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"Can I buy you a drink?" the man slurred as he sat down next to her at the bar.

She mentally rolled her eyes, trying to fight the urge to wrinkle her nose in disgust as the putrid stench of alcohol and old sweat threatened to overpower her heightened sense of smell.

Instead she turned to face the stranger, flipping her scarlet locks over her shoulder flirtatiously.

She plastered her most charming smile on her face and accepted his offer.

The burning liquid did nothing to sate her thirst, but the man's racing pulse was promising.

"How about we take this somewhere a little more private?" he asked his voice laced with lust.

"It's as if you read my mind." she smiled.

He draped his arm around her shoulders and together they exited the noisy little bar.

She let him lead her to his old beat up Chevy in the parking lot, climbing in when he opened up the door for her.

She watched as he walked over to the driver's side and got in himself, stopping him as he tried to put the keys into the ignition.

"Oh you want it right here?" he grinned stupidly.

She glanced down at her nails in boredom.

"I don't like to play with my food." she answered.

"What?" he asked.

She looked up at him, allowing him to watch in horror as her brown irises darkened to black, and her canines extended noticeably.

"What the hell?" he fumbled for the handle of the door.

She smiled in bitter amusement.

"Oh, no don't run. I don't know if I could catch up to you." She said sarcastically.

The man ran blindly into the dark woods.

He ignored the stitch in his side and kept going, knowing that his life depended on it.

He ran until he came to a clearing and looked around sighing in relief when he saw that he was alone.

He rested his sweating palms on his knees as he bent over trying to calm his ragged breaths.

His head snapped up as the sound of musical laughter drifted to his ears.

Before he could take off she was in front of him.

She wrapped her small fingers around his throat, forcing him to stare straight into her eyes as he continued to struggle.

"Did you honestly think that you could outrun a vampire?"

Tears formed into his eyes as he felt the pressure build up in his head from the loss of oxygen.

She loosened her grip on his throat only enough for him to catch a breath.

"We can't have you dying before I kill you, now can we?"

"Why?" the man choked out.

She laughed then.

"Because I am just so hungry." she answered simply before sinking her fangs deeply into his neck.

She continued to feed off of him until his struggles subsided and his heart stopped.

She tossed his limp corpse to the side and looked down at her bloodstained dress.

"Damn, look at the mess you made? This was pure silk. "She reprimanded the dead man.

She then left the man's corps to stare blankly at the night sky as she went to find a change of clothes.

She had to look her best if she was going to be visiting some of her old friends didn't she?

Bonnie smiled to herself then, thinking to herself that it just felt so good to be home.

Meanwhile at the boarding house...

The group of friends began to prepare for a fight.

It had been two years since anything supernatural had occurred and that two years had been blessing enough.

They had been able to use those two years to search for Bonnie, and though they had yet to give up the search for the little red head, they now knew they would have a fight on their hands.

They had blown off the news reports of strange murders at first, but the fact that they seemed to head straight for fells church made it impossible to ignore any longer.

The chill in the night air only seemed to confirm that whatever had killed those men was close.

"Do you think its Christian?" Elena asked once they had all of the sprigs of Vervain, stakes, and other deadly weapons gathered and at the ready.

Christian was Meredith's twin brother who had been long brainwashed by Klaus.

He had come to their small town two years ago and wreaked havoc, trying to draw them out.

Which worked, and they had lost Bonnie when he had fled taking her with him.

They never saw it coming; they were so sure that it was Elena that he wanted so they focused on protecting her.

In the end it was Bonnie he wanted.

He blamed her for the loss of his sire and snatched her up for revenge.

Their foolish assumptions had resulted in the loss of their dear friend and they were left with nothing but guilt.

They could only hope that she had escaped from his clutches and would come back to them unharmed, but as the time went by the doubt slowly crept in.

Though no one had said this out loud it was the thought that was in the back of their minds.

"I think that whoever it is wants us to know that they are coming. No vampire in their right mind would be so careless in their feeding unless they are trying to send a calling card." Damon answered after much


"I hope it is that bastard, I have waited long enough to drive a stake into his heart." Matt declared filled with newly found motivation.

"Maybe we can find out what he did with Bonnie?" Meredith reasoned.

"I really hope that you aren't suggesting we let him live." Damon said as he looked at the dark haired beauty in disbelief.

"No, we will kill him that much is a fact. I just think we should draw it out and maybe get some answers while we are at it." Meredith shrugged.

Although Christian was walking the earth, she knew that Klaus had killed her brother long ago, leaving them only with the cold empty vessel that they knew now.

"Are you sure that you aren't a fully fledged vampire?" Stefan asked amazed at her callous thinking.

She laughed bitterly then.

"It's just rational thinking, even if it sounds cold. Besides he needs to pay for taking Bonnie."

"Regardless we need a game plan if we are going to stop whoever this is." Elena said.

"Yeah we all know what happened when we didn't really have a plan." Matt agreed.

A knock sounded in the door just then, and they all looked at each other in confusion.

Damon was the first to break out of his stupor and went to answer the door.

He cautiously opened the door and gaped in disbelief at the smirking girl that stood on the porch.

"Hello Damon. Are you going to stare at me all night or are you going to invite me in?"

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