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"Haymitch! Help me please!"

Her thirteen year old innocence shone through as she screamed for him again, he was so disoriented. Her voice seemed to be coming at him from every angle yet he kept pushing forward. Sixteen year old Haymitch Abernathy didn't know what he'd find but he knew any tribute threatening her would be killed, no questions asked.

It had started out a simple ploy; he had a girlfriend at home. This romance with Jessica was nothing more than a trick to get sponsors. In the beginning. During the interview when her smaller hands clamped down tightly on just one of his, looking up at him with those round blue eyes, full of fear and doubt Haymitch had fallen. All through training and up until now he had protected her; he wasn't going to let anyone kill her.

Bounding through finally tree Haymitch saw her, she was running across the field from four tributes, her leg was bleeding but she was still running. Without a second thought the sixteen year old took off running straight towards his fellow tributes, knife in hand.

"Haymitch are you crazy? Run in the other direction!" Jessica screeched her eyes wide with shock. Only Haymitch Abernathy would want to kill the tributes stalking her rather than running the other way.

Finally the two District 12 citizens reached each other and despite thinking he was a complete and utter block head Jessica sobbed into his chest after slamming into him, they had be separated for two days. They had made camp in a tree base that was covered with vines, they were fairly hidden from everything, and in fact quite a few times Haymitch had gotten lost while hunting for food.

He simply didn't want to admit that she was the better hunter.

"Listen to me Jessica, run into the woods and scale a tree! I'll be right behind you"

Complete blockhead.

"Are you crazy? No I'm not—"


The brunette thirteen year old stumbled back quite a few feet, Haymitch wasn't even looking at her anymore. He was staring at the four tributes who were now sizing him up, ready to ambush him. Plotting their enemy's weak points, only what they didn't realize was his only weak point was headed for the cover of the woods.

Jessica had done as she was told, turning she gave Haymitch one final glance before darting off into the woods. Quickly scaling a tree Jessica waited and listened, she could hear a woman's screams, that was Marian, Haymitch had obviously sunk his blade into her boyfriend's chest. What felt like hours but in reality was closer to fifteen minutes four cannons went off and her name rang out in the forest.


Gripping her back pack tighter the thirteen year old jumped from branch to branch until she was finally close enough to just fall to the forest floor. Letting out a scream of joy the young teenager darted forward jumping straight into the sixteen year old's waiting embrace. His face was cut and he winced in pain with every breath he took but he was here, and he was alive.

"You are going to become an utter drunk one day Haymitch Abernathy mark my words" Jessica giggled softly, slightly more for the cameras as she leaned in kissing him squarely on the mouth.

That was more for her than the cameras.

"A drunk? How do you figure that?"

"It's going to be the only think that blocks out the pain for all this fighting you've done"

"Oh really? I guess you'll have to start waking me up with buckets of ice water then"

"That will only be fun for me, I won't lie to you"

Haymitch was about to call her "little pixie" which was sure to cause the younger girl to smack him repeatedly when a tiny "woosh" sounded in the air, Jessica let out a strangled gasp which caused him to freeze, his own eyes wide the sixteen year old forced himself to look down.

A dart, a small silver dart was sticking out of her stomach.

Rapidly raising his eyes Haymitch couldn't help himself, he screamed out as he quickly lowered the brunette to the forest floor. Her eyes had glossed over and she was already starting to tremble, quickly removing the dart Haymitch went to bend his head, he could suck out the poison! She wouldn't die!


Crying out in pain Jessica grasped at his jacket, trying to pull him closer, complying Haymitch no longer cared about the cameras, or President Snow or the Capitol. Or even District 12. He just wanted to be back in the meadow, watching Jessica as she chased her little sister, both of them giggling as they fell into a bed of wild flowers.

"Ha-Haymit-ch go!" She panted, her left leg beginning to twitch randomly, it had been a poison that attacked one's nervous system.

Immediately the sixteen year old shook his head, he wouldn't leave her to die alone. Never tearing his eyes away from her's he watched as she began to descend into what would be eternal darkness. His hatred for the Capitol growing with every pained gasp she took.

"Re-remem-ber the enemy Haymitch. . .don't. . don't let them forget me. Do-don't forget me" Despite the pain Jessica managed to finish her final demand actually breaking out into a smile when the blonde-haired teenager nodded, tears streaming down his face.

"I won't ever let them forget you. Not as long as I'm alive, no one is ever going to forget your name"

Her body lurched violently and her eyes clamped closed in pain and with a final breath Haymitch knew she was gone. On his knees he simply stared at her face, willing her to move, but it never happened. Cold, and numb the sixteen year old Haymitch Abernathy removed the knapsack off her body and slowly rose to his feet, he was going to kill them all, one by one and then. And only then, would her justice be done. Giving the love of his life one final glance Haymitch forced himself to turn and walk away. A single tear rolling down his cheek as the cannon sounded, and the whirl of the hovercraft sounded overhead.

They would pay. He would make them pay, or die trying.

Haymitch sputtered as a bucket of freezing cold water came crashing down on his head, hung over and disoriented the District 12 victor turned drunk let out a sharp yell as he fell to the floor. Groaning he laid there, dressed in clothes from a week ago, his entire upper body soaked. Cracking a single eye open he repressed the urge to groan as the green eyes of Katniss Everdeen stared back at him.

Fuck. It was time for that God-damn Victory Tour wasn't it?

"Come on Haymitch Effie and everyone will be here soon. And you told me to wake you"

Katniss managed to seem slightly apologetic as she offered a hand to help the man up. Waving it off Haymitch slowly pulled himself to his feet. He hated the Victory Tour, it only served to remind him that he had made his alone. Coughing softly the young woman's mentor merely waved her in the direction of the door, a silent signal she could take her leave.

Stumbling towards his bedroom Haymitch ignored the bottles everywhere, so what if he was a drunk. At least he had lived up to that promise. Hissing softly at the cat curled up in the middle of his bed he fell onto the side of his mattress with a small sigh. The small tabby, so deftly named, J, merely climbed into her owner's lap, rubbing her small head against his hand, purring loudly for affection.

"I know. . .I miss her too"

In one of his usual rare moments of sobriety Haymitch turned towards his nightstand. It was the only clean spot in his home. A single picture frame, a plain white candle on the left, a vase of wildflowers on the right, such a pitiful altar in remembrance for the woman he missed. Her mother had given it to him during his parent's funeral and it had just made everything easier. His Jessica, she was laughing in the photo, giving her young brother Thomas a bath. Every time he looked at it he hated himself, he had failed her after promising to make them all pay in her memory.

He was disgusted with himself. Plainly and simply.

He had let the world forget her and he could only hope that once he finally drank himself into death, she would forgive him.

Halfway across Panem District Five was in full swing, being the District that supplied power for all of Panem they were never, not in full swing. The generators were in constant motion and Power Mangers never got any real rest.

Sitting at her desk one brunette woman resisted the urge to scream, she was a Victor of the 50th Hunger Games. She wasn't supposed to be forced back into the arena, this simply wasn't fair. But the Third Quarter Quell was next and she, along with twenty-three other victors would be forced to fight to the Death. Eliminating all but one mentor, damn the Capitol! Staring at the letter in her hands once more she couldn't help but hiss again, damn Snow. Damn him straight to hell.

"Jessica you gotta split, it's time to open the plant"

Jessica Edwards rose to her feet with a sigh, the woman was merely a secretary but lived in a lap of luxury, and it was all a ploy by dear President Snow to keep her quiet, she wasn't Jessica Edwards. A confused District Five Tribute whom the Capitol nursed back to health, she was Jessica Dante, the girl from District Twelve who died staring into the eyes of the man she still loved. Haymitch Abernathy, and as she walked down the street to her home, Jessica Dante only had one thought.

She would be reaped and she would be able to see Haymitch after all these years, and they would make it out together. She no longer cared about the rest of Panem.

Only she and Haymitch mattered. . .and possibly a cat.

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