Keys to the Kingdom

Mr. Monday

Mr. Monday Stared at the paperwork. The bitch known as Dame Primus hated him. Her and Saturday. He clicked his tongue. He was regretting breaking the Will. By the time Wednesday suggested freeing it, his curse was too strong. Everything was too troublesome. He leaned back and saw a sword flash downward. Somehow he managed to dodge the first hit. A man smirked. Saturday's Dusk. He tried to call his Dusk, Arthur may have given the Key to Dame Primus, or between him and Grim Tuesday Dame Bitch, but he still had a connection to his former times. Another dodge and a failed summons to his Noon. "Daw-" A verbal and mental summons to his last time failed as the sword landed in his heart trapping him against the wall. Saturday's Dusk twisted it while he pulled it.

"Tell you mistress she will fall to the Heir. Just as Grim and I did." He said glaring at Saturday's Dusk who frowned.

"As you wish." He said driving the sword through the first Trustee's head. His orders included leaving the sword, which was a pity since it was well made. The Dusk vanished just before Monday's Dawn came in. "Mr. Monday!" She yelled for help. Noon might be able to save him, maybe.

Mr. Monday's death. For some reason I see Mr. Monday, Grim Tuesday, Lady/Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday, Lord Sunday are not only their posts but their names as well.

Nor can I see the Times completely abandoning their Trustees after they lose their Keys.

So we'll be doing this for each Trustee as we read the books. Currently on Sir Thursday.

And I think Dame Primus is a complete bitch by the end of book one, let alone book two. Therefore, Dame Bitch.