Story Title: Eternal

Chapter Title: Past Rears its Ugly Head

Disclaimer: Here comes another chapter of Eternal. I've been trying to work the playful banter between Achilles and Briseis which isn't as easy as it seems. I hope I did at least a halfway decent job. I'm trying to keep them sort of the same as they were in the movie, but again, it has been many years and they have both obviously grown as people so they aren't going to be exactly the same. Oh, I decided from now on, unless they are talking to someone besides each other, I will just be calling them Achilles and Briseis. However, when other characters are talking about them or thinking about them they will use their modern day names. The character of Liam belongs to me.

Achilles hit the mat for the second time. Exasperated he peered up at Briseis with a combined look of amazement and frustration. "You know you're not leaving me with much dignity here?" They had been sparring for almost an hour. While he had been winning most of the time, Briseis was not to be underestimated. She was fast; like lightning, using her small height to her advantage and tripping him up when she found the opportunity.

Briseis shook her head laughing. She pushed a sweaty lock of hair out of her face. "I can't help that you're getting slow in your old age my love." His look of playful indignation only made her want to laugh more. "Come on, on your feet old man." She reached a hand down to help her fallen lover up only to yelp in surprise when he pulled her down on top of him.

"What was that you were saying about me getting slow in my old age?" Achilles grinned cockily up at Briseis before flipping her up and over so he was on top. "Looks like I haven't lost my touch altogether. You do realize that if I'm an old man, than you're an old woman." The game of provoking her never got old, especially when he spied the same quiet offense at being called 'old' burning in her eyes.

"Alright, I stand corrected; you're not an old man." Briseis said, giving him a coy smile. She reached her arms around his neck as though she were going to kiss him, and then quickly yanked his head down, smacking it into the mat over her shoulder before elbowing him in the back. While he groaned at the sneak attack, she used her legs and lightly kicked him off to the side and stood up. "But you still are getting slow."

Achilles had been ready to kiss her one moment and the next moment he was on his back groaning. He couldn't help laughing between groans, "You fight dirty." He rolled back over and got back onto his feet. Rubbing his forehead and glanced over at her with a curious grin "Now I know you didn't learn that from Eudorus."

Briseis grabbed her towel and began to wipe the sweat off her face and neck. "Your right, I didn't. I have had other tutors over the years. A girl has to learn how to protect herself, and not just with weapons." Briseis dropped the towel back down and moved closer to him. Lifting her hand up to where he was rubbing his head. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

Achilles bent his neck side to side, stretching the muscles, "Nothing that won't heal. I must admit you're fast." He grabbed her hand as she reached up, spinning her around and holding her against him. He whispered in her ear, "But I believe I'm still faster."

Her back pressed against his front and she could feel his breath against her neck, "You always were. So now what; am I to be your captive again?" She tilted her head up to look at him, a clever little grin curling her lips.

"Now when have I ever considered you a captive?" Achilles whispered before kissing her neck, feeling her tremble under his hands. She let out a soft moan and he smirked before continuing his ministrations. A groan slipped past his lips when he felt her hand stroke him through his pants. She was wearing nothing but a sports bra and some workout pants, which was really testing his willpower. It was all he could do to refrain from pushing her to the mat and ravishing her right there and then. He nibbled at her neck as he spoke, "Oh, I wish…"

Briseis lightly laughed, knowing just where his mind was roaming. "But wishes don't always come true my dear." She released his manhood and immediately elbowed him in the gut. Again he was left groaning as he released her and dropped to his knees. She spun around, giggling at the sight before her. "You see, you let yourself become distracted. What would your men say?"

Gasping for air, Achilles looked up at her shaking his head. "Are you…*cough*kidding me. You can't tease a man Briseis and then…*cough* do something like that."

"I'm sorry, but I know exactly what you were planning." Briseis placed a hand on his shoulder as he got back to his knees. "Besides, I didn't hit you that hard."

Grabbing her hand off his shoulder, Achilles pulled her down against him, falling back and letting her straddle him. "Come on, you can't tell me you wouldn't enjoy what I had planned." A cheeky grin spread across his face as he moved his hands to her hips.

Briseis gasped as she landed on him, feeling his hardness beneath her. She sighed, her own emotions getting the better of her. Leaning forward she kissed his lips lightly before pulling away and resting her forehead against his. "I'm sure I would, but this is a bit public don't you think?"

Lifting one of his hands from her hip, he brushed her cheek, "Well, that's where the fun lies. Besides, it's my hotel. I'll do what I please where I please." He leaned up and kissed her, his fingers curling in her chocolate locks.

As the kiss deepened, the door to the gym opened and a voice called to them. "Excuse me sir, I…" The concierge looked away upon seeing what was going on. "My apologies, Mr. Kiley; I didn't mean to disturb you, but you have a phone call at the front desk." The man blushed profusely as he spoke.

Achilles groaned. He felt Briseis giggling against his neck as she lay over him. This had better be important. "Thank you Cemal, I'll be right there." He watched the concierge leave before turning his gaze back to the beautiful woman on top of him. "That man has the worst timing."

Briseis patted his chest, still amused at almost being caught. "That is precisely why I was in favor of continuing this elsewhere. I have no intention of being caught sans clothes in here by one of your staff." She pulled away from him and climbed to her feet. "Now I believe, Mr. Kiley. You have some business to attend to and I need to take a shower."

Picturing her naked in the shower was not helping his state of arousal. "You know images like that are not conducive to me wanting to go conduct business." He slowly pulled himself off the floor. "I suppose I have little choice." He grabbed her around the waist, kissing the top of her head. "I shouldn't be too long, I promise you that."

Nodding her head, Briseis leaned against him. "I shall hold you to the promise." She smirked, licking her lips. "I'll save some hot water for you."

Achilles rolled his eyes and shook his head. He picked up their towels, handing one to her as he guided her out of the gym. "You really are making this quite hard Briseis."

Briseis laughed, brushing against him. "Mmm, I can tell." She bit her lip when she heard him groan. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'll leave you to your business now." She pulled him down for one last kiss, patted him on the butt, than strolled off toward the elevators with a happy grin plastered across her face.

"She is going to be the death of me." Achilles whispered to himself, as he watched her leave. He was happier than he had felt in a long time, as he strode off toward the main desk, "But what a way to go."

Briseis watched the numbers count upwards as the elevator approached her floor. Using her towel, she wiped some sweat off her forehead. She hadn't had a fight like that for quite a while but it was refreshing to know she hadn't lost all her skill. Of course, not surprising was that Achilles had lost none of his. While she had the upper hand a few times, he had clearly dominated during their sparring session. Sensual distractions aside, Achilles remained the better fighter. She idly wondered how she would fair when it came to swords.

She couldn't believe they had almost been caught…but there was a certain intriguing naughtiness to it she supposed. Still, it was just as well that they had been interrupted. Goodness knows it would have been utterly embarrassing had that concierge seen them mid coitus.

The elevator stopped, bringing Briseis out of her thoughts. She stepped out and walked down the hall towards their suite. After all that sparring she really needed a nice warm shower. Secretly she hoped Achilles wouldn't take too long so that he could join her. A smile crinkled her lips as she approached the door only to turn to a frown when she realized she had forgotten to get the key from Achilles.

Rolling her eyes at her own stupidity, Briseis walked back down the hall, mumbling under her breath about how she too had been distracted. As she passed down an intersecting hallway, an arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled. At first she thought it was Achilles and was ready to chew him out for startling her so. Then she heard the hammer of a gun and felt the muzzle press into the small of her back. "Hello Brenna, did ya miss me dahling?" A smooth male voice spoke, his lilting accent obvious.

That voice; she would recognize that voice from anywhere. Oh gods, why in the hell was he here? "Liam." She spoke his name in almost a growl. She tried to pull away from him, but he held onto her tightly.

"Oh, it don't soun' like ya happy to see me love." He pressed the muzzle deeper into her back, pushing her back out into the main hallway. She grunted at the movement but went along, "An 'ere I went through all the trouble of tracken ya down."

"What the hell are you doing here Liam? I told you there was nothing between us and there never would be three years ago, can't you take a hint?" Briseis asked, peering over her shoulder. She had met Liam at one of her book signing. At first he had seemed nice; however, over the years she had learned to keep a distance from mortals. When she had turned down his advances, his attitude had done a complete 180. He became crude, arrogant, and incredibly overbearing. If she had to compare his ego to someone, Briseis would say he ranked up there with Agamemnon.

Liam spun her around, slamming her into the wall and pressing the gun into her stomach. "An I told you love you'd change ya mind eventually. But you ran away. I kept track of ya though, wasn't hard. Afta all, you're this great, writer. Followed ya here and then what do I see. You, dallying with some pretty boy. I'm hurt love."

Briseis shook her head. She knew she could probably disarm him, but she'd rather try and talk some sense in him. Maybe get him to leave before Achilles came up. That could end up becoming a complete fiasco. "So what are you going to do? Gun me down because you can't have me? You're acting ridiculous."

"I came all this way; I'm no' leaving without ya love. " He turned her around and started pushing her toward the elevators. Just as they approached the doors opened revealing Achilles. Briseis felt a mixture of relief and dread upon seeing him. Liam grabbed ahold of Briseis' arm, roughly pulling her against him. The look of confusion on Achilles face upon seeing them quickly morphed to one of rage. Shaking her head, Briseis peered over her should. "Times up Liam; you lose."

Achilles rubbed his forehead as he rode up the elevator. Sometimes running a hotel was great, other times; it was a complete headache. How does a shipment of bed sheets just go missing? Luckily he had been doing this long enough to sort out the entire affair quickly; which was a good thing. After all he had a lovely brunette waiting in his shower for him. He intended that they would finish the fun they had started in the gym.

Stepping out of the elevator, he was confronted by another man who seemed to be manhandling Briseis. Three questions came to his mind; who was this guy, what the hell was he doing with Briseis, and why didn't she simply just pummel this fool. She certainly had to skill to do so. It wasn't until he saw the flash of the gun that Achilles realized why she hadn't made simply dropped this guy on his ass. Angrily, he strode forward, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Well well, just the man I wanted to talk to. Sorry to bust in on ya fun, but ya see, this little beauty here belongs to me. Isn't that right dahling?" He jabbed the gun into Briseis' back again and smiled at the grunt that came from her.

"I don't belong to you. I never did. If you can't get that through your think skull you're a bigger fool than I ever thought you were." Briseis replied. He was digging himself a very large hole and she knew Achilles would not be averse to burying him in it.

"Now, now, she is quite a saucy tart isn't she? That's what drew me to her in the first place. Now, if you'll move out of the way, the lovely lady and I have plans." Liam looked at Achilles daring him to try and stop him. "You don't move friend and I just might 'ave to hurt her."

Achilles stared the man down, fists clenching in fury. If this guy thought he was going anywhere with Briseis he must be completely insane. Threatening Briseis was the last straw, "You're not leaving with her; you're not leaving at all."

Liam gave Achilles an evil smirk. "Fraid that I am pal. Now you can either move or I can put a bullet in her and I'd hate to 'ave to do that; wouldn't be right to damage such a pretty little thing." He ran the barrel of the gun down the side of Briseis' face, pressing it into her neck before bringing it back down to her side. "But I will if I 'ave ta."

Achilles felt a sense of déjà vu settling over him. Hadn't they done this dance with Agamemnon so many years ago? His eyes locked with Briseis' and realized she too was reliving that day. Would she tell him not to do something this time? "Brenna" he stated softly, searching her eyes for his answer.

A moment so similar to this one crossed Briseis' mind and when Achilles looked at her she knew he was remembering it as well. This time she would make no plea for him not to intercede. This business with Liam had to end once and for all. Briseis merely lifted her head high and gave a subtle nod.

Liam watched the interplay between the tall man before him and Brenna, beginning to fume at how lovingly she looked at this man. Angrily, he roughly spun her around. Briseis stumbled back a bit, but he held the gun up, aiming it at her chest. "You're in love with this bloke aren't ya?"

This was escalating and Briseis knew it was only going to end badly. "It doesn't matter if I do or I don't Liam. I don't love YOU! Just stop this. Just walk away." She pleaded in vain, knowing he was so far into his delusion that he was not going to just let this go.

"But it does matter to me love." Liam now shifted, pointing the gun at Achilles. "I can always shoot him."

Briseis looked at Liam with a mixture of hate and pity, knowing that he'd just condemned himself. "Liam, I'm warning you, get out of here now, he won't give you a second chance to do so."

"That's not going to happen dahling, I think we both know it." Liam stated as he glared over at Achilles.

"She's right you know. This is the only chance you're going to get I can assure you of that." Achilles threatened the wretch in front of him. If he had anything to do with it, this idiot wasn't going to be walking for long. "I'm going to give you five seconds to lower the gun and walk away, and then I'm going to make you shoot me."

"Sounds like someone's either crazy or has a death wish; doesn't matter which it is really. Ya see, I told myself, if she wouldn't love me, she wasn't gonna love anyone." He kissed the side of Briseis face. Noting how she grimaced, "I coulda made ya happy, but you're so high and mighty ya wouldn't even give me a chance. Well, guess I'm gonna have to show you just how serious I am." With that he re-aimed the gun and fired at Achilles.

As he pulled the trigger, Briseis pushed him sending the shot wide. Liam backhanded her across the face, sending her towards the opposite wall. He was soon hitting the floor himself when Achilles tackled him. The gun went off once more as the two men wrestled.

Briseis clutched her side in pain feeling the bullet tear into her side. Pushing back the pain, she watched while Achilles began ramming his fist into Liam's face, finally knocking the other man unconscious. His eyes went wide when he saw she had been shot. With Liam incapacitated, he turned his attention to Briseis, moving to her side. "Son of a bitch; are you okay?"

Moving her hand away from the wound revealed how serious the situation was. "Not really. Get me back to the room quick." She looked over at the fallen form of her attacker. "Don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon."

Achilles grunted before gently lifting her into his arms. "I'm more worried about you at the moment." He moved as quickly as he could down the hallway, fishing the key out of his pocket. Once they were inside, he set Briseis down on the bed then moved to the phone. He waited a moment before the main desk picked up. "Ayla, this is Mister Kiley. I need you to send Jason and Aaron up here. Yes, thank you." He sat down next to Briseis on the bed. She was beginning to look pale, her lips slowly losing color. "I'll be right back, just hold on." He hated leaving her, but he still had to deal with this Liam character. When she gave him a nod of her head, Achilles leaned down, kissed her forehead then ran out of the room to deal with

Briseis watched him go, trying to breathe through the increasing pain in her side. The bullet must have hit something vital. Already she was beginning to feel cold and was having trouble catching her breath. Gunshots were one of the more painful ways to 'die' and it weren't exactly a picnic coming back from either.

As she moved her blood covered hand away from the wound Achilles came back into the room, moving immediately to her side. He noted that she looked even paler now then just moments ago. His eyes caught on the pool of blood forming on the sheets and his heart sunk. "Briseis?"

Briseis smiled grimly at him, holding up a blood hand. "I might have a problem here."


Oh boy, these two can never catch a break can they? It wouldn't be an Achilles/Briseis story without a bit of drama though so here you go. Already have the beginnings of the next chapter going so we'll see how long it takes for the next installment. Hope you enjoyed this chapter. Let me know.