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Ch.1: Will You Be My Savior?


Allen was running a high fever. His whole body was hot and his breathing was labored. His guardian, Mana, was starting to get very worried about him. He'd given the 16 year old boy medicine and made him some chicken soup but nothing had helped so far. His fever only seemed to get higher as the hours passed by.

"Allen please be okay." Mana said as he once again touched Allen's burning forehead. Mana made up his mind; he needed take the boy to the hospital before Allen got worse.

Mana gently picked up Allen and carried him outside of their house towards his black car. He managed to get Allen into the backseat and put his seatbelt on. Mana then ran towards the driver's side and put on his seatbelt. He turned on the engine and quickly drove out of the house's driveway.

Mana drove through the streets towards the hospital like a mad man. Right now the only thing he cared about was getting Allen to the hospital safely, the boy needed to be treated as soon as possible. Finally, as the distance towards the hospital got shorter Mana started to slow down. He pulled over towards the nearest gas station to check up on how Allen was doing.

Allen who'd been in the backseat all this time had his eyes half opened and seemed to be sweating more than before. His labored breathing had increased and his body had started to sweat.

"C'mon Allen stay with me." Mana said as he checked Allen's forehead again. Mana then started to make his way towards the hospital once more. Every few minutes he looked over his shoulder, towards the backseat to see how Allen was doing.

It was only one look away from the road that caused the beginning of the end. As Mana turned once again to check up on Allen, he failed to notice the quickly approaching, out of control car that was making its way straight towards them.

Allen whose eyes were barely opened managed to catch a glimpse of the bright white light that was heading straight towards them.

"Mana, watch out!" Allen shouted to an unsuspecting Mana. Mana, who had been fretting about Allen turned his eyes back towards the road and saw the out of control car. Before Mana could swerve the car around to stop the collision the car crashed into them.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The screeching sound of tires rubbing against pavement made Allen feel as though his eardrums might explode. As the car crashed into them, small pieces of glass started flying everywhere. Allen tried to protect himself by covering most of his body with his arms. The car that they were in was pushed back with such great force that it'd caused their car to flip over.

When they finally stopped moving Allen opened his eyes only to realize that the car had been flipped over so he was now upside down. He looked over to the driver's seat where Mana was and saw that he was covered in blood and glass. He seemed to be unconscious.

Allen quickly undid his seatbelt and tried making his way over to Mana. His couldn't feel anything in his legs. He tried to move closer towards Mana but he couldn't since his legs refused to move. He looked down towards his legs and saw that there were large pieces of glass stuck towards both of his legs. He ignored the pieces of glass in his legs and tried once more crawling his way towards Mana.

"Mana, speak to me!" Allen said as he got closer towards Mana ignoring the small pieces of glass that were beginning to scratch the surface of his skin. "Mana!" Allen said as he finally got towards were Mana was. He started to shake Mana so that he could wake up.

"Allen..." Mana said as he woke up. His eyes were half lidded and his entire body was shaking. He turned to look towards Allen with a sad smile. Allen grabbed a hold of Mana's hand trying to find a small amount of comfort in his touch.

"Don't worry Mana we'll be okay soon." Allen said as he heard the ambulance sirens get closer to where they were. "It seems like someone's already called an ambulance. Just hang on for a little longer."

As Allen said these words he could see the life start to drain from Mana's face. "Allen...Always remember to keep on walking." Mana said as he closed his eyes for the last time.

"No! Mana wake up!" Allen said as he started shaking Mana's body to try to wake him up. He stopped shaking him when he realized that he wasn't going to wake up. His hands started shaking uncontrollably and his silver grey eyes started to water. He let the tears he'd been holding in until now fall.

Everything that happened afterwards was a blur to Allen. The firefighters arrived shortly after the ambulance and they then started to pull them out of the wrecked car. He remembered hearing the voices of the paramedics as they talked quickly among each other trying to tend to his wounds. He looked off to the side were he saw that they'd placed Mana on a gurney and were trying to find a pulse on him.

Allen's eyes followed the paramedics as they tried to revive Mana. Right now he was in a state of shock. He didn't know whether to think that all of this was just one big horrible nightmare or whether to accept the fact that Mana was no longer with him. A small part of him wanted to believe that this was just a nightmare and that he'd wake up soon but he knew that everything was real.

He could feel hot, wet tears slide down his face as he covered his ears to try to block out everything, the paramedics, the firefighters and all of the people that were observing the scene from a distance.

The paramedics made their way towards Allen and quickly lifted him onto a gurney. "We have to stop the bleeding." One of the paramedics said as he looked down towards Allen's legs which were heavily bleeding. "He's losing too much blood, we have to hurry."

They loaded Allen onto the ambulance and rushed him towards the nearby hospital. As Allen laid there inside of the ambulance with the paramedics tending to his legs, he could feel himself start to go unconscious. 'Mana, why did you leave me? I need you so much.' Allen thought as he finally lost conscious.


The soft beeping of a heart monitor woke Allen up. As his eye adjusted to the light Allen realized that he was in a hospital. 'What happened? Why can I only see through one eye?' Allen thought to himself. He raised his hand towards his 'blind' eye and felt a soft bandage covering it. 'What happened to my eye?' Allen thought as he started to panic.

He then tried to get up from the white hospital bed when he realized that he couldn't move his legs. He looked down towards his legs and saw that both of his legs were bandaged. He tried once more to move his legs only to realize that he'd lost all feeling in them.

'Fuck.' Allen thought as he brushed his hair back with his left hand in frustration. 'Why? Why did this have to happen?' Allen thought as he leaned his head back against the hospital bed's frame.

Allen then heard the door to the hospital room open. He turned his head towards the door to see who it was. There was a young man around 30 years old with dark purple hair that curled at the ends. On his head he wore a white beret and he had wire framed glasses which gave his face a sophisticated look. He wore a white lab coat with a crest on the left side, starch white pants and elegant black shoes.

'Hello my name is Komui Lee and I'm the Black Order Hospital director." The young man said. "I'm here to check up on you to see how you're doing. You suffered quite a bit of damage during that car accident."

Komui looked down towards the clipboard that was in front of Allen's bed. "It says here that the muscle tissue around your legs suffered a bit of damage. The good thing is that with the surgery we did on you and a few weeks of rest you should be able to start your therapy pretty soon. The therapy may take about a year or less depending on how much effort you put into it but if you try hard you'll be able to walk again in no time"

There was an awkward silence in the room for a while, one which Allen refused to break.

"Allen I know that you're going through a lot right now but the best thing you can do is to try and rest so that you can start your therapy as soon as possible." Komui said as he looked at Allen. "Wouldn't you like to be able to walk again?"

Allen who'd been quite the entire time was looking down at his legs. 'Why walk? There's nothing left to walk for. Mana, the one person who's ever truly loved me is gone now and it's all my fault.' Allen thought as he started to hit his legs with his balled up hands. "It's my fault that Mana's dead. If I hadn't been sick then he would've never driven towards the hospital and he would've never gotten into a car accident."

"Allen! Stop it!" Komui said as he tried to grab Allen's hands so that he would stop hitting himself.

"Stop! You're hurting yourself!" Komui said as he managed to grab Allen's hands.

"I don't care." Allen said as he lowered his head to hide his face with his hair. "I don't have anything anymore. What's the point in trying?"

"Allen I'm sorry for what's happened but hurting yourself will get you nowhere. Do you think your father would have wanted this?" Komui said as he tried to get Allen to look at him.

Allen who was trying to avoid eye contact with Komui was looking out the hospital room window.

"Mr. Komui, could you please leave? I'd like to be left alone right now." Allen said in a forced polite voice.

"As you wish. Please don't hesitate to call one of the nurses if you need anything." Komui said as he sighed and walked out the room.

As Komui walked out the room he gave a long sigh. 'I hope he doesn't do anything rash' Komui thought as he began to make his way towards his office.

Allen watched as Komui walked out the door before he finally broke down. 'How am I supposed to make it through knowing that you're gone?' Allen said as he looked up towards the room's ceiling. 'What's there to live for?'


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