Lord Sunday

He sighed as Nothing destroyed his gardens. He meant it when he told the boy, the Heir, he did not want to interfere. His beautiful gardens. He turned to see the Will complete itself. If they had come that far the Will should be found. He shrugged.

Lord Sunday, though he did not show it, was as stunned as everyone else there when the Old One came out of the Nothing. The Heir begged the Old One not to go, not to destroy the House and everything with it. The Old One stepped into the fiery column that the Will had become. He noted that Dame Primus did resemble his mother, less beautiful but still.

'All things have a beginning, and therefore have an end.' He thought as he turned to the Nothing. He would be the New Architect. 'I hope he remakes my Gardens. He should be able to make them better. Mortals are so crea-' His thoughts were cut off as Nothing swept over him. He refused to turn his back on it and such had been able to brace himself against the tide. His curse was Pride. And his curse would not let him fall.

Ah yes, the Apathetic Lord Sunday.

Or he who wants to stay out of it and tend to his Gardens.

Like we said, can't decide whether to hate or like.

Kinda like Lady Friday, all she wanted was her fix. If she could get that she was happy.

But she couldn't without the Key, sooo…

She refused. Anyways, That's the end The Morrow Days!