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"So … where are they?" Beast Boy frowned, staring up the street.

Several shop fronts had been smashed, and the area was free of people, which was a first for Main Street. It had been the focus of attack for a few villains over the years, but civilians had always been at the edge of the fight. Robin stared up the street, his eyes knitted together with confusion.

"This … just looks like pointless vandalism. What are they playing at?"

Feeling a familiar buzz of energy, the empath started to turn towards the store front to the side of her, the pink hex reaching her first, colliding into the woman, the force throwing her across the road. The other titans turned to look where the hex had come from, Gizmo and Mammoth running out through the broken store window, heading straight for the four titans.

Raven tried to get to her feet, but a second wave of pink energy crashed into her. She winced as she skidded across the tarmac, the skin on her right arm flushing red with a friction burn. She rolled over and tried to check how bad the burn was, pausing when chunky black boots stepped into her view. Her mind froze up as she caught waves of emotion off the woman, none of them good, realising something had blown her cover.

"Hey Raven. Or do you want me to keep calling you Rachael?" Jinx crouched down, balancing on the balls of her feet, putting herself in Raven's line of sight when the woman didn't look up at her. "What? Aren't you going to say anythin'? No apologies? Excuses? Aren't you gonna tell me why you thought it'd be fun to fuck me over?"

"Jinx …" The empath's breath seemed caught in her throat, and talking became almost impossible. She could have dealt with it if she was just receiving anger from the meta human, but she couldn't handle the other emotions the woman was feeling. It crushed her heart, until simply breathing became a struggle.

"'Jinx' what, huh? 'Jinx' fucking what?"

Cyborg tried to walk forward, but it was like trying to move against a brick wall. A several miles long brick wall with fantastic foundations. He didn't care what the others said; Mammoth had gotten stronger. Beast Boy crashed into the side of the giant as a bull, forcing the criminal to release his grip of Cyborg as he stumbled. Letting his green best friend handle the big guy, he glanced over to where Robin and Starfire were trying to reach Gizmo, the small genius having taken to the air using a jetpack, dodging the alien as he shot at Robin, keeping him back.

He didn't like how they were fighting. It was different from their usual. There was no sense of them trying to escape; they weren't trying to overthrow the Titans. Instead, it was like they were trying to keep the attention of the heroes. He knew what that felt like; Slade's bots had often been used simply for that purpose, and during the fight against the Brother Hood of evil …

He swore loudly and looked for Raven, finding her on the floor, Jinx crouched next to her. The fact that they weren't fighting worried him more than anything else, and he started to move towards them, readying his sonic cannon. Something large and heavy crashed into his back, knocking him to the floor. Mammoth picked him up by one foot and swung him round, releasing the Titan, a building stopping his flight.

He pushed himself to his feet, looking for the two women again, only to find himself even farther away from them.

"No way tin man. Jinx's got somethin' to settle with your team mate, an' she don't need you guys tryin' to interrupt."

Something green behind the villain caught Cyborg's attention, and he quickly rolled out of the way as a green bear swiped at Mammoth, the blow knocking the Hive member into the wall Cyborg had crashed into just seconds earlier.

Looking for his leader, Cyborg started towards him, pausing only to grab the changeling as he shot past him in human form, obviously air born from some kind of attack. "Yo, Rob! We have a problem!"

Robin looked at Cyborg, who pointed towards Raven and Jinx. Robin looked behind him, before glaring at Gizmo.

"You clutch heads ain't as smart as you think you are. You gave us some pretty obvious links. Maybe you can answer this one for us – Why don't your team mate's DNA register with any of the species the government has on file?"

Starfire aimed at Gizmo with a flurry of green star bolts, which he quickly dodged, somewhat alarmed by the sudden attack. "That is not of your business to know!"

"Jinx … the amulet … you have to understand, it was too dangerous. We had to get it off you somehow." Raven spoke, her eyes wide as she stared at the meta human. "Jinx please, I didn't – "

The criminal smashed her fist into the empath's jaw, shutting her up. "Amulet? I'd met 'Rachael' before you fucking knew I had that amulet! What do you think I am? Stupid?"

"No! I tried to come up with another way; I didn't want to do this – "

"Didn't want to do this? Robin's your leader, not your fucking dictator! You enjoyed it, didn't you? Some fucked up piece of you enjoyed screwing me over!"

"It's not like that! At first it was just orders, but – "

"But what? But you enjoyed stringing me along?" Jinx interrupted again, her face only inches away from Raven's. "That shouldn't surprise me, considering your background. I mean, who's Angela Roth, huh?"

"How do you know that name?" The empath asked, fear lacing her voice.

"Because you're not as smart as you think you are. What dark little shit involves herself with somethin' like the Church of Blood? Gizmo thinks you're an experiment of theirs." Jinx grinned slightly when she saw a window shatter behind them. She'd seen that happen before with Raven, usually when something in a fight had put her under a lot of stress. She knew she was getting to the woman, and the petty comments made her feel that bit better. "Is that it? You're just some pathetic, unwanted experiment that didn't work? Did stringin' me along make you feel better? Did it make you feel like you could actually be something important?"

"Shut up." Raven's voice was quiet and unsteady, Jinx only just managing to hear her.

"So Giz is right? What was the experiment then? He checked your DNA, you know. Exactly what the fuck are you? What dark hole did you crawl out of?"

"Shut up!" Raven repeated, this time yelling as she moved her hands up to cover her ears, a wall of obsidian energy smashing into the criminal and throwing her back. Raven had never reacted to comments like that; not until Slade had taunted her, but the backlash of Jinx's emotions were getting to her, and she found herself crumbling under the weight.

Jinx swore, quickly rolling to her feet, before turning to face Raven, scowling when she realised the woman hadn't moved. She marched forward, swinging her right foot back before kicking the empath in the right side, where the bullet wound should have been. The titan's face crumpled in pain as her entire side seemed to burst with flames, having not had the time to heal it before coming out to answer the call.

"Fight back, damn it! Why won't you fucking fight back?" She kicked Raven again, not finding it as satisfying as she'd hoped she would. Instead it just seemed to make her feel worse, not that Jinx had thought that was possible. "You're not allowed to sit there, looking all pathetic!" She swung her foot towards the empath again, a small smile lifting the corners of her lips as pale hands grabbed the chunky boot and twisted.

Jinx fell as she lost her balance, and put her hands down to catch herself. Raven scrambled back before she stumbled to her feet, her face a mask of pain as she grabbed her side, feeling warmth as her blood leaked through the material of her leotard, staining her hands, Jinx having worsened the original injury.

The meta human was quick to follow her, throwing another punch that the empath clumsily avoided.

"You're still not fighting!" She yelled at the woman as she backed her up against a wall. "Fight back, damn it! Punch me; kick me; just do something!" Jinx caught someone moving behind her out the corner of her eye, and spun around, throwing a hex without checking who it was. The pink energy connected with the titan's leader and he tumbled back. Jinx turned back to Raven and grabbed her shoulders, before shoving her roughly against the wall, "Fight back! Why won't you fucking fight back?"

Eyes downcast, Raven shook her head, not sure she could rely on her voice, trying to bite back the tears that threatened to fall.

"Fuck you!" The meta human jerked Raven forward, before smashing her back against the wall. She pulled back, and Raven expected Jinx to punch her again, but the woman stopped mid-action. She dropped her arm and stepped back, looking as tired as she suddenly felt. "You won," she told Raven quietly. "You fucking won. I hope you're happy."

The meta human turned and walked towards Robin, dragging him to his feet before she shoved both her hands in his face. "Arrest me then, damn it. I give up."

Raven stepped forward, almost losing her balance as pain shot through her body. "Jinx …" She didn't know what to say, so stopped; hoping the meta human would acknowledge her anyway.

She didn't look around, just impatiently shoved her hands closer to the leader of the Titans. "What are you fucking waiting for?"

Gizmo and Mammoth stared at their leader in disbelief, but didn't fight when Cyborg and Starfire moved to hand cuff them. Raven continued to watch Jinx, unable to look away from the meta human. She wanted to run forward, to apologize. She wanted to take back the last twelve hours, to leave the amulet alone and lie to Robin about having been in the Hive base. She wanted to make Jinx forgive her, there and then. Instead, she stepped back into the wall, disappearing unnoticed as dark energy surrounded her.

The common room was uncomfortably quiet, despite the three Titans that were sat on the sofa. The Flash had been by just an hour ago, the amulet now back and safe in the museum, the security of the artefact having been increased upon request. Any other time, it would have been a cause for celebration.

The three titans all looked round as the doors to the room opened, and Cyborg walked in. "She let me dress the wounds, but she isn't healing them. She wouldn't even speak to me."

"It's going to be like what happened with Malchior all over again, isn't it?" The changeling sighed unhappily, ears drooping.

"I know we retrieved the amulet, and defeated the Hive … but it does not feel like a victory." Starfire spoke up, glancing at her friends.

"Maybe … we took things too far this time." Cyborg nodded. "Way too far."

"We did was what necessary." Robin tried to sound confident, though it didn't fool anyone.

"Somehow I think Rae would disagree with you on this one, dude." Beast Boy muttered.

Everyone looked at Starfire as she stood up from the sofa. "I shall see if I can get her to talk to me. If she continues like this … her injuries …"

"She's still gonna heal quicker than any of us, and she is immune to infection. It's not the physical injuries I'm worried about." Cyborg frowned. "Man, I've never seen the girl look so miserable before."

"Well how are we meant to help her if she's not talkin' to anyone?" Beast Boy asked. "She's just gonna keep locked in her room like she always does."

"We keep buggin' her until she leaves her room." Cyborg shrugged. "Worked like a charm after she'd gotten over the initial upset after the Malchior business." Cyborg looked at his leader. "And the two of you need to have a good conversation about a couple of things, when she's ready to talk."

"I told her she could stop the undercover thing if she couldn't go through with it." Robin defended himself.

"Of course she wouldn't do that; it's Raven, for god's sake! She'd be worried about lettin' the team down. Not to mention she'd gotten to experience somethin' she wouldn't have gotten to experience otherwise. She did the exact same thing I did when I was undercover at Hive Academy. That's my fault; I should have told you after she came to talk to me. Maybe then we could have avoided all this. You'd think we would have learned from the first time."

"We have all made the mistake with this one." Starfire shook her head. "I shall go attempt to speak with Raven. I believe it will benefit us all to remove our minds from what has happened, so long as we all understand we should not do such a thing again. The end result is not worth what it costs to get there." She flew from the room.

Robin looked at Cyborg. "She talked to you?"

"She knew I'd gone through similar things with my time at Hive Academy, what with being an empath and all." Cyborg shrugged. "She was worried she was enjoying her time as Rachael too much. I should have got you to end the whole thing then."

"Why didn't you?" Robin frowned.

"I thought it'd do her some good, not having to think about everyone else for a change. I wasn't thinking about the end consequences."

"I'm not sure who was hurt more." Beast Boy muttered. "Jinx, or Raven. I mean, I never thought I'd actually see Jinx just give up during a fight. Didn't even realise she had those words in her vocabulary."

"We really played our cards wrong with this one." Robin nodded. "But … I suppose we could have come out of it worse off. Right; enough of that, we know what we did wrong. There's no point in going over it all again. Things will sort themselves out. Let's … order a pizza. I don't really feel like cooking tonight."

"That's alright. I'll cook." Cyborg offered. "I need somethin' to do other than just sit around. Hopefully Star can get Raven to come out of her room."





One Month Later

The woman uncertainly entered the building, trying to ignore the wall of noise that hit her, and threatened to throw off her senses. The place stank of sweat, perfume and alcohol. Putting her hand over her pocket, the woman checked the item was still there, before she fought her way through the mass of bodies towards the bar.

She frowned as she caught sight of who she was looking for, the woman engaged in conversation with a leggy blonde. Reaching the bar, she took the empty seat next to the pink haired woman.

"What you drinking, Jen?"

The meta human all but fell off the bar stool she was sat on, and turned to glare at the dark haired woman. The blonde she'd been talking with stood with a small frown, moving back from the bar.

"Right. Never mind. I can see you're busy."

Raven watched her walk off with a small smile, before looking back at Jinx.

"What the hell are you playin' at?"

"Oh, come on. Don't act like you found her attractive." Jinx didn't reply, quickly standing and moving to leave the club, the empath quick to follow her. "Jinx, we need to talk."

"No. We don't. You need to leave me the fuck alone."

Raven followed her outside, walking faster until she was alongside the Meta Human. "How'd you escape jail?"

"Fuck off, Raven."

"Convenient, isn't it? I mean what kinda guard forgets to lock doors in a jail?" Jinx stopped dead, and the empath copied her. "You know, Robin went to investigate after we'd been informed. Apparently, all the doors were locked when they went to check on you and found the cell was empty. I wonder, who do you think opened the doors for you, hmm?" Jinx frowned at her uncertainly; Raven sighing impatiently as she waved her hand towards a nearby door that probably led to the back of some shop. Jinx swore as the door swung open. "Locks are easy; especially when you don't need to touch things to move them. You know what wasn't easy?"

She pulled a small velvet drawstring pouch from her pocket and passed it to the woman. Jinx looked at the bag, though didn't take it. "What is it?"

"The amulet. I really am sorry, for hurting you like I did. You were right; I could have stopped it. Robin gave me enough chances to pull out …. But I didn't. I don't really know how to … make it up to you, so I thought, well maybe, this could be a start?" Jinx didn't move to take the bag, so she added, "The Titans don't know I'm here. Hell, no one even knows the amulet's missing again. Not yet, anyway."

"You stole it?" She asked the empath, shocked.

"Well, how else would I get it? Just, if you are going to use it, and well, you don't want me to help you come to terms with exactly just how potent it is and what changes it does to your abilities, research it or something – at least try to understand you will be a lot more dangerous wearing it."

"'Help me'? Raven, what are you ... you think I'm just going to be able to forget about all that shit?" Jinx asked, shaking her head. "I don't even know if this is just some other game to get me back into jail or something!"

Raven shrugged. "I didn't expect you to … but, I mean, I had to try, right?" She shoved the small bag into Jinx's hand. "I am telling the truth though – unless you go around shoving it in people's faces, they won't know you have it. It's yours."

Jinx watched as the empath turned around and started to walk away, closing the door she'd opened with a flick of her hand. The meta human frowned, and studied the bag a moment, before moving after Raven. "Wait, where are you going?"

"Home." She replied without glancing back.

"Raven … wait, please."

The titan stopped and looked back at the woman patiently.

"Why? I mean, why'd you break me out of jail, an' steal something you and your team spent so much energy tryin' to get off me?"

"I told you; what we did – what I did – was … messed up. It was stupid, and ignorant, and it shouldn't have been done. I know what it feels like to be used by someone. I should have known better."

"That still doesn't make any sense. If what you're sayin' is true, then you acted separate to your team to get this." She lifted the small bag. "Why?"

"Because I hate myself for hurting you like that." Raven admitted quietly. "You'd told Rachael at the start you don't usually do relationships, and what you said to Gizmo … I should have stopped it from the start, but … I was selfish. I wanted to keep seeing you …"

"And you'd go against your team? To try and make it up to a villain? I mean, what happens to you when they find out?"

"I get kicked off the team. And probably jailed for stealing, too."

"And you're still gonna give me the amulet, even though you're not gonna get anything out of it?"

"I already have given it to you, haven't I?" Raven asked.

"Don't be a smart ass. You know what I meant." Jinx hesitated, before walking up to the Titan, pulling the holo ring off Raven's finger, frowning slightly as the black hair and tanned skin vanished. "Rachael was a lying bitch. I don't want to see you wearing that holo ring again. Okay?"

"… What?"

"You 'ave one more chance. Don't fuck things up again. If I catch even a hint that this is another stupid game you Titans are playing, you're dead. An' I mean it this time. If the Titans kick you out … well, you'll just have to move into the flat me an' the boys use, won't you? I mean, I don't think Giz'll like you being in the base, even as an ex-Titan. So, when are you gonna start teachin' me how to use this amulet?" Raven didn't say anything, just stared at the woman, not quite believing what she was hearing. "Hello? Earth to Rae? Anyone home?"

"You mean …?"

"Mean what? I do kinda need someone to help me understand what this stupid necklace does. I mean, didn't you say somethin' about almost killin' someone? I'm a bad guy, not a murderer. Although going out could be somewhat problematic, you know, if you're not wearin' your holo ring. Which you're not goin' to. Ever. While it's still programmed to give you that appearance. Gizmo might be able to do somethin' about that though. Whatever, we can talk about that later." Jinx put the silver band in her pocket, before taking hold of Raven's hand. "Now, the apartment's mine for the night anyway. Do you want to go clubbing, or bar hopping or somethin' for a bit, or are we headin' straight back? Don't get me wrong, we're really gonna have to sit down at some point and talk about it, because I'm still not happy about it all, but you did steal the amulet from them, an' that is a good startin' place. You have a long way to go, though, if you wanna make it up to me. You sure you can handle it?"

"Would you prefer to go drinking, or head back to the apartment now?" Raven asked.

"You do know you're buying all the drinks, right?" Jinx grinned

"Yeah, I'd already figured that one out."

"Come on; I know somewhere where people won't say anythin' about you bein' a Titan. Or about you bein' with me."

"Does it really matter? They're going to realise the amulet's gone by tomorrow morning at the latest; it's only a matter of time before they realise I had something to do with it and I'm kicked off the team anyway."

"Maybe." Jinx shrugged. "But I'd rather not have your team mates interrupt us tonight. You owe me one for scarin' off that blonde."

"Actually, I'm trying to forget you were even talking to her." The empath muttered.

"What? Is Raven jealous?" Jinx grinned.

"You don't want to make me jealous. It wouldn't be healthy for the other woman."

"I'll keep that in mind."

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