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"I'm sure you're all as aware as I am of our… recent losses against the Hive Five?"

Everyone nodded solemnly, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

"Gizmo's new technology, their new fighting techniques… I just don't get it." Cyborg shook his head. "Where are they getting it from?"

"Perhaps Slade has a re-appearance, and is aiding the Hive Five?" Starfire cautiously mentioned their former arch nemesis, all too aware of how her team mates would react.

"Slade?" Beast Boy yelped, rocking his chair back dramatically.

"We haven't seen him since… since Trigon was banished." Raven shook her head, forcing herself to mention her father. "And I doubt the Hive Five would work for anyone now days, and Slade doesn't aid anyone. Not unless it gains him something."

"Whatever it is, it needs to end. I've been monitoring the activity of the Hive Five across the city using security cameras for a while now. The best way to find out what they're doing and how they're doing it is to infiltrate their base. We need more information on them if we're going to beat them. Cyborg's undercover mission into the Hive Academy was a success… mostly. I believe the same would work here."

"But they'll recognise Cyborg's disguise." Raven frowned.

"Which is why we aren't using Cyborg. After gathering in all the info I could about their day to day lives, in and out of the villainy circuit, I've concluded Jinx is are best bet. In other words, she's the only one with an extensive social life outside the Hive. We're going to need someone to get close to her. Close enough that she'll either spill secrets or invite them back to their base."

"I know it worked before but… how are we meant to explain one of us disappearing?" Cyborg asked.

"Why don't we just get Raven to read their minds or something?" Beast Boy offered.

"No." Raven glared at him from across the table. "My mind is going nowhere near Jinx's. Or anyone else's. Besides, you have no idea how hard it is to enter the mind of an unwilling host."

"It was just a suggestion."

"We aren't going to be missing a titan full time – just when they're meeting Jinx."

"Exactly. That's a pattern, isn't it?" Raven pointed out. "And an obvious one."

"But would they notice the absence of a titan if they weren't in the fight?"

"Possibly." Cyborg answered the Tamerainian. "News of a disappearing Titan would spread quickly."

"Guys… just hear me out, yeah?" Robin shook his head. "I know it's not perfect, but it's either this, or we continue getting our butts kicked. I did consider using an honorary titan, but we need someone who knows the Hive Five, and who'll be able to defend themselves if the situation arrives without the use of their powers. We don't have time to test the hand to hand combat skills of each individual honorary titan."

"So, if not Cyborg, who?" Starfire asked.

Robin looked apologetically at Raven, and the empath crossed her arms, her face moulding into a stern frown. "No."

"It's either you, or Starfire, and Star still struggles with her English. It would be too obvious."

"Care to clarify why you've chosen me, then? What about you, or Beast Boy?"

"It has to be a girl who does this, but we need someone who can stay on task, and who'll be able to recognise even the smallest piece of information."

"No. I am not doing this Robin. I can't act, and you all know firsthand how bad my social skills are. There is no way you expect I'm going to be able to befriend-"

"You won't be befriending her actually. You'll be dating her."

"You're crazy." Raven's face hardened.

Beast Boy wolf-whistled, and Raven threw a dirty look at him.

"She's a regular at Propaganda, a local gay bar. You'll go there, bump into her and-"

"Dear Azar, Robin! No way! I am not going there, and I'm certainly not dating her!"

"You won't be. Rachael Roth will." He slid a folder across the table. "I'll have Cyborg program you a holo-ring."

Raven ignored the folder a moment, before gingerly looking at the files, not really taking in any of the information. "I don't like this."

"You don't have to, and if it doesn't get us any information, we'll stop."

"There isn't even a guarantee that she'll be interested in Rachael." Raven argued.

"Not homophobic, are you Rae?" Beast Boy grinned, and the empath kicked his shin under the table.

"I just … can't see how this is going to work. To get into their base… either you'll be waiting a long time, or you don't understand exactly what you're asking me to do. That's if she even takes me to their base! They probably have other places too, you know."

"The plan isn't great, Raven. I know. But we've got to try something. If you have a better idea…"

"Fine." Raven stood, snatching the folder with her new identity off the table. "I'll be in my room if you need me."

"But the planning-"

"What more do I need to know?"

"Well, when to go to propaganda, and-"

"It's not like I do anything anyway. I have a free calendar." She replied, walking towards the door.

"Don't you want to help Cyborg with the holo-ring?"

"No." Raven glared at Robin. "You can do what you want with it." She phased through the door of the operations room.

Raven stared at her reflection in her vanity mirror as she slowly slid on the holo-ring Cyborg had given her. Her violet hair turned black and her skin a creamy mocha colour that was a few shades lighter than Cyborg's colouring, giving her a Hispanic look, her critical eyes a shade of brown much darker than their usual violet.

She smirked as she realised she looked like her mother, had she only sported blue eyes instead of brown. Raven grabbed the folder off her bed, remembering Cyborg had told her he'd followed the identity Robin had made for her, flicking through the files. She went straight for Rachael's background information, her eyebrow rising into an arch as she moved back over to the mirror. She took a moment to wonder if Robin knew she was fluent in Romanian, or if her leader had randomly chosen the country, in the hopes their targets would know nothing about it.

Dropping the folder on her bed, she moved closer to the mirror to study her reflection again, this time with a small frown. She couldn't help feeling the girl frowning back at her looked out of place in the blue cloak, or stop thinking that she looked normal. Human.