Hey again! I'm back with another story… YAY! This is my version of Tim Burton's: Alice In Wonderland (2010)


Me: You play the Mad Hatter!

Soul: Cool what does Maka play?

Me: *Facepalm* Maka plays Alice!

Soul: Cool! Who does Bla-.


Maka= Alice

Soul= Mad Hatter

Black*Star= Cheshire Cat

Kid= The Bunny (Black bunny with stripes on his fur in this case)

Tsubaki= White Queen

Liz and Patty= Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (Female version)

Red Queen= Medusa

Spirit= Dad

Kami= Maka's (Alice's) Mother

Stein= Hamish's (Ox's) Dad

Ox= Hamish

Azusa= Hamish's (Ox's) Mother

Marie= Maka's (Alice's) Older Sister

Lord Death= Absolum

Kishin Asura= Jabberwoky

Blair= Alliumpkin (Mouse… Hehe)

Soul: Thanks

Me: No problem!

Maka: Soul do I look ok? *Walks in wearing a really pretty blue dress*

Soul: HELL YEAH YOU DO! *Nosebleed*

Maka: PERVERT! Makkkaaaaaaaaaaaaa CHOP!


DISCLAIMER! I MakaAlbarn888 do NOT own Soul Eater OR Alice in Wonderland (2010) all rights go to the respectful owners.

NOTE! All the Soul Eater characters names will remain the same in this story

"It is a great oppitunity!" Spirit tried to stress to his peers "Spirit this sort of thing could wreck you, Are you insane?"Stien asked with concern "No! I'm perfectly fine thank you very much. As I was saying we could take our business all the way to Thailand we could earn a fortu-." Spirit stopped as he noticed his six- year- old daughter standing in the doorway with tears in her eyes "Nightmares again?" he questioned her she nodded slowly and continued to sob while rubbing her eyes "Excuse me gentlemen I shall be back within 10 minutes." Spirit addressed his peers as he took Maka back to her bedroom.

"There is a blue caterpillar, A talking rabbit in a waistcoat, Playing cards as guards for the queen and a smiling cat…" Maka explained to her father but was interrupted by her him "A smiling cat? I didn't know cats COULD smile." He laughed gently "Neither did I father." Maka replied "Maka." He sighed "All you have to do if you are having a nightmare you just have to do this." He pinched her arm slightly "Ooww" she giggled and pinched his arm back and giggled again "I have to go now Maka, Now remember what I told you to do." "Yes father." She nodded "Goodnight Maka." Spirit kissed her forehead "Goodnight father." Maka sighed and fell asleep.


Maka was sat in the carriage with her mother she was staring out of the window "Maka what's wrong?" Kami asked "Nothing mother." Maka sighed "Where's your corset?" Kami questioned Maka as she pulled up Maka's dress to find no corset was being worn on Maka "You're not wearing the proper fashion!" Kami groaned "What! So what if the Proper Fashion wearing a codfish on your head would you wear it?" Maka snapped at her mother giving her an evil glare "Father would've laughed." She mumbled but loud enough for her mother to hear her, Maka looked up and saw the pained look in her mother's eyes.

"Sorry." Maka sighed solemnly "I'm tired. I didn't sleep very well last night." She explained to her mother "Was it those dreams again." Kami asked sounding a bit concerned "I think so… Do all dreams remain the same?" Maka questioned "Not that I know of… sorry." Her mother replied Maka looked down at the floor of the carriage Kami took her necklace off and put it around her daughters neck "Here. Now promise to be on your best behaviour today." Kami said as Maka nodded and began to observe the necklace.

"You're late!" Azusa hissed at Maka and Kami "Maka, Ox is waiting for you on the field by the pavilion. Go." She said sternly Maka did as she was told and went to find Ox. "Sorry we are late." Kami apologized Azusa just glared at her and rolled her eyes and stormed off "Sorry about my wife, Ms Albarn she has been planning this day for many years." Stein explained to Kami "Oh no, No worries." Kami smiled weakly "Maka does look like him doesn't she." Stein said trying to start a good convocation off Kami's smile faded quickly she looked down at the floor "Yes, she does…" she sniffed "We all miss him he was full of wild ambitions… That is why we loved him so much." Stein said trying to comfort her "Yeah…" Kami laughed weakly and looked up at the sky "Shall we join the rest of the party Ms Albarn?" He asked, she nodded slightly and the both made their way into the party.

Ox and Maka were now dancing to the classical music that was playing in the background Maka accidently stepped on his foot Ox growled "Sorry… I'm not good at dancing." She stifled a laughed Ox gave her a quick glare then began to dance again Maka looked up to the sky and saw two birds flying above her she bumped into someone and was snapped out of her thoughts "Sorry Miss Albarn is not feeling quite herself today." Ox apologised for her "What is wrong with you?" he snapped quietly "I was wondering what it was like to fly." She replied Ox rolled his eyes when his eyes landed on his mother she was giving him a signal he quickly acknowledged it then turned to Maka "Maka…" he started "Meet me under the gazebo in precisely ten minutes he nodded slightly and left.

Maka turned to walk away when she heard two giggles behind her she turned around and saw Alicia and Bryony Flowers "We have something to tell you" Alicia quietly laughed "Should we tell her?" Bryony asked "Yes we should." Alicia replied "I think we shouldn't." Bryony protested "Yes you're right we shouldn't." Alicia agreed "I wonder if YOUR mother knows you two spent £150 each on those dresses." Maka said slyly the two sisters looked at each other "Ox was going to ask for your hand in marriage." They blurted out in unison "OH YOU RUINED THE SURPRISE!" Marie hissed and grabbed Maka away from the two sisters.

"Ugh this was supposed to be a surprise but those two ruined that for you" Marie groaned "But you will marry Ox and you will live happily ever after" she exclaimed "But what if I don't want to marry Ox?" Maka hinted "But he is a lord you can't any higher than that?" Marie gasped Maka nodded her head slightly in agreement since what Marie said was true.

The two sisters kept on walking until they came face to face with Azusa, Azusa nodded to Marie and Marie left leaving Maka alone with Azusa "Do you know what I have never wanted?" Azusa asked her, Maka shook her head as a reply "Ugly grandchildren" Azusa went on "But with your beautiful face that will never happen to me." She continued "My son has a very serious eating disorder, but you are a good cook so we will not have to worry about that, you will make a good wife for Ox." Out of the corner of her eye, Maka spotted something in the bushes "What's that?" she said with curiosity "What's what?" Azusa was confused "It was a rabbit I think." Maka replied "Ugh I despise rabbits, I love setting the dogs on them." Azusa plainly said with no care about what Maka had said, Azusa looked at her watch "Let's go to the gazebo" she smiled "Uh ok." Maka looked around to see if she could find the rabbit but there was nothing she shook her head as she continued her way to the Gazebo.

Everybody was already at the gazebo when they arrived and Maka became quite nervous with people staring at her and Ox "Maka…" he began "Ox…" she replied "What is it?" he snapped "You have a caterpillar on your shoulder…" she relied plainly "Ew!" he muttered sharply under his breath as he tried to flick it off Maka picked the caterpillar up and placed it on the side of the gazebo "You ought to wash that finger" he told her "As I was saying Maka Albarn … Will you be my wife." He said with a creepy smile on her face she looked around and saw a black rabbit with three stripes in his fur he was wearing a waistcoat and he took out a pocket watch and tapped it then he ran off.

Maka turned back to face Ox who still had that creepy face in him "This is all happening so quickly I… I… I think I need a moment." She replied and quickly ran off followed the strange rabbit, Maka followed it to the top of a hill and saw it jump down a large shaped hole she knelt down to look but as she did her and slipped and she fell through, she let out a sharp gasp.

So that was chapter 1 Hope everyone liked it. Chapter 2 will be out by Wednesday 21st March.

Soul: When do I come into the story?

Me: Soon on chapter 4 maybe it depends on how much write…

Soul: Aww

Maka: Don't worry Soul you will be one of the main characters in the story so you'll have your own chance soon.

Me: I agree with Maka

Maka: Thank you.

Me: Ok I have to go now got lots of work to do.

Maka & Soul: Bye!

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