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Love Jess

"Another reaping, another day where so many of us go to our untimely deaths"

Jessica let out a small sigh as she stared out the window of her apartment, District Five was one of the few Districts with apartment buildings only, and they were also one of the few Districts to regularly get food. The Capitol did not want to be without power so the citizens of the District traded stricter rules in return for more food.

Despite being disgusted with the mere thought of Reaping Day Jessica couldn't help but feel happy, her weekly letter from Snow told her that she was in-fact not a Victor but would be taken as a Mentor. She would be able to see Haymitch in passing; and if they were lucky could steal a few moments alone. Turning away from the window Jessica quickly crossed to her couch, she had packed the few things she could take with her the previous night. A few books and several empty journals; writing and music were the only things that actively calmed her through the years. Even Snow didn't tamper with them, never threatened to take those things away.

Tugging sharply on her white jacket Jessica couldn't help but feel disgusting in her own skin; Snow had forced her to dye her hair blonde last week and kept her in high-fashion clothing, she was wearing a grey dress that forced her to keep her legs crossed and heels that literally added three inches to her height.

Tucking the small black bag underneath her arm Jessica ignored the sinking feeling in her stomach and quickly departed her building, filing in line with other citizens Jessica nearly burst into tears, young twelve year olds were desperately clinging to their parents hands; even though only Victors were able to be reaped they were still frightened, the Capitol could change its mind at any second and they would be fair game.

Quickening her step Jessica ignored all the looks she was used to getting, she often asked herself the same question. Why hadn't Snow put her to work? She lived in the lap of luxury all in exchange for what? She couldn't get word to Haymitch, that was too risky and he knew she wouldn't risk it. There was no way she would start an uprising either, Haymitch would be dead before she uttered a single word. Shaking her head the woman cleared her mind as she entered the District Center, President Snow was finishing his speech to the citizens' already in attendance and Vicky Andrews was taking the stage, Jessica hated Vicky with a passion.

Vicky was the District Five guide and was to simply put it a bitch, she was worse than Effie Trinket, that bumbling idiot from District Twelve. At least Effie thought highly of her tributes, Vicky saw them all as nothing but maggots and thought they all deserved to die.

Forcing down a sneer Jessica merely sat there as the woman droned on and on about the Games, after a few minutes the six-foot of a brute as Jessica liked to call her dug her hand into the male bowl, Darien Cowen is called and she can't help but feel sorry for him, he settled down after the sixtieth Games and had a young family. This wasn't right.

Clearing her throat Jessica did her best to ignore Darien's youngest daughter's scream as they took her father away, it wouldn't do well to show emotion. Why did they never learn that? It only made you look weak.

"Ladies, it's your turn" Vicky managed a sweet smile as she dug her hand into the small fishbowl, there were few female victors for District Five so every woman behind her was on edge, slowly Vicky removed her hand, her grin growing far more vicious as she unfolded the paper. Surprise seemed to register on her face at the name, glancing at Snow the entire District watched as he merely nodded a small smile on his own face.

Jessica didn't have time to even consider what he had done when her name rang out, loud and clear.

"Jessica Dante!"

Everything still felt numb; she had been on the train for an hour or was it two hours? She no longer knew what time it was, or what had happened. All she remembered was Snow's face and her own screams. According to Darien, the Peacekeepers had gone to grab her and she started screaming, yelling that she wouldn't go back and calling Snow a liar.

Finally they had simply wrestled her into the train, locking her into a room until she calmed down. She was now handcuffed but at least sitting in a chair in the dining car. Vicky hadn't said a word to her; Jessica was older at least in age, then her. Thanks to Snow she still had the appearance of a twenty-five year old woman. Jessica had more experience in the Games than Vicky.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what Snow was doing, he was going to use her to distract Haymitch. By now Haymitch had gotten word that Jessica Dante was one of the District Five tributes and she knew he was already unhinged, she knew that Haymitch had turned into a drunk, unable to escape their time in the Games.

If Haymitch was unhinged then he couldn't give Katniss and Peeta the attention they deserved, letting out a strangled scream Jessica got to her feet violently pushing past her "Guards" and stormed down the hallway to her room, slamming the door with her now freed hands Jessica couldn't contain it anymore, throwing herself onto her bed she broke down in sobs. She wouldn't survive this time, there would be no Capitol doctors that bring her back, and Haymitch wouldn't be there to protect her. She was going to die in the Arena.

Clutching tightly at her pillow Jessica didn't attempt to silence her screams or sobs, let them hear it all. If she was to die then she no longer cared, whether from sheer exhaustion or her body's need to recharge, the now blonde woman fell into a heavy sleep, her dreams filled with nothing but her own body, lying on the ground, broken and lifeless, Haymitch standing over it, a look of eternal pain across his face.


Raising the knife in his hand once more Haymitch no longer cared that Katniss had an arrow trained on his heart and both Peeta and Effie were giving him looks of actual terror. Cinna, why Cinna was even on the train Haymitch no longer cared, was the only one that was even attempting to calm him down. After learning that Cinna knew she was still alive Haymitch had gotten angrier, and the knife had come out his sleeve.

"I am sorry Haymitch! I've only encountered her briefly and he's been making her lie!" Cinna exclaimed hoping to get through to the distraught man.

"She shouldn't even be alive! I watched her lay on that forest floor and die dammit!"

"Clearly something happened but if you do not calm down you'll never find out what! There is no rule that other Tributes cannot speak with Mentors so relax. If she is who was shown on TV she will find you!"

Haymitch, clearly disgruntled merely shoved past Cinna and storming in the direction of his room, there was no guessing that the next six hours would be spent in a drunken coma for Haymitch. Slowly relaxing her bow string Katniss looked from Cinna, to Peeta to finally Effie in a severe amount of confusion. Turning to her stylist and probably most trusted friend aside from Gale, Katniss watched as he lowered himself into a chair, a look of concern on his face.

It was Peeta who voiced the question, "Who is Jessica Dante?"

And much to Peeta and Katniss' surprise, it was Effie who answered her voice in an unusually dreamy tone. Motioning for Peeta and Katniss to join Cinna in seats she offered them all a smile before taking a seat herself.

"During the Second Quarter Quell Haymitch and Jessica were reaped along with two others, much like Peeta did Jessica said that she was in love with Haymitch. Oh the poor thing was only thirteen yet she was so brave. I was merely a child when all this happened but I remember it fondly"

Effie paused as all three, Cinna, Peeta and Katniss gave her a strange look. They all were too young to remember the Second Quarter Quell. Merely waving a hand at them the bubbly woman simply continued her tale.

"Well during the Games Haymitch clearly fell in love with her and he rescued her from a certain death, and just as they were reuniting some boy strikes Jessica with a poisonous dart. She died in his arms, or at least we thought she did" Effie exclaimed, a smile on her face.

Once again, Peeta, Katniss and Cinna watched as Effie got up her, her usual bounce back as the flittered across the room, talking to herself about schedules.

"These are the times that I'm almost certain she has cotton candy in her head" Peeta spoke up causing both Cinna and Katniss to merely nod before Cinna got to his feet and disappeared, claiming that Haymitch needed to be checked on.

Turning to each other Katniss and Peeta merely sat there in silence, they had never seen Haymitch so angry and distraught. Once at the Capitol they would force him to explain what was going on and if he couldn't focus. . They were going to have to go in and win the games on their own.

Jessica let out a cough as she stepped off the train, she was no longer handcuffed but her eyes were still red and puffy from all the crying she had done. She was now thoroughly afraid of the softer Vicky who was using a gentle tone and guiding her away from the steaming train. They had confiscated her journals which were thankful empty as tributes were not allowed to bring belongings with them.

With Vicky's arm tightly around her shoulders Jessica had to force them both to stop as a loud, gruff and angry voice reached her ears, ignoring Vicky's demand they keep going the woman merely pivoted expecting to see a happy, or as happy as he could be, Haymitch coming towards her.

She was in for a sudden shock as two fists grabbed her jacket and she was shaken violently, thankfully there were no cameras around for anyone to see.

"You sick bitch! You'd think this was funny wearing another woman's face!"

Jessica's blue eyes were wide, her mouth hanging open in shock, how could Haymitch think that she was an imposter? After everything they knew and had seen, how could he think that?


"—Shut up! I don't even want to hear you speak! I hope you die in that arena and I hope it's painful you sick bitch!"

"Haymitch stop it, it's me!" Jessica screamed, reaching up cupped her face between her hands, "Haymitch you have to see it, it's me . . . this isn't a trick"

Desperately Jessica searched his eyes for a sign, something that told her he was only acting, that this was a ploy for Snow. The tribute was in for another shock as she was shoved violently to the ground and forced to watch as man she had spent the last twenty-five years pining over walked away, his fists clenched in anger.

Jessica heard someone say her name, but she didn't answer. . .she simply let Darien pick her up and carry her into the building, her eyes staring off into a place no one else could see, how could Haymitch say those things? Did he no longer love her . . . had he forgotten his promise? Had he forgotten her? And if so. . .

What was there left to live for?

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