I am not entirely sure where this came from. Yet at the same time, I can totally see it happening. Hmmmm... this one did take me by surprise!

Shawn glared into the unforgiving eyes of a man that had everything ripped away from him. A man that had lost everything on more than one occasion. Those eyes spoke of a pure amount of anger. Eyes that had never really ever been friendly, now glared at Shawn with such force that it made him want to cower in the corner. These eyes were evil.

As much as Shawn wanted to feel bad for this man. To take the brunt of his wrath, Shawn was fairly certain that he would crumble before it came to that. He was not the only one that was hurting. He was not the only one that was grieving.

"I lost her too." Shawn's voice broke slightly. The silence that had penetrated the air was broken with those words.

He snarled at Shawn, and under any other circumstance Shawn might have laughed and made a joke. However this moment in time, was no joking matter. Pain effected his eyes, aside from the anger and hatred that he had for Shawn, pain was the only other visual thing in his eyes.

"She was my wife, Lassie!" Shawn pleaded.

Shawn had always assumed that Carlton Lassiter would snap. The man was far too wound up to be considered healthy, both physically and mentally. However, it was what had made him snap that was most shocking. Sure, Juliet was his partner, but Shawn had never felt that deep, underlying connection between them. Sure they cared about each other, they were partners, but to go to such extremes.

"Just. Put down the gun, Lassie." Sweat beaded on Shawn's forehead as Lassiter fixed his aim, from Shawn's chest to his head.

"It should have been you! You lying, fake piece of shit! She's dead and your alive. What is fair in that?"

Shawn gulped against the lump in his throat. If only Lassiter knew how many times Shawn asked himself that same question. He was a liar and fake. There was nothing, no evidence that he could find, that pointed as to why Juliet had died and Shawn had lived. In all reality they both should be dead. That bomb—God, that bomb. How had he missed it! Shawn sighed, "There is nothing fair in it, Lassiter! Not one damn thing. You don't think I ask myself that same question everyday? Every single day I wake up, praying that it was some kind of sick nightmare. Yet, I wake up in this hell hole, and see the bandages and I remember that it wasn't a nightmare. Do you know how hard it is right now, to beg you to not pull that trigger?"

Lassiter's face changed for a moment. From a look of pure hatred to a look of pure shock. He quickly masked that before leveling his aim. "You want to die?"

"At least then the pain will end, but I know that Juliet wouldn't want that. You know that, and I know that. Which is why you're not going to shoot me, even if I do deserve it."

Lassiter sighed, as his arm dropped to his side. "You're right. You do deserve it." With that he left Shawn Spencer's hospital room for the last time.