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Ch.2: Will You Be My Savior?

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It'd been almost a week since the car accident had occurred and Allen was still out of it. The usually young and cheery boy was inconsolable. He was literally the image of the living dead.

His sparkling silver eyes were now a dull gray and every time he spoke his voice was monotone with no hint of life behind it. His face was even paler than usual and he had bags under his eyes from countless nights of lost sleep.

He was supposed to be resting so that he could start his therapy soon but he barely had enough energy to move since he'd been neglecting the trays of food that were brought in by the nurses. If he did decide to eat he ate a small amount of food that was barely enough to tame his hungry stomach. He knew that he wasn't eating enough but there was nothing he could do about it. If he tried to eat a little more than usual he felt as if he'd throw up all of the food that he'd just eaten.

Ever so slowly his body was starting to weaken. This however did not go unnoticed by Komui. Komui visited Allen's room daily to check up on him. He could see that the boy was dying on the inside. After checking up on the Allen for two weeks and noticing no signs of recovery, Komui decided that enough was enough. He wouldn't let the boy waste away on the hospital bed.

In his office Komui finally decided to call his assistant, Reever, to his office. A few minutes later, after the call, Reever arrived at his office.

"What's up Komui?" Reever asked as he walked in through the door of Komui's office.

"Reever, I called you here because I want you start Allen Walker's therapy sessions." Komui said as he looked at Reever with a serious expression on his face.

"Komui, don't you think it's a little too early to start his therapy sessions? In his current state he needs at least another 1-2 weeks in bed before we can start doing any type of therapy."

"Reever, i want you to supervise him for the next week and make sure that he eats properly, after this week I want you to start his therapies. I think that it'd be better if he were to start them now than to start them later, make sure that he rests enough."

"Komui he's not ready! I don't think he'll be able to start his therapies until two or maybe three weeks from now. You shouldn't rush these things right now what he needs is to rest."

"What I said is final." Komui said as he got up from his chair and stalked out of his office.

"Oh boy..." Reever thought as he followed the supervisor out of the door.

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For the next week Allen was kept under close observation. The medical staff made sure that he ate all of the food that was brought to him instead of ignoring it like he usually did.

Under other circumstances he'd be thankful that they were so concerned about him but this wasn't the case right now. What he wanted the most was to be left alone. He didn't want to see anyone, he hated the way they looked at him, the pitying looks he received from the nurses and doctors that walked in and out of his room made him want to disappear.

As if on cue the door to his room opened and Komui walked in holding a cup of coffee.

"So, Allen I see you're starting to recover well." Komui said as he moved to stand closer towards Allen's side.

Allen turned to look at Komui with cold, dead eyes. He didn't want him here, he didn't need him to try and cheer him up.

Seeing that he was going to get nowhere with talking to Allen, Komui gave a large sigh. "Allen I know that right now you might not want to see anyone and that you need some time for yourself but please keep in mind that we're only trying to help you."

After another long silence Komui decided that it'd be best if he left. "Your first therapy will start this Thursday." Komui said as he walked out of the room.

'How do you help someone who doesn't want your help?' Komui thought to himself as he walked back to his office. When he opened the door to his office he saw Reever sitting on a chair waiting for him with a file folder in his hands.

Komui calmly walked back to his desk and sat down. "So how'd it go?"

"I managed to find quite a few therapists available for Allen. I looked through all of their profiles and managed to narrow it down to only a handful. The ones selected are some of our best therapists and seem capable enough to handle Allen." Reever said as he handed the file folder to Komui who took it and started looking through it.

"That's good." Komui said his eyes still on the files in the folder. He then picked up a file and gave it to Reever. "I want you to call him and tell him about Thursday's already planned therapy session."

"Got it."

Reever then walked out of the office file in hand leaving Komui to his thoughts. 'I wonder if starting the therapy earlier than usual is actually a good idea...' He then shrugged the thought off since everything was already planned.

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On Thursday everything had been set up Allen's first therapy was scheduled to be at 10:00 a.m. in his hospital room.

Komui and Reever were standing outside of Allen's room waiting for the therapist, who would be arriving any minute now.

"Komui are you sure about this?" Reever asked concern written all over his face.

"Reever, relax I'm sure about what I'm doing besides the therapist that's coming to help Allen is one of our best. What could possibly go wrong?"

It was precisely at that moment that the therapist decided to arrive. The therapist gave both Komui and Reever a short greeting before he was guided inside to Allen's room.

"Allen meet your therapist, Dr. Chan." At this Dr. Chan who was standing besides Komui walked towards Allen and shook his hand as he gave him a warm smile.

Allen turn to look at the man, he seemed to be in his late 20's and had short messy blonde hair that slightly framed his face. He wore a tight fitting white jacket with a rose cross on the left side, a black shirt underneath the jacket, black dress pants, black boots, and a beret with a tassel and spirit stone on his head.

"Well we'll leave you now if you need anything don't hesitate to call us." Komui said as he and Reever moved to exit the room.

oO愛 愛Oo.

"Hello. As you already know my name's Bak Chan, you can call me Bak for short." Dr. Chan said with a bright smile. "From today onwards I'll be your physical therapist."

After not receiving any kind of response from Allen, Bak tried to ease the awkward silence in the room by going on to talk about the day's agenda.

"Okay so let's get started..."

oO愛 愛Oo.

Komui and Reever stood outside the door trying to listen in to Allen's session. So far it seemed like it'd been going well.

After 15 minutes of standing outside the door they started walking back to the office when they heard a crash come from inside the room followed by yelling.

They then quickly ran inside the room and walked into a hysterical Allen who was currently throwing objects within arm length at Dr. Chan who was trying as best as he could to dodge them. "Get out! Get OUT!"

"I can't do it! Don't you get it?! I can't feel ANYTHING in my legs!" Allen sobbed out as he finally stopped throwing things.

"Allen it's ok, pretty soon with a few more sessions you'll start to regain feeling in your legs and then you'll start walking again pretty soon in no time." Komui said in a soothing voice.

"You don't get it do you?" Allen said with a bit of resentment in his voice as he gave Komui an ice cold glare. "I don't want to walk! I hate this! I hate being stuck in this bed, I hate not feeling anything in my legs, I hate that Mana died! Allen's voice increased with every new claim.

"Reever go and get the nurse." Komui said as reached his hand out to try to calm down Allen.

"Don't touch me!" Allen shouted as he tried to move away from Komui. "I don't need your pity! Get away from me!"

"Allen please-"

"Stop it just stop! You don't know anything! You don't know what it feels like to lose the most important person in your life!"

It was at this point that Reever walked back into the room with a nurse in tow.

"Nurse please give him a sedative." Komui said as he grabbed ahold of Allen's arms to keep him from possibly attacking the nurse.

"Let go of me!" Allen shouted as he struggled to get free while the nurse injected the sedative.

"Why?" Allen said as the drug started taking effect. "Why? What's...what's the point of walking again if...if there's nothing left to live for?" Allen asked before he slipped into an induced sleep.

After a minute or so Komui finally let go of Allen and turned to look at . "Come to my office now." Komui ordered as he walked out of the room.

oO愛 愛Oo.

"What happened?" Komui asked once they were seated inside his office. "What did you say that affected him that much?"

"Director Lee, I'd been talking to him for about fifteen minutes about how his therapy sessions would be when he seemed to become aware of the fact that he had no feeling in his legs. When he found this out he became hysterical and started to throw objects."

"I see..." Komui said as he critically analyzed Dr. Chan. "Thank you, you may leave now."

"Yes director." Dr. Chan said as he got up from his seat and moved to leave.

Once Reever had made sure that Dr. Chan had left he turned towards Komui. "What do we do now?"

"We look for another therapist. It's obvious that Allen needs a therapist that can handle him better than Dr. Chan. After the incident that happened today I highly doubt that Allen will be able to cooperate with Dr. Chan or that Dr. Chan will be able to truly get through to Allen." Komui said with a sigh as he rubbed his temples.

"Reever, tell me, who are the other physical therapists currently available at this moment in the hospital?"

Reever searched through Komui's desk for the file folder he'd previously left there and once he found it he started browsing through the files in it. "Currently there are four available therapists: Miranda Lotto, Arystar Krory III, Noise Marie, and Suman Dark."

"Are you sure that those are the only ones available at this moment?" Komui asked. "Although they are all very capable therapists we need someone more...strict."

"Let me check again." Reever said but this time he used his tablet to search through the hospital's database for a list of their best therapists who were currently available. As he looked through the list he saw one therapist who's status had changed from unavailable to currently available. "There is one more therapist..." Reever said. "His name is Kanda Yuu."

"Perfect." Komui said as he looked up at Reever. "I want him. Contact Dr. Chan and tell him that Allen will have a new therapist, then contact Dr. Kanda and tell him that he has a new patient."

"Komui are you sure about Dr. Kanda? Although he's one of the best therapists we have he's...not exactly...nice..." Reever ended lamely.

"Reever, don't worry, after what happened today and with what I know about Dr. Kanda I think that he's exactly who Allen needs."

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