opinions, however, most people had no idea of the comradeship between Naruto and the Kyuubi, and that was the way that all of the ten-or-so people that knew of the secret wanted it to stay. As far as most people knew, while Naruto may be the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, he wasn't anything past that.

They would be right, but not for long. The reason that Kyuubi had contacted Naruto, and the reason it even could, for that matter, was that the seal placed on Naruto was failing. Miserably. In fact, the seal was failing so badly that it would have been a miracle if Naruto even survived for another few years, unless something was done. The Kyuubi suggested, for it's survival, as well as Naruto's, that it could be released, and it promised it would never bother Konoha again. However, even if the Kyuubi could survive the process, Naruto wouldn't, so the Kyuubi had helped him in that respect as well. The Kyuubi was going to try to wait as long as possible, so Naruto could possibly get used to the amount of Youkai chakra he needed to deal with in the unsealing process. In the meantime, Naruto was constantly having ridiculous amounts of the Kyuubi's chakra forced through him, most of the time to simply dissipate into the air.

The sheer amount of energy he was forcing through himself was taking it's toll on Naruto's body as well, causing enough damage to guarantee he would be dead in ten years, at best, if he kept it up. He had been put into the hospital several times, both from sheer exhaustion, and from the amount of damage he had taken. High first degree burns were almost common occurrences, and once he had destroyed his chakra circulation system from overuse, only to have it repaired after several days, for him to burn it out again. However. nearly as fast as damage could be caused to his body, it was repaired, and the Kyuubi was helping out as much as possible, but in exchange for the damage control, it was causing damage to his body's ability to regrow dead tissue, especially without the Kyuubi's help. That was why Naruto was currently sitting in front of the Kyuubi's cage.

The cage, once looking fairly solid and stable, was now a decaying, rusting mess. The damaged seal was now almost completely failed, and the cage in his mindscape represented that. The bars, once probably gleaming steel, were now corroded to the point it was almost amazing that they held themselves up. The locking mechanism was nonexistent, having given way long ago, and the only thing still holding the whole mess together was a paper tag that read 'seal.' Even the seal, however, was a mess. It was yellow, like the look of old paper, had a corner missing, and had fallen off halfway, so it now only stayed on by the bottom edge.

The room he was in was not much better looking. The walls, once, had been solid rock, but now had the look of crumbling concrete. The water running through had never been perfectly clean, but it was now a dirty rust-orange, probably from the effects of the Kyuubi's chakra in his body. The room reflected the state of his body. While it looked fine on the outside, his body was slowly losing the fight against the strain it was put under on a daily basis, and the worn, eroded look of everything inside his mindscape was an accurate analogy of that.

"Kit, do you know what would happen if this seal were to fail completely?", asked the greatest of the bijuu in a nearly conversational, if stressed, tone.

"I don't know, but it can't be good, I know that.", replied Naruto. He knew that it was something to be avoided, if at all possible; it was what he had been working on for the past few years, and what the Kyuubi described as "the most important thing he could do in his life, so far."

"Yes, that is true, but that is fairly simplified.", explained the Kyuubi."The problem with this seal is that if it completely fails, it will do so in one of the worst ways possible. The chakra it is meant to hold back would be released all at once, and even though that sounds good for me, it isn't. If that were to happen, it would be like lighting a sun in the middle of Konoha, and everything that had, at one point, gone into the seal, would be converted to energy, and burn off as fast as possible. If they think that me attacking was bad, there wouldn't be anything left of Konoha, certainly, and possibly a large section of the land around Konoha."

Naruto paled at hearing about the destruction of Konoha, as well as what would almost certainly be his death, if the seal were to fail. "What would happen to you and me, Kyuubi-san?", he asked, slightly fearful of the answer.

"That's the worst part. I'm not sure.", the Kyuubi responded. "My best guess, however, is that I wouldn't reform, or if I did, it would be a mess, since my consciousness was never separated from yours before breaking the seal." The Kyuubi shivered, an unnatural phenomena that proved even the most powerful of the bijuu had an instinct of self-preservation.

"Okay, so what are we going to do about it?", asked Naruto. He had only ever been given a cursory explanation of the process of unsealing, but even then he didn't really get it, despite reading some about fuuinjutsu.

"Just tell the Hokage that it's time to start removing the seal, he'll know what he needs to do. Jiraiya will be the one who does the sealing work, so don't worry about that.", the Kyuubi responded, anxious to be free of the slowly decaying seal, which would eventually rip him and Naruto apart into a fiery conglomerate of chakra and energy.

"Ero-Oji-san is the one who is doing that? I'm not sure whether I should feel reassured or not.", Naruto responded, thinking of the old pervert that the fox said would be removing his seal.

"He'll be fine. He may not look it sometimes, but when he gets serious, he's a force to be reckoned with.", the Kyuubi said, suspiciously eying a chunk of ceiling that looked ready to fall on him. "Well, one way or another, I'm not going to be able to talk to you for a while. Make sure you don't get yourself killed before I can talk to you again, I already have one person I need to kill, I don't need you adding someone else to the list."

"What? Who do you need to kill?", Naruto asked. The Kyuubi had never mentioned anybody like that before to him, he knew that.

"I'll tell you when you're older; you're not nearly experienced enough to do anything to him yet.", the Kyuubi said, as everything faded to black.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

"So, it's time.", said the Hokage, after hearing what the Kyuubi had said to Naruto. "I guess I should have expected it, it was nearing the time that the seal was due to fail anyways."

"It seems that we should begin the process of reversing the seal soon.", said Jiraiya, who had been coming to Konoha more and more frequently since the first signs of the seal failing had taken place, roughly two years ago. "I'll need to prepare a room for the ritual, but it shouldn't be too hard."

"What are you going to do?", asked Naruto.

"It's pretty simple, we just have to slowly leak out as much of the Kyuubi's chakra as possible, and it will reform wherever it came from.", explained Jiraiya. "At most it'll take maybe a day or two, but it can be safely done, it'll just place a lot of strain on your body."

"Okay, I'll procure a room for you, don't worry, we just need to get this done before the seal can fail.", said the Hokage.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Naruto was laid out on a table, with complicated-looking seals all over his body. The seals centered on his stomach, where the remnants of the Yondaime's seal were still etched into his skin.

"Okay, I'm beginning the process of extracting the Kyuubi's chakra now, you might black out at some point, but don't worry, that's perfectly harmless.", Jiraiya said. With that, he began channeling chakra into the seals on and around Naruto's body. The seals started glowing blue, then switched to a dark red as the Kyuubi's chakra entered them. Naruto soon saw what the seals were meant to do, as some of the Kyuubi's chakra started to exit the seal, forming a cloud of the red, menacing chakra inside the room.

"What is is doing?", Naruto asked, slightly puzzled by the complexity of the seals.

"It's simply leaking the Kyuubi's chakra into the air, where it will disperse, and eventually reform wherever the Kyuubi came from. Once it finishes dispelling enough of the chakra, then the hard part comes into play. That's when it actually separates the Kyuubi's consciousness from you, and where the problems would come in, if there are any. It could rip both your souls out of your body, or leave both, or do any other number of things. Don't worry though, I'm standing here to make sure nothing happens to you during the process.", explained Jiraiya.

'Okay kit, this is where all the work from before with getting your chakra capacity, and your body's ability to handle chakra up comes into play. It might hurt a bit, but try not to move, so you don't disrupt the seal.', the Kyuubi said.

''Hai, Kyuubi-san.', Naruto responded, as pain shot through his body.

'Don't worry, it won't actually damage your body, just keep still.', said the Kyuubi, as Naruto started to squirm from the burning sensation in his body.

'That's easier said than done, fuzz-ball.', Naruto responded, as even more pain racked his body.

"When is this going to be over, Ero-sannin?", asked Naruto through clenched teeth.

"Soon, don't worry.", responded Jiraiya, though inside he was nearly as anxious as Naruto. 'What's going on, this was supposed to be a painless operation.', he thought, looking at Naruto's squirming form.

'Don't worry, you'll be out of it soon.', the Kyuubi said. 'In more ways than one.', it didn't add, but still thought to itself.

'Okay, whatever you say.', responded Naruto, as blissful unconsciousness claimed him.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Naruto awoke to see Jiraiya staring at him. "Is it over?", he asked, to which Jiraiya only responded with a weak "Yes."

"What's wrong?", Naruto asked, noticing Jiraiya's pained expression.

"Nothing.- I mean, see for yourself.", he said, helping Naruto stand.

"Wha-?", Naruto said, noticing for the first time, that he now had more fox-like features than his whisker birthmarks. Fox ears, and nine tails, to be precise. "What happened?", Naruto said, touching one of the tails and his ears, to make sure it was real.

"I'm-I'm not sure.", said Jiraiya, completely stunned. "I hope this isn't some kind of joke.", he said, wondering if the fox was where Naruto got his practical joker-like tendencies from.

"No, I don't think it's a joke, Jiraiya.", said the Hokage, entering the room. "We had some of the medics run some tests on him, to see what happened, and to be honest, we're not sure." Having said that, he handed Jiraiya a paper, with some charts and numbers printed on it.

"What is this?", Jiraiya asked, looking at the paper with confusion etched across his face. "You know I'm not exactly a medic, how would I know what to do with these?"

"I don't know.", admitted Sarutobi. "I thought you might have an idea what happened to him during the unsealing."

"I don't. Maybe we should try asking Naruto.", said Jiraiya.

"Did the Kyuubi say anything to you?", asked Jiraiya. "Anything it said could help us."

"I can't really remember, but I think it said something.", Naruto explained. "I was in my mindscape, I remember that. I don't remember much of what it told me though."

"Anything you remember will help, Naruto.", said Sarutobi, smiling gently at the boy he viewed as nearly a grandson.

"I don't know, I think it said something about kitsune, and a hanyou, but I don't know what that is.", said Naruto, trying to sort out what it had said to him. The effects of it's chakra being pulled out of him probably confused him some, but he knew it had said more than that. "Oh, wait. It said that it couldn't separate all it's chakra from mine, and that it would do something to me. I can't remember much else though, it's pretty spotty."

"Okay, just that is fine.", replied Jiraiya. "That's more of an explanation than I thought we would get from it. Either way, this is worrying. If my suspicions are correct, then we are dealing with something that even I have no clue what to do with."

"What do you mean?", asked Sarutobi. "I get that it couldn't separate all of it's chakra from Naruto, but what was the rest of it about?"

"I don't know, this is almost as confusing as before Naruto said anything.", Jiraiya said. "I think I need to do some research.", he said, holding his head.

"I don't think this is the time for that, Jiraiya.", said Sarutobi. "We really need to find out what's going on."

"Not that kind of research!", yelled Jiraiya. "I'm worried about one thing that the Kyuubi said, about a hanyou."

"I don't know, is it possible...", sighed Sarutobi. "Naruto, you have no idea of what happened?"

"Wait... it said something about a kitsune summon. What does it mean by that?", asked Naruto. "What's a summon?"

"A summon is like my toads. You've seen them before, right?", asked Jiraiya. Naruto nodded. "If it's saying we should get him a kitsune summoning contract, we probably should. There's just one problem with that.", he said, thinking of what he knew about summons, which, admittedly, was quite a bit.

"What's that?", asked Naruto.

"The Kitsune summon... it doesn't exist."

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

"So what are we doing?", asked Naruto, currently in a training field with Jiraiya.

"I'm going to run you through enough of a crash course on Ninjutsu to try to use a summoning jutsu.", explained Jiraiya. "You at least know some of the hand seals, right?", he asked, knowing Naruto had been in the academy for a year, and hoping he picked up something from there.

"Yeah, and the Kyuubi showed me how to use chakra, for all the stuff I did to build capacity, or something like that.", Naruto said, trying to find a way to sit down without putting pressure on his newly-formed tails.

"Okay, so you should know enough now to do this. The hand seals are Bear, Dog, Bird, Monkey and Ram.", he said, guiding Naruto through the various seals. "After you make the seals, you have to get some blood, push your hand into the ground, and something should happen. Don't worry if nothing happens, it just means we need to try again."

Naruto started going through the hand seals, and, biting his thumb, placed it on the ground. After several second of nothing, he spoke up. "Was somethi-" And vanished in a puff of smoke.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

Naruto reappeared in a strange place. He was in a forest, similar to the one outside Konoha, but it was night in this one. Then there were the inhabitants. He didn't notice them at first, but there were foxes all around him. He couldn't see many of them, but even those he saw came in more varieties than he knew existed. He was quickly drawn away from his sight seeing when a anthropomorphic fox standing on it's back legs, dressed in a black robe came out of the forest. The fox asked Naruto to follow him, and Naruto complied.

"So where are we going?", Naruto asked the fox.

"To see Kurama-sama.", said the fox.

"Who is that?", Naruto asked.

"You probably just know him as 'The Kyuubi'.", the fox responded.

"Oh. I knew he had a name!", yelled Naruto excitedly.

"Yes, of course he has a name.", the fox responded, mumbling about having to put up with such an idiot.

"Hey! I'm not an idiot", Naruto yelled, insulted.

"Just shut up, kit.", the fox responded.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

"So, Naruto, what brings you here?", asked Kurama. He now looked just like a normal human, except for his ears and tail. He was dressed in a black kimono with a dark red lining, and the kanji for 'kitsune' embroidered on the sash. On the back, and in a smaller version on the sides, was a design consisting of several '9's, resembling tomoes, arranged in a circle.

"Why do you look like this?", Naruto asked, puzzled at his choice of form.

"You didn't think I looked like a giant fox all of the time, did you?", he asked.

"No... I guess not.", Naruto said, realizing that being a Giant Fox of DOOM™ all the time would probably be inconvenient.

"Anyway, as I asked earlier, what brings you here?", he questioned again.

"Well, Ero-sannin said that I would be summoned here, and I came to ask you what you meant by all the stuff you said before you left.", Naruto asked.

"Well, have a seat,", he said, pulling a chair out for Naruto. "and I'll explain everything."

"The reason you're here, and I'm out of the seal, was because the seal was failing. You know this. What you don't know, and even I don't know, to some extent, is what happened to you when it did.", he started explaining. "Basically, since even though we spent a while trying to extract my chakra from you, it didn't get all of it out. What happened to the rest of it is the important question. What it basically did is get forced into you. Normally, a jinchuuriki's seal keeps a bijuu's chakra sealed. When the seal on yourself was failing, it didn't do that properly, and that is why we had you do everything you could to get used to a ridiculous amount of chakra flowing through you. When you saw the room I was in, it reflected the state of the seal, and your body in general. It wasn't in good shape. I've already told you what would happen if the seal were to collapse and I, as an entity, was in it, you remember right?"

At this, Naruto gave a nod. "But even though the seal hadn't completely failed, it was still messed up. That's why we had to remove both my consciousness and my chakra from you. When we went through the unsealing process, what it basically did is removed enough of my chakra from you to separate my consciousness. It's pretty complicated, so I won't get into that right now. The problem is, that even if you remove enough chakra to separate the two entities, you still haven't gotten rid of all the chakra. It's almost impossible to do that, and you have to nearly kill the jinchuuriki to do so, since you remove most or all of their chakra too, so we avoided that. Since I have so much chakra, even removing most of it still left enough to be much, much more than a human should have inside themselves. That leads me to the second complication. Since there was no seal regulating my chakra inside your body, I had to make your body accept the chakra that the seal would've taken care of. Do you follow?" Naruto nodded weakly.

Kurama then pointed to Naruto's newly gained ears and tails. "That's how you got these. As of several days ago, you are no longer fully human."

Kurama gave Naruto a few seconds to let that sink in. "Wait, What?", said Naruto, thoroughly confused.

"To be able to handle the amount of demonic chakra flowing through yourself, you couldn't be human, or, especially without me to heal you, you would've died in a smaller version of the way you would've if the seal had failed in the first place.", Kurama explained. "I'm also not sure what would've happened to either me or you if that had happened. To handle the extra load of foreign chakra, I turned your body into a half-demon, or a hanyou."

"Umm... Okay?", Naruto said, not sure where the conversation was going. "But what did you do?"

"Well, I used the remainder of my chakra in your body to drastically alter your own body." He pulled out a whiteboard from who-knows-where. "So, let's look at a normal human's body.", he said, pointing towards a diagram on the board with one of his tails. "So, most ninjas produce chakra by combining spiritual energy,", he pointed to a part of a yin-yang style symbol with the kanji for 'spirit' inside it. "with physical energy.", he pointed to another part of the symbol, where the kanji for 'stamina' was drawn. He turned the board around, where a slightly different diagram was drawn. "This is a jinchuuriki.", he said, pointing to the strange seal on the picture's torso. "It has two different chakra systems. The first is a regular system, similar to the first person. The more important part is the second. That is where a bijuu's chakra is gathered." He flipped the board around, pointing to another diagram.

"Wait- How did you do that?", Naruto said.

"Anime logic. Plus forming an extra hand from chakra helps.", he said, pointing to another hand that was indeed formed out of chakra, holding a marker. "Anyways, the seal basically limits the amount of demonic chakra that can leak into the jinchuuriki. That's all. Other auxiliary seals can filter the chakra, or do something else, but they all feed off the jinchuuriki's chakra, instead of the bijuu's. The chakra that actually makes it's way into the chakra distribution system of the jinchuuriki is simply the side effect of sealing the bijuu into a human."

He flipped the board over once again. "This,", he said, pointing to a strange human with ears on the top of it's head, as well as a tail. "is a hanyou." He pointed to the board again. Instead of the clearly defined system of 'tubes' that were similar in appearance to blood vessels, this person had some in the center of his body, but the rest was blank.. "This is the problem.", he said, pointing to the blank person. He shaded in most of their body with a red marker. "They have no clear chakra circulatory system. instead, their body's previous chakra circulation system is slowly being replaced." He paused, clearly waiting for some response from Naruto.

"Replaced by what?", Naruto asked.

"Let's leave that diagram for a while.", he said. "For now, let's flip over to the other diagram.", he flipped over the board once again. "This is a full spirit. Like me, for example, as I'm a kitsune spirit." He pointed to the person, who was similar in appearance to the last, having both a non-human tail and ears. That was where the similarities ended. This diagram was solid red, and was surrounded by a halo of red. "The difference is that this one is made out of chakra. Do you see where this is going?" Naruto nodded slightly. "Now back to the other picture." He flipped the board over again. "The human's chakra system is slowly being eaten away by the spirit, or demon chakra. That's why only the center of the body still has a remnant of the old system."

"Umm... Okay?", Naruto said, even more confused than before. "But what does that have to do with me?"

"Ugh. Okay, remember what I told you about having to turn you into a Hanyou?", he asked.

"Yeah.", Naruto responded.

"Well, that's what is happening with you. Basically, you're dying.", he said, rather nonchalantly for the words he used.

"WHAT!", Naruto yelled. "Didn't we go through a whole long unsealing so that I wouldn't die?"

"Calm down, you'll be fine.", Kurama said. "Besides, you were dying without my help, just at a slower pace, right?"

"Um... yeah, I guess.", Naruto said. "But wasn't that your fault anyway?"

"You would've died, eventually, right.", he reasoned. "So why are you getting mad at me for saying you're dying?"

"Umm... I... don't know?", Naruto said. 'I guess it's hard to argue with that,", he thought." "but it still doesn't make sense...', he thought. "So, what do you mean?"

"You aren't quite a human anymore, and you're not quite a spirit. The chakra I used to modify your body is slowly eating away at your self. That's what this diagram represents." Once again, he pointed to the 'Hanyou' diagram. "Being a kitsune hanyou, which is what you are, since I was the one who fused my chakra with you, you get some different developments than what you would've been in other cases. Do you know anything about kitsune?", he asked Naruto.

"Umm... not really.", Naruto responded.

"Well, the first thing you need to know is that the only difference between a fox and a kitsune spirit is age. This means that any fox can eventually turn into a kitsune, as well as simply be born as a kitsune. After 100 years, they gain a second tail and are officially considered a kitsune spirit. Over time, the same thing that is happening to you happens to them."

"What's that?", Naruto asked.

"Their bodies are gradually replaced by corporeal chakra, that forms a replacement body.", he flipped the board over again. "This is why the picture of the demon here is solid red. It's almost completely made of chakra. The most powerful of the demons, the bijuu,", he said, pointing to himself. "Are made completely from chakra."

"Oh.", said Naruto, still suffering from information overload. "So is that what's going on in the picture."

"Yes. Good, so you get some of this.", he said.

"No, not really, but sort of.", Naruto replied.

"Well, close enough.", Kurama said.

"Umm... okay?" Naruto was completely lost now, but he had a slight idea what was going on.

"Well, anyway. Now that you are basically a kitsune, you have a decision to make.", he said.

"What's that?", Naruto asked.

"Whether or not you'll join us.", he replied.

"Who is 'us'?", Naruto asked.

"All around you,", he replied. "are Inari-Kitsune. They are, put simply, kitsune of loyalty to Inari."

"Are there other kitsune?", Naruto asked.

"Yes, most of them are Nogitsune, or foxes with no real loyalty to anyone. But we won't get into that now.", Kurama said. "Also, just a fact to help you in your decision: if you deny the opportunity to join, there won't be any repercussions. However, if you join Hito-Kitsune, you are regarded as an enemy, and we will be forced to kill you. I really wouldn't like that, you've sort of grown on me, so just make the decision."

"Umm... that really isn't a choice, is it.", Naruto asked.

"Yeah, you get a choice, but I'd prefer that you just simplify things and join us now.", he replied.

"Umm... sure, I guess I'll join?", Naruto said, thoroughly confused.

"Good.", Kurama responded. "Now, another thing I should get you is a contract."

He told Naruto to follow him outside, guiding his to what looked like a cave in the side of a hill. "Okay, we just need to call him out now.", Kurama said. "O-Kitsune-Sama, could you come out here, I have someone for you to meet.", he yelled into the hole.

"After about fifteen seconds, Naruto started getting impatient. "Who's 'O-Kitsune-Sama'?", he asked.

"The Elder Fox.", Kurama replied, not even bothering to look back at Naruto as he said it. "As to who he is, I'm not sure anyone knows."

"What's that even supposed to mean?", asaked Naruto.

"You'll see.", was Kurama's cryptic reply.

A grey fox slowly padded out of the hole in the hill. It was slightly larger than a common fox, about the size of a good-sized dog. He could almost feel the temperature dropping as the fox looked at him. Naruto took one look at it and even he recognized it as something powerful. He wasn't sure what, though. "Hajimemashite, O-Kitsune-Sama." (Mini A/N- Hajimemashite is a form of hello, commonly used when meeting someone for the first time.), Naruto said, bowing to the fox in front of him.

When the fox spoke, Naruto was surprised to find it didn't sound like the grizzled old person that it looked like. Instead, it's voice was one of a smooth tenor, reminiscent of nobility. "Well, nice to see the kid's got some manners, right Kurama?"

"Hai, I'm personally surprised, he's usually pretty brash.", he said.

"Well boy, what have you come here for?", the fox asked.

"Umm... He said I needed a contract of something?", Naruto replied.

"He needs a summoning, and official declaration of alliance to Inari.", Kurama said.

"Okay, just follow me.", the fox said, before turning and walking into the darkness ahead.

~~~•∞•≈•≤ ≥•≈•∞•~~~

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