玄日狩 Fanfiction (Chapter 1)"Recollection of Desires"

Note: Hi guys! This is my first story based on a Chinese novel by Yu Wo: 玄日狩. It's basically a retelling of the very first volume, except with a twist in the plot. What if the adored baby brother of the leader of the world's economy doesn't recognize his older brother? What if the baby brother doesn't even remember if he HAD a brother? This is a story about how Daren, the younger brother of Devon, the Solaris Emperor, goes through the events of the first volume, except with amnesia. Enjoy!

Another note: The first and second chapter is written like a summary, (in my own words of course!), for those who have no background about this story. I figured this would be best since玄日狩 doesn't seem to be very well known.

Final note: I don't own 玄日狩, Yu Wo does.

"No! I don't want to go!"

I desperately grabbed my big brother's waist, holding on to him like a vice. For some reason, I felt that if I let go of this body that was my only source of light through my morose childhood, I would never see it again.

"Don't be scared. You still have your older brother. I will protect you."

I felt a reassuring pat on my head that was so characteristic of my big brother. Pouting, I decided to make him swear that he would never leave me behind.

"Then let's make a deal," I said, as I extended my little finger. "If big brother lied then... you'll have to eat a lot of bitter melon which you hate!"

Big brother cracked me a comforting smile, and promised, "Alright, alright. If I am lying to you, then I will eat a lot of bitter melon."

Finally convinced by big brother's oath, I turned around and faced a tall man that was waiting impatiently for us to finish saying goodbye. This man barely glanced at me before he grabbed my wrist and led me away from the only person who ever cared for me. This man, who was supposedly my father, gave off a cold aura as I turned around, again and again, to look at my only friend and companion, my brother.

Devon Solaris, referred to by the public as the Solaris Emperor, was madly marching down a hallway of a castle-like mansion that was his father's workplace. He stopped in front of a door and hesitated for a while, thinking through his decision again. It had been 7 years since his little brother's disappearance, 7 years since he joined the Solaris group, and under his leadership, now owned 30% of the entire world's economy. It had also been 7 years since he started using all of Solaris' resources to search for his missing sibling.

And yet, even though possessing the great intelligence of a crafty businessman, and the power of one of the world's top five trade cartels, Devon Solaris was unable to find any clue of his younger brother. He was sure that with his power, even if his younger brother somehow perished and died in Antarctica, he would be able to find his body. And yet for 7 years, his searchings were fruitless. It was as if young Daren Solaris vanished from the world without a trace.

Devon knew exactly who to blame for his heartbroken life, his father. His father took Daren away from him when Daren was only 7. Devon had trusted his father when he told him that he would send Daren to a famous school overseas. 'How could I have been so gullible?' Devon thought to himself. 'Why did I not notice the cold glares that father always gave Daren? Why did I not notice father's hatred of Daren earlier?' He had always blamed himself, over and over again as he played that last scene of goodbye inside his mind.

Indeed, Daren meant more to Devon than his own life. This was because Devon found Daren when he was just a little baby inside a hidden room high up in their home. It was Devon who raised Daren from infant to childhood. It was also Devon who taught Daren how to laugh and read. Before Devon came, Daren's room was always pitch black. Devon would always have to turn on the light when he came in. As time passed, Daren's first words weren't "mom" or "dad", but "brother". Devon could still remember feeding Daren milk from a bottle all the way to reading picture books with Daren and Daren's favorite game of smashing a ball in Devon's face. Of course, Devon's father never approved of any of this. Believing that Daren was a seed of evil that killed his wife, Devon's father shunned Daren away in that hidden room.

Devon didn't understand why his father hated Daren so much. His mother died while giving birth to Daren so it certainly wasn't Daren's fault. His mother would've wanted Daren to be happy too, right? Instead, his heartless bastard of a father took Daren away at the age of 7 to some unknown place out of Devon's reach. This was something that Devon would never be able to forgive his dad for. Even though as a father, he gave Devon everything he wanted and made sure he lived a happy life. It was this faltering love for his father that delayed Devon for 7 years before he finally made this decision.

'I'm going to kill you father, if you don't tell me where you hid Daren.'

With this resolving decision, Devon gracefully entered the room where his father worked. The room certainly clashed with the rest of the luxurious mansion, as it only contained several desks with computers set up surrounding a single figure. The figure looked up, almost expectantly, and noted the presence of his son, the Solaris Emperor. Without even giving a chance for his father to say something, Devon swiftly pulled out a handgun, of the newest technology, and pointed it at his father's head. With a penetrating glare, he asked his father, "Where's my little brother?"

Devon's father wasn't fazed at all by his son's threat. His experience in the business world taught him that at least. Revealing a smile, he looked deep into his son's eyes and replied, "Actually, I was planning to give him to you for your 25th birthday!"

Devon on the other hand, wasn't prepared at all for this answer, and as his father moved to get up, snarled back reflexively, "Don't move. I might cripple you if you don't tell me where he is."

Hearing his father sighing, Devon wasn't quite sure what his father meant.' Did he really want to return Daren to him?' Still unable to pull the trigger, Devon could only follow his father as he led him into the bathroom. Filled with shock, Devon gasped as he saw his father turn on the tap for the bathtub, which immediately caused the bathtub to sink down, revealing a flight of stairs. Unable to speak, he heard his father say, "Child, no matter how much you searched or how smart you were, there was no way that you would think that I hid your little brother under my personal rest room."

Still dumbfounded and unable to recover from bewilderment, Devon realized that even till the last moment, his father was one step ahead of him. His father, ever the actor, was still able to humiliate him, even with a gun pointed at his head. Nevertheless, how was he supposed to have known? It was just like his father to smash all of his hard work over the 7 years searching for Daren when he was right underneath his nose all this time.

Without a word, his father stepped in, followed closely by Devon. Devon was prepared to meet his little brother in the most horrible of conditions, although confident that with his current technology, he would be able to save Daren anyways. However, when both father and son entered a brightly lit laboratory, Devon was utterly flabbergasted, unable to take in the current situation.

Meanwhile, a man with emerald eyes behind a pair of small glasses wearing a lab coat approached the pair. Also behind him were several other people wearing lab coats. The man's emerald eyes seemed to meet with Devon's eyes briefly, before he turned his head to acknowledge the person in charge, Devon's father.

"How was Dark Sun's surgery?"

"He went through it successfully, and has now regained enough energy and consciousness to be training in the combat simulator," the man with emerald eyes replied in a cold voice, "Congratulations, with the newly added microchip implanted into Dark Sun's head, you now have the perfect bodyguard."

Confused by the conversation his father and the scientist were having, Devon cut in with his own questions.

"Wh-what are you talking about? Dark Sun? Surgery? Bodyguard? Just tell me where my little brother is!" Devon cried. He was starting to get impatient and scared for Daren's sake. Knowing his father, he must be plotting something.

'Where is his little brother?' Thought the emerald eyes scientist, 'Could the man behind the boss be Dark Sun's older brother?'

A light of recognition flashed through the eyes of the scientist, followed by a glance of pity for Devon. Devon didn't like or understand the look of pity from the scientist. Surely he couldn't be looking down on the Solaris Emperor? And yet that light of recognition from the scientist, seemed to hold deep secrets and sadness. 'Just what was going on here?' Devon thought.

His father abruptly ended Devon's thoughts though. "Lead the way, scientist," demanded Devon's intimidating father, "Show us where Dark Sun is. I wish to see him with my own two eyes."

The small band of lab coat people turned around and headed down a white, spotless hallway. The emerald-eyed scientist however, shot Devon's father a look of pure hatred and contempt before leading on the party. This look was promptly ignored by Devon's father, but not missed by Devon. Unmistakably, Devon's heartbeat was beating faster with each step he took that would bring him closer to Daren.

'I don't care what father did to you, he thought, I just want to see you again.'

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