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"Through those doors, Rose Tyler, there is the biggest theme park in the solar system, which holds the fastest roller-coaster currently invented- Space Mountain 58." The Doctor grinned, resting his hands on Rose's shoulders and guiding her eagerly towards the door of the TARDIS.

She had carefully stored away the delicate locket in her box of special things-the last thing she wanted to happen was to lose it. She had a long shower (much to the Doctor's annoyance, his impatience was seriously becoming an issue) and had styled her hair in gentle waves. She wasn't quite sure how warm it would be. She was going to be inside, so it wasn't exactly going to be cold, but it wasn't exactly going to be Florida either. She decided on a mini skirt (just short enough to hopefully grab the Doctor's attention, but long enough to be perfectly acceptable and innocent) with tights and boots, a plain red t-shirt and a denim jacket.

She inspected herself briefly in the mirror, quickly applying a little more lip gloss, before skipping happily into the console room. The Doctor smiled at her, before leading her towards the door and pulling her through by the hand.

"I give you, Disney Land, Alloy Station Twelve!" He grinned.

"At least you got it right this time." She teased.


"Sorry. This is brilliant!" She squeaked.

"Where shall we go first?" He asked, keeping a tight hold of her hand as they wandered through the crowds.

Rose couldn't see the edge of the room. Everywhere there were rides-not so different to the ones from her time-and screaming children covered in ice cream, giddy couples, exhausted parents, and stalls selling all sorts of food.

The ceiling, well, wasn't a ceiling. She stared up at the bright blue, sunless sky. There were a few small clouds scattered here and there. The Doctor noticed her staring, looking slightly confused, and leant towards her.

"The ceiling is designed to resemble the sky, like that on earth." He informed her. She nodded, gazing round in amazement. It seemed to go on and on.

They wondered a bit further, still holding hands, until the Doctor was distracted by a stall.

"Oooh! Cotton candy! Come on Rose, we have to get some!" He pleaded like a child, and Rose giggled.

"After we've been on a ride, I'll end up throwing up!" She said, dragging him away.

"Fine." He huffed. "Talking about rides, are we going on one any time soon? It's lovely to look at, but I think I'd enjoy it more going at 200 miles per hour."

"Let's go on the tea cups!" Rose squeaked, taking her turn to indulge herself in childish excitement, and pulling the Doctor towards the relatively short queue. He pulled a face, but went along with her anyway.

"Tea cups are rubbish." He muttered.

"We'll see about that."

The Doctor showed his psychic paper to the guy on the gate-Rose wasn't altogether happy about going in for free, but she wasn't going to complain-and they raced up to get into a teacup.

"Teacups were always my favourites when I was little." She grinned, pulling the bar down over their legs.

"Well I think they're-WOAH!" He shouted, as their carriage was suddenly flung round and blaring music began to rattle in their ears.

Rose began to laugh hysterically, her amusement added to by the Doctor's surprise, her hair whipping across her face as the speed increased at an alarming rate. "This...is...brilliant!" She shouted. The Doctor laughed back at her.

Suddenly, the whole carriage spun on it's side and she was shoved forcefully into his side.

"Sorry!" She giggled over the sound of the air rushing past.


Finally, the ride came to a less-than-gentle halt, and they sat there in fits of laughter, before the bar automatically rose up and they jumped out of the carriage, holding their aching bellies.

"Where next?" He asked, quickly rushing her through the exit and once again pulling her though the crowds at a ridiculous speed.

"I don't know, you choose."

"Hmm." He pondered. "I like the look of that." He pointed a finger, and Rose followed it.

"Oh. My. God." Rose said, staring blankly at the huge structure he was suggesting.

The said ride was huge. With a steep drop way taller than any skyscraper she knew, what seemed like hundreds of loop-the-loops, and carriages whizzing past a dizzying speeds, this roller-coaster looked like a death trap.

"Scared." He challenged, grinning evily.

"Me? No." She lied. She was all for huge roller-coasters, but seriously, that?

"Good, let's go!" He started running towards the where the end of the queue.

"Uh-uh, no way." Rose said, shaking her head towards the impossibly long queue before them, secretly glad that she had an excuse to avoid it. "There's no way I'm waiting that long."

The Doctor turned and gave her puppy dog eyes, "Please?" He pleaded. He was literally bouncing with anticipation.

"The queue's massive!" She moaned.

"It'll be worth it!"

"It's my birthday!" She whined.

He stared at her, sticking his bottom lip out and looking at her with a heartbreaking expression. She couldn't help but laugh as her heart filled with warmth.

"Fine! Fine. But if you get bored, don't you dare wander off!" She told him sternly, wagging a finger at him.

"Yes!" He hugged her tightly, "I love you sometimes, Rose Tyler." He immediately ran off towards the queue, and Rose hesitated for a moment, waiting for his words to sink in.

I love you sometimes, Rose Tyler.

I love you.

Did he really just say that? She shook her head and followed him. He didn't mean it, it was just an expression.

Standing at the back of the queue, Rose stood with her arms crossed-determined to point out to the Doctor just how frustrating waiting for hours for one stupid, dangerous looking ride would be-but he didn't seem to notice.

"Can't you... I don't know, use you psychic paper to get us to the front?" She moaned.

"No, that would be rude, I'm not taking advantages." He replied.

"Oh yeah, because not paying certainly isn't taking an advantage!" He rolled her eyes at him.

"Weellll, not really. Anyway, what should we do to pass the time?" He asked, quickly changing the subject.

"I don't know, you decide."

"How about a game?" He suggested.

"Like what?"

"I spy!" He grinned.

"Oh God no, I had enough I spy on repeated trips to Wales to last me a lifetime." She sighed, remembering the painfully hot and sweaty coach rides to the tacky holiday camps that she hated so much.

"Okay, um..." He scratched his chin.

"BOGIES!" She said, a little too loudly.

"Rose, what are you-"

"Let's play bogies!" She laughed.

"This sounds unpleasant. What do yo do?" He asked, skeptical.

"You have to take it in turns to shout it-"

"Shout what?"

"Bogies. Then you get louder and louder, until somebody chickens out!" She smiled.

"That sounds...nice. Where on earth did you get that idea from?" He laughed.

"It was on this kids TV show. It's hilarious, me and my mates used to do it in the shops. I was the best." She boasted. The Doctor raised an eyebrow at her.

The queue began to shuffle forward very slightly-it looked like they had a long wait on their hands.

"Very mature. Fine, right, you start." He said, wary.

"Bogies." She whispered.

"Bogies." He whispered, a little louder.


"Bogies." The volume started to rise.

"Bogies." She giggled.

"Bogies!" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Bogies!" Rose laughed.

"Bogies!" Rose noticed him go a little red when a woman gave him a disgusted look as he said it, but he grinned and motioned to Rose in a try-and-beat-that sort of way.

"Oh, you think that was good?" She raised her eyebrows. "BOGIES!" She screamed at the top of her voice. The people around her turned at stared at her-all either bemused or annoyed-and the Doctor clamped a hand over her mouth as they broke down into fits of giggles.

"Okay, Rose Tyler, I concede the match-you win...this time." He winked.

"I told you I was good." She smiled that toothy smile, and sniggered as the Doctor shook his head at her.

Over the next few hours they stood chatting, and time passed insanely quickly. It always did when she was with him.

At some point during the conversation-she wasn't quite sure when-Rose had ended up with her hand entwined in his, once again. This always seemed to happen. They acted a lot like a couple, she often thought but Rose knew that he thought nothing of it. Well she assumed that, anyway.

They stood there, swinging their hands between them, chatting about adventures they'd had together. They were talking about their encounter with some rather nasty aliens that had attacked a manor house in the 1800s.

"...and that woman, with that cat!" Rose laughed. The Doctor nodded, silent laughter pouring from his lips as he struggled to breathe. They calmed down briefly, but then broke back into fits of laughter when they looked at each other.

When they had finally pulled themselves together, they stood there in a comfortable silence, before the Doctor broke it.

"You looked beautiful in the dress." He said, before pulling a very terrified, did-I-say-that-out-loud? sort of face.

"What?" Rose asked, going slightly red. Not quite as red as the Doctor, however.

"Nothing. Um." He floundered. "Look, we're getting closer!" He said, quickly diverging the topic of conversation.

In actual fact, they had hardly moved in the past half an hour. Rose knew he was purposely changing the subject, so she stood her ground firmly.

"Doctor, what did you say?" She asked, staring at him intently.

He coughed awkwardly, and told her. "I said you looked beautiful in that dress." He seemed to reconsider what he'd just said. "Not that you don't always look beautiful. I mean, not that I think you're-I don't think you're beautiful, I-you're lovely. I just-" his panic was interrupted by an announcement from the speakers.

"We're very sorry to announce that this ride has been stopped due to technical difficulties. Sorry for any inconvenience, have a nice day." Said the monotone voice.

Rose inwardly smiled, but then felt a little guilty as she looked at the Doctor's disappointed face. Even after all that travelling he did, not being allowed on a roller coaster had genuinely made him disappointed.

"Doctor...you know how roller coasters work don't you?" She asked.

"Yeah, they're simple." He sighed longingly at the metal tracks looming above there heads. "So?"


Rose slipped a hand into his pocket and pulled out the psychic paper, and waved it in front of him with a cunning expression.

"Rose, you are brilliant!" He chimed, and pulled her through the crowds of people, weaving in and out of annoyed faces who had wasted hours of impatience, just for it to have broken.

When they finally reached the front-a few people still waited, hopeful it would reopen-the Doctor whipped out his psychic paper and held it up to the men who were stood around looking confused and frustrated. "John Smith, Roller Coaster specialist. And this is my colleague, Rose Tyler. She's the...fun inspector." He said.

"Right this way." One of the men said, and took him into a booth full of electronics.

The little booth was small, and the three of them only just fit in it. The man was short and a little on the large side, he wore glasses and was balding. He nervously wiped away sweat from his forehead, and showed the controls to the Doctor.

"It just stopped Mr Smith. We have no idea how it happened." He motioned towards the lifeless mechanics. The little lights which, presumably, should have been on, showed no signs of life.

"Ah should be easy enough to fix." He crouched down and pulled open a metal door beneath the controls, revealing the huge tangled mess of wiring underneath. "Ah, yes." He pulled out his sonic and, in a flash of blue light and a quiet buzzing noise, the lights on the controls lit up.

"You did it! But...we've had experts in-mechanics, electricians, everyone! None of them could work it out." He said, confused.

"Weeellll, when you're as clever as me, it's easy really." He shrugged.

"Oh." The man raised an eyebrow. "Well, um, thank you."

"Oh, before we go, we'd better have a ride. Fun inspection and all that." He nodded his head towards Rose and nudged her.

"Oh, yeah. I, um, have to inspect it's working to it's, er, full capacity and expectations." She said, trying to sound technical. Fun inspector? Couldn't he have thought of something better?

"Well, I suppose so." The man led them out of the booth and motioned for them to take a seat.

They both sat down (Rose could tell how badly the Doctor was resisting the urge to bounce around in excitement.) and the man pressed one of the buttons in the booth.

Padded bars that covered their shoulders and waists slowly wrapped around them, and they could hardly move anything apart from their arms (this made Rose feel even less safe-how bad was it, if their movement was restricted that much?).

As they slowly began to move, Rose felt the panic rise up inside her like a flood. They moved to the bottom of a climbing hill which seemed to go up ...and up ...and up...

Her palms became sweaty as they crawled upwards at a terrifyingly slow pace, and just as they got to the top she blurted out, against her own will. "I want to get off!"

They both knew that there was no turning back now, so the Doctor simple grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly. "I'm here."

The almost vertical drop stole her screams.

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