Say My Name

Crowley grinned, licking his lips as he pressed against a warm and familiar body, his left hand pressing to the wall while the other slid up under a flimsy cotton t-shirt.

"I'm going to get in so much trouble…" Crowley purred. "Sleeping with an angel like this… It's so taboo…"

Gabriel's chest rumbled with a low growling moan as Crowley's leg slid between his own, his slik boxers sliding sensually and barely blocking the warmth of the demon's body. Suit or no suit, Crowley burned hot like hell fire and it made Gabriel dangerously aroused.

"If it'll make you feel better you can call me Loki…" Gabriel purred, raking his fingernails down Crowley's back the demon's suit dissovling and vanishing as he did so, leaving him exposed to the archangel's touch. Crowley nipped at Gabriel's lips playfully, swiping his tongue over the reddening flesh.

"Oooh… Now there's a thought…" Crowley whispered, leaning in by Gabriel's ear. "How's it sound… Loki…."

Crowley's tone was a low and dusky rumble, like the sweet crash of thunder from an oncoming summer storm. Gabriel's whole form shook as Crowley's fingers slid inside his boxers and touched him so intimately, in all the right ways.

"Loki…. Loki… Oh fuck, Loki…" Crowley moaned teasingly, gaining the rise he sought from the archangel. Gabriel's head tipped back, thunking noisily against the wall, and then as Crowley stroked him firmly he smacked it back again, purposely hard, the brick of his apartment wall cracking with the force of it and his hips jerked forward toward Crowley's hot finger.

"Keep purring my name like that and I might mistake it for worship…" Gabriel panted. An impossibly satisfied smirk slid over the demon's features as he looked into the angel's eyes.

"Well you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that… But if it makes you feel better… I can stop."

Gabriel reached up and grabbed a fistful of Crowley's hair, pulling him into a heatsting of a kiss and without saying a word he commanded the demon…

'Don't you fucking dare…'