Chapter 9:Marriage boogie

''Pregnant? How the hell can you be pregnant?'' Mako yelled, while Bolin was fainting.

''I don't know. It just happened. Plus it's not just my fault. Last time I checked. It takes two.'' Korra said.

''Don't you put all the blame on me, Korra!''

''Alright! Alright! Just calm down all of you. I had this happen to me once, so I know what to do.'' Lin said.

''What to do?'' Bolin got up and said cheerfully.

''Well, it didn't happen to me, it happened to a friend. Plus it wasn't even a baby, but a tapeworm and that friend was a guy...but bottom line you must marry Korra.''

''Which one of us?''

''Both of you.''

''Nigga, she be ballin' yo.'' Bolin quickly said in a high piched squeeky voice.

''You guys are lucky. Just yesterday the council approoved on polyandry and polygyny and as such these are allowed in Republic City, so you can both marry her.''

''But we don't have time for a wedding now. Sokka's on the loose. He wants to rape Korra and kill the baby.''

''But I don't want my son to be a bastard.'' Bolin said.

''We don't know whose it is, but I get you. Sigh! The preparation for the wedding is going to take a long time.'' Mako expressed.

''Don't worry. Sokkaang won't attempt anything in the next seven months. So we're safe.'' Lin said.

''And how do you know plot critical imformation like this?'' Mako asked sarcastically.

''None of your buisness.'' She slapped him hard with her metal hands. Mako fell on the ground.


It was the day of the faithfull weddig. After much preparing today would be the day. Korra's child would no longer be a bastard. The wedding was set to take place in the republic city city hall. The wedding was packed and was attended by a fuck ton of people. So much people that they had to be rwmoved with a fork lift, because they were smelling up the place. All of the high profile guests, which were Korra's friends from Republic city were inside city hall and were sitting on their places.

''Our little Korra. Only 17 and getting married due to pregnancy. She grew up so fast.'' Pema said who was crying and wipping the tears from her face with her handkerchief.
She was carefull not to stain her pregnant belly.

''Just let her go, Pema. Just let her go.'' Lin said who was wearing a light blue dress, which was untypical of her, but she had to do since it was Korra's wedding and she wanted the maids of honor to be dressed like that.

The two grooms were well dressed in their finest 1920's tuxedos and tophats and were anxiously waiting for the bride to arrive. Bolin was nervously looking at his old watch, while Mako was too busy combing his fabulous hair, while looking at himself in the mirror. The buddhist priest who was called to conduct the wedding was practicing.

Suddenly the doors slammed open. It was Asami. She was crying.

''Guys help!'' Asami pleaded. ''They're going to exile me and my dad for being illegal fire nation immigrants.''

''What are you going to do noe, Asami?'' Bolin asked concerned.

''We got make this a double wedding. She could marry me. I am lonely after Tenain left me with pregnant. What a jerk!'' Pema cried some more.

''I'm not su-''

''Oh, don't worry. Gay marriage is allowed here too.''

They quickly took out an old raggy wedding dress and placed Asami into it and put some whore make up on her, like the one she normally wears.

Suddenly the bride arrived. A huge white 17 metre long limosatomaobile parked outside. The door opened. White doves flew everywhere and formed a huge love heart in the sky,
while blue, red and black ballons filled the air over Republic city. The smell of lavender, burnt plastic and ammonia was used to excite the wedding guest. Korra emerged from the car.

She was dress in a big white sleeveless wedding dress, which a deep neckline that reached and exposed her bellybutton. The dress had a huge hood like thing that sorcerer robes have. Her gorgeous amazonian breasts were exposed and her nipples were covered with metallic rings which had confetti on them. She had a white diamind and ivory tiara and water tribe necklace. The dress exposed one of her legs and her neon green and illuminating panties. She wore black high heel boots which reached her ankles and below them stripped purple and yellow socks. Her hands were covered in long white fishnets. He hair was a beehive style pompadour with a long rapunzel lock that dragged behind her. A bouquet of red roses was attached to her dress. Her stomach bulged with the seven month baby.

Bolin and Mako started to droll over the sight of Korra's hotness. They both got raging boners that hurt like hell against their starched underpants. Korra walked up the aisle. All of the women stared at her with equal jealousy and envy. She was the star of this day o' wedding.

Pabu dressed in a cute mini-tuxedo walked up the aisle bearing a small pillow with three gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire and cobalt encrusted rings. He was the ring bearer.

The priest started talking:

''Dearly beloved and drunk fucks. We are gathered here to celibrate the union of this brown avatar, this gay firebender and this smug earthbender. Also independently of this daughter of a really successfull inventor and illegal immigrant and this knocked up woman. Let us start with the less important couple first. Do you Asami Takahashi Sato take Pema McUterus?''


''And do you Pema take Asami.''


''Then I pronounc eyou woman and fat woman. You may divorce the bride after you've obtained legal citisenship.''

And Asami does that. Pema felt used and started to cry like a baby. This started to induce the birth and she quickly rushed to the hospital.

''Do you Bolin Lasertag McSpaghetti and do you Mako Lovedick McSpaghetti take Korra Lewis Scott Wisconsin Ching Inuit Sylvestra de la Croix et Vis-en-ciel Eberhardt the forth junior as your lawfull wedded bride in sex, adventures, illness, bad sequels and insanity.?''

''We do.'' They both said in unison.

''And do you Korra Lewis Scott Wisconsin Ching Inuit Sylvestra de la Croix et Vis-en-ciel Eberhardt the forth junior take Bolin Lasertag McSpaghetti and Mako Lovedick McSpaghetti as your lawfully wedded husbands?''

''I do.''

The three signed to officially de jure confirm the marriage.

''Now if anyone objects to the union of this triple, let them speak now all forever hold their peas.'' The priest heard no objections. '' Then you may deep throat the bride and in your case Mako the other husband.'' Korra was begging to get ready to remove her neon panties and Bolin and Mako unzipped their pants, revealing their boners.

Suddenly the roof of the whole place was ripped apart. It was Tenzin in a giant red and yellow Molibdenum and Titanium robot powered by human farts. And he was not alone.
The six parts of the robot were all controlled by different people. The left leg was controlled by an old Azula, the right by Toph Lee (basically Ty Lee with a transplanted Toph onto her body, which made her the strongest earth bender and chi bloker), the left arm by Katara, the right arm by Zuko, the head by Tenzin and the body by Waang Fire or Sokaang.

''We object.'' Sokaang said. He then actived the robot's fart release mechanism which release a strong pungent smell which killed 1/3 of the party guests. Everyone went outside.

''What are we going to do?'' Mako asked.

''Guess we'll have to stop them.'' Korra said.

''Lemme deliver that hell.'' Katra said and shoot and huge ass blue water laser from the robot right at Korra.

''Korra! Noooooo! We'll save the baby.'' Bolin and Mako jumped to protect her.

END of chapter 9