Quick Author's Note: For people waiting for updates on everything I promised, they're coming, I swear! I just got this idea to introduce my capital OC's to the readers, seeing as I sort of threw them all in one chapter at the end of Separation.

Disclaimer: Why would I claim Hetalia is mine when it isn't? The only thing I own is my capital OC's and my kindle.

Canadagirl52: Welcome to Ask the Capitals! Here you can get to know the capitals of various countries by sending them questions! Here to help me explain how it works are my very own Berlin Twins, Ingrid and Hans Beilschmidt!

Ingrid & Hans: Guten tag.

Sakura (from another room): KAWAII!

Canadagirl52: I didn't think Tokyo could hear them…oh well. Get started, you two!

Ingrid: Fine. *Grumbles. She's only doing this because I got G.W. to ask her* All you have to do is send your question in a review to any capital that you want. We will then answer them truthfully.

Hans: It is very much preferred that you send your question to a capital introduced already. If you don't know who we already have, Canadagirl52 put up a list on her profile.

Ingrid: Why do you want them to ask already introduced capitals?

Canadagirl52: Because I'd have trouble coming up with a new one. Do you know how much work I did just for your names? I had to do things like Google search "common (insert needed nationality here) boy/girl names" for each capital! But if you really want to have a capital I have not introduced yet answer a question, then it will probably just take a little longer for me to answer your question.

Hans: That's all there is to it really. So please, send in your questions.

Canadagirl52: Shout out to Midorihatenma, because your eagerness for this made up my mind to get it started.

All: Bye!