Danny let out a soft moan as he turned onto his side. "That… was fucking amazing. Amazing fucking. Whichever." His brain was currently trying to restore itself from orgasmic goop.

The scrtch-scrtch sound of a pencil on paper was the first thing to grab his attention. Craning his neck, Danny caught sight of Nicholas sitting up, police notebook open and balanced on one knee. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Taking notes."

… well, yes, that was obvious. But while it answered his question, it wasn't what he had really wanted to know. "Why?"

He was shot not an annoyed look, but a fond, indulgent smile. "I've told you before, Danny. This is a cop's most powerful weapon." He closed his book and tapped his pencil on the side of Danny's head. "For example, that spot behind your ear? The one that drives you crazy when I lick it?" The notebook was held up with a reverent air, like it was the word of God. "All recorded in here."

Powerful indeed. Danny could feel his stamina returning. "Just get your arse over here and bugger me some more."